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Are You Being Ghosted By Your Friend?

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It’s so awful when friends leave in tough times and just disappear silently from our life. One night you guys were talking about goals and dreams, and the other day they just left you wondering what things went wrong?

If that is something that happened to you, avoid speaking to your friend for a while, else you regret it later. Give your friend some time, let them heal themselves, and if needed, you take the high road.

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is when you flirt with a random person on social media, and after days that person cuts off and walks away quietly. This type of ghosting might not affect you, but when a close friend shuts doors and abandons the friendship – it may leave you in tears.

Researchers (can you show the study on this) agree that the feeling of losing a dear friend is more brutal than a romantic heartbreak. It affects one’s mental space and drains you emotionally.

As far, healthy friendships are essential to long-term happiness, emotional maturity, and being physically healthy.

What does it mean to be ghosted by a friend?

Being ghosted by a best friend means that your best friend has cut all the communication with you and moved out, giving no explanation. 

Honestly, it’s bothersome to handle such situations where you also don’t know what fallacies have occurred?

Though it might be hard to digest and you keep forcing them to talk, running behind them for a reason, begging them to listen once, but then one day you too calm down. Of course, you feel bad and betrayed. This is the reality of being ghosted. It’s one of the most selfish and cowardly ways to end a friendship.

How to handle the feeling of being ghosted by a friend?

Understand this – they are only a part of your journey, and you did nothing to be ashamed of. This isn’t about you, and it’s about them.

Indeed, the pain and hurt which you felt can’t go away overnight, but the one thing which you can do is to stop thinking about it. Be calm, surround yourself with positive vibes, and learn to love yourself again.

Sometimes, these kinds of betrayal or pain make a person forget what they love to do and also distance them from their family. What you need to understand here is that what happened is not a reflection of you; they don’t even feel guilty or bad about it; moreover, they have entered into a new phase of life, where they don’t want to see you.

Pour extra love and happiness into your current relationships, work hard, and just be kind to yourself.

It’s really bitter if it happens to you.

Make sure never to create a drama of being ghosted by a friend. You did nothing wrong.

What makes a best friend cut off communication?

The one person who can answer this question is your BEST-FRIEND. No one in your friend circle can help you with this. So, instead of living in anger and confusion, it’s better to move on and think for a better future.

Life is never going to be static, every day will be different, and ups and downs are part of it.

I know it’s brutal, but accept it that your best friend has left you. Make sure you will never ghost any of your friends.

Remember this- it’s about them, not about you!

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