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How To Move on From A Broken Friendship

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Sometimes I honestly wonder what it feels like to have a long-time best friend. I even overthink at night, thinking, why do I keep losing them? Is there something wrong with me? Or maybe I am not good enough to be someone’s best friend?

Looking back, ’twas fun being with a group of people laughing and enjoying the moment. I even wonder how we ended the friendship we treasured so much. At first, ’twas honestly very hard getting over a broken friendship.

However, as I grew older, I came to realize that people come and go. Maybe their role in my life has already ended. And I can’t do anything with that. It will surely be very hard as well to reconcile with old friends. So, better to just move on and get over it.

Now, you’re probably wondering how I moved on from a broken friendship. Let me show you some tips below that might be helpful to you.

1. Block people who are not helping you

Cut all the communications you have with your old friends. In my case, I blocked them all on my social media accounts. I did that not because I hated them but because I wanted my mind to be at peace. Seeing their posts with their new friends makes me feel jealous and insecure. So, to avoid making my heartache, I make sure to let go of people who are toxic to me.

2. Don’t badmouth your old friends

Badmouthing an old friend won’t make you feel better. It will only make you look desperately begging for attention. They’ll see you as someone unhappy, and that will only make them feel better.

Remember, you don’t have to take revenge by saying nasty things behind their back. The best revenge you can do is to shut up and let go of the hatred you feel right now.

3. Don’t blame yourself

“It’s because I wasn’t a good friend, or maybe I did something wrong that made them mad. I guess that was all my fault; I should’ve been a better friend.” I’ve thought of this a million times after I broke up with my old friends. I’ve always thought I wasn’t good enough; that’s why they left.

However, I realized that blaming myself won’t make my old friends come back. Remember, it’s not only “true love has a habit of coming back, but real friends also do. If you have a friend who stayed with you through thick and thin, keep them.

4. Find new friends

I know it’s hard to give all your trust again. It’s difficult to open up once again, thinking it might end up just like your previous relationship with friends. But the more you hold back, the more you’ll lose chances of finding real friends. Same as love, it’s okay to get hurt and learn from it.

5. Turn negative things into positive

Always remember that God won’t allow you to stay with people who are not good enough for you. And even if you lose them, surely someone better is going to come. So don’t feel bad about it; just look at the bright side.

6. Love yourself

One of the best ways to move on from a broken friendship is to love yourself first. Don’t make friends always the center of your life. Remind yourself that at the end of the day, your happiness matters most.

7. Always remember you deserve better

Maybe you’re too good for them, or they aren’t deserving of your love and attention. God always has reasons why you experience things like that. And whatever it may be, I know for sure that it’s for your own good. Just trust in him; he won’t let you be with the wrong people.

8. Reflect on what you’ve learned

Do things you thought you should’ve done before. Change everything that makes your life uneasy. Instead of taking it as a negative experience, why not just learn from your past mistakes.

9. Be happy

Quit being unhappy; you don’t deserve to feel sad because they left you. Moreover, you deserve to be happy and be loved by real people. You still have your family with you, so cheer up! Show them that it’s not your loss.

10. Acceptance

Accept the fact that there are people who are just temporary in your life. So learn to let go of them when they have to.

I know it’s hard letting go of a friend, but sometimes we just have to accept that they aren’t meant for us. All the good moments we had with them will now be memories, but at least we have something to look back when we get old. Let’s just treasure the people with us right now because we don’t know when is the time to let go of them.

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