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5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Cleanliness Freak

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Are you one of those who can’t bear dirt on the table and immediately get your hands on the cloth to clean it up! You want everything to be systematic and arranged in a nicely particular manner. Well, chances are you are a cleanliness freak person, just like me!

You must know that you are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD). Because of this, you must have felt uneasy quite a few times around unorganized and messy stuff.

People with this disorder have been called cleanliness freaks since they constantly tidy up or organize their surroundings. They cannot tolerate clutter, disarray, and a disorderly environment. 

Today, we bring you the zodiac signs, which are cleanliness freaks.

Let’s find out if you are on the list or not (unorganized order!):


You have an exam tomorrow, but the thing that bothers you is that untidy wardrobe more than your syllabus. You get these energy shocks for cleaning everything around you. 

And we all know how impatient you are, so you don’t want to get disturbed by anything while you are completely engrossed in cleaning a place. 


You are a family person. You care for everything, even the non-living things. So it is quite predictable if you wake up early just to clean your room. 

You like yourself being clean as well. And there’s a fair chance that you spend about an hour bathing. You want yourself to be completely groomed. 


You have an inbuilt sensor for dirt and unorganized stuff around you that triggers you from time to time. You look for perfection in everything. So even if there’s a small change in your room decor, you’ll prioritize fixing it above everything.

Others might find you picking up and cleaning their litter because it bothers you standing in an untidy place. You love taking showers, especially in the summers. You’d take several showers starting from early mornings to late nights. 


Don’t be surprised if a Scorpio doesn’t let someone enter their room. And the reason for this gesture is not an untidy, messy room but the privacy that you prioritize. You are super clean all the time. 

If you have a chance to be in the shower all the time, you’ll happily take it. You are so obsessed with showers that you fantasize about making love there only. You have every kind of skincare product because you want the smallest dirt on your body.


Well, you are the extremes for cleanliness freaks. Either you will lie on those bunch of clothes, or else you’ll get it fixed whatever it takes. When someone is showing up at your place, the first thing that comes to your mind is not about the dress you’d wear or the food but about that dirty curtain you’ve to get rid of, that floor mat that requires a vacuum because you are such an organized planner that you can’t fail in that area. 

We should definitely keep our surroundings clean, from our bodies to the place where we live. But focussing 24×7 on that only will make you neglect other important things you should prioritize in life.

So try to take care of the surroundings as well as the people in your life!

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