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17 Female-Founded Snack Companies That Must Be on Your Kitchen Shelf

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Which is your favorite snack?

There are many food entrepreneurs in the world. Primarily in the United States. Here is a list of some food entrepreneurs that are slowly gaining popularity.

ONO Overnight Oats

ONO Overnight Oats

Nilou Shahryari and Jason Weilenmann are the founders of ONO overnight oats. They started the company during the lockdown last year. And since then have gained a following. The brand aims to provide a healthier, tastier, and more nutrient-dense version of the classic overnight oats. 



Lupii is a women-owned Brooklyn-based company that makes snacks out of the small but mighty lupini bean. The lupini bean is the next plant-based protein powerhouse. Isabelle Steichen and Alexandra Dempster owned and founded the brand, and they launched the brand in January 2020. The brand aims to make plant-based eating delicious.

The Frozen Garden 


Allyson Straka owns the frozen garden. The company, founded in 2016. The brand aims to offer convenient, nutrient-dense food for those who don’t have the time to make food from scratch. It is a direct-to-consumer brand.  

Sweet Nothings 

Sweet Nothings

Beth Porter owns sweet nothings. It is the ready-to-eat, frozen spoon-able smoothie on the market. It all started when Beth’s seven-year-old daughter decided to become a vegetarian on her terms. The brand aims to promote snacking that is both healthy and delicious.

Major’s Project Pop


Chauniqua Major-Louis is the owner of eatprojectpop.com, a snack dealer. Major’s Project Pop uses simple, recognizable ingredients to make what we call a “healthy-ish” snack packed with flavor. Major’s Project Pop offers a fresh take on kettle corn using carefully selected organic and vegan ingredients, including a bold virgin coconut oil that lingers on your palate. Our organic non-GMO kernels are also popped in small batches. Again, we keep it real with simple, vegan ingredients – no preservatives here.

Snow Monkey 

Rachel Geicke Snow Monkey

Rachel Geicke, a female athlete, owns Snow Monkey. She created the company out of necessity after she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. It started in 2015. The brand aims to promote frozen desserts that are plant-based and delicious. 



Kathryn Bernell is the founder of reBlend frozen wellness pops. She wanted to double down on the high-impact nature of the product by building out their food waste tackling mission and started their reHARVEST + rePURPOSE platform. Through this initiative, reBLEND works with farmers to purchase and use fruits and vegetables that are too small or not to cosmetic standards and would otherwise waste.

Flour & Branch 

Flour & Branch

Lauren Arnsdorff left her corporate marketing and financial services career to start her passion for baking in November 2020 and turned it into a booming business in San Francisco, California. She creates the most delicious cookies and treats. Some of her cookies are stuffed with gooey goodness or have rum and espresso beans inside. She creates recipes that bring back childhood nostalgia with her flavors, and she only uses premium or locally made ingredients. Plus, her brunch specialty is stuffed French toast.



ItsNola is a Black Women-owned plant-based snack manufacturing company located in Brooklyn, New York. Margaret Barrow is the owner of the company; the company aims to promote and inspire healthy eating and living by making uniquely flavored and delicious plant-based snacks. They are urban vegan gourmet. 



Founded by Farrah Moussallati Sibai using her mother-in-law’s family recipes that she brought with her when she escaped the Syrian war, Afia, which means ‘to your health,’ serves up delicious frozen falafel and kibbeh in five different varieties. Available at afiafoods.com and in stores nationwide, Afia’s products, loved for their convenient, protein-packed, gluten-free, and vegan options. They make amazing treats to heat and go. Made using only whole, quality ingredients. They were inspired by Farrah’s tastes back home in Syria with a modern take on flavors like Three-Cheese and Turmeric. They retail for $4.99 a bag in stores.

BHU Foods 

BHU Foods

Laura Katleman is the founder of BHU Foods, the better-for-you clean brand made with “less sugar and more love.” She launched the company in 2016. The brand aims to make people’s lives happier by helping them transition away from sugar. The brand also seeks to shift the health and consciousness paradigm of the planet.

Melly’s Meatball Mix 

Melly’s meatball mix

Melissa Castner is the founder of Melly’s meatball mix. She created the brand because she discovered no gluten-free options for meatballs, and she had Crohn’s disease as a teenager. The brand aims to create an easy and stress-free way to make and enjoy authentic Italian meatballs. Thus, Melly’s Meatball Mix was born offering options for those with and without food sensitivities resulting in a gluten-free option too.

Sun & Well 

Kate Flynn

Kate Flynn launched her natural food company, Sun & Swell, after realizing that today’s packaged food industry is hurting the health of people and our planet. Her mission is to revolutionize the food industry by eliminating single-use plastics and bringing people closer to the source of their foods. To do this, Sun & Swell uses plastic-free (compostable) packaging and sources ingredients direct from farms when possible. In addition, sun & Swell offers a wide assortment of sustainably packaged, organic, plant-based snacks and pantry staples.

Good Dee’s 

Good Dee’s

Deana Karim is a first-generation Middle Eastern currently residing in New York City with her husband and two boys. Karim is CEO/Founder of Good Dee’s, carrying a full line of baking mixes, free of gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, and added sugar. Alongside her mixes are her “extras,” including PB Cookie dough protein bites, frostings, sprinkles, and last but not least, sipping chocolate. Deana proves that health-conscious living and decadent indulgence do mix. In addition, the brand offers blends that cater to any food allergy.

Good Food For Good 

Richa Gupta

Richa Gupta is the owner of Good food for good. Good Food For Good is a line of organic, healthy, and delicious ketchup, BBQ sauces, and cooking sauces. There are no processed sugars or sugar alcohols in this recipe. Instead, they use all-natural organic dates to give their sauces a tinge of sweetness. Organic, USDA-certified, Keto, Paleo, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free products are available. There are no preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives in this product. The sauce comes in glass bottles that one may recycle.

Moonshot Snacks 

Julia Collins with son Mosi

Julia Collins, the first Black woman to co-found a unicorn company and experienced food entrepreneur, founded Moonshot to create a healthier planet and food system for her son. Moonshot crackers are made with high-quality, planet-friendly ingredients from farmers we know by name. Moonshot crackers are made with heirloom organic wheat (with no bleach or bromates) and heart-healthy sunflower oil. They have no added sugar and no preservatives. The crackers are plant-based and certified USDA organic and Non-GMO. It is also carbon neutral. 

Actual Veggies


Hailey Swartz spent most of her career helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. After seeing their passion for their work, she got the itch to leave the corporate world and start her own company. When speaking with her friend and now co-founder, Jason Rosenbaum, they realized there was a white space in the grocery aisles for chef-crafted veggie burgers like the ones you can find in restaurants, and that’s where the idea for Actual Veggies began. It was the perfect opportunity for her to flex her entrepreneurial muscles to help create the industry’s first veggie-only veggie burgers and bring them to market.

There are other food entrepreneurs in the world. Most notably, in the United States. However, this list focuses more on plant-based food entrepreneurs who aim to change the world of vegan food. 

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