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10 Traits of A Strong Independent Woman: Because You’re Totally Worth It!!

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Learn how to be a strong independent woman, which means you have power in your hands, better opportunities, and forge your path to happiness.

A strong independent woman means you can handle your own life and are not dependent on anyone in finding happiness.

Other people focused on practical aspects when they described an independent woman. For them, it is the ability to do physical work without the help of anyone.

But in reality, a strong independent woman is someone who knows how to handle their emotional and mental aspects too.

If you’re unsure this describes you, I wrote down the lists of effective ways how to gain independence.  

1. She put herself first.

The first trait of a strong independent woman starts when she puts herself first. She sets up her own plan, creates strategies and steps, and assembles deadlines for actualizing goals. This way, she begins to understand herself more and even pick up on sparks of strengths herself, which she had never thought.

2. She loves enjoying her alone time. 

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A strong independent woman is not afraid to be seen alone anywhere. Some are embarrassed about this because others might think that they are lonely and sad when alone. However, this helps you boost your confidence and stand up for yourself. You don’t depend on a company to make yourself happy. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy your time with others. It simply means that sometimes, you also need to learn to be okay independently. Moreover, spending time to yourself gives you the foundation for other important steps in becoming independent.  

3. She prefers to live life on her own terms.

A strong independent woman knows how to set her goals in life. She’s well aware of what career path to take in achieving her ambition and dreams in life. Hence, when you rely on yourself, you can accomplish anything you want. Imagining the attainment of goals will boost your inspiration and help you find the confidence to continue mapping out steps for achievements.

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4. She knows her worth.

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NEVER LET DOWN OR EVEN GIVE UP! This should be the mindset of a strong independent woman. Knowing your value and believing in your abilities will convey strength, independence, and a strong personality. Don’t let the challenge overtakes your happiness. If you have a dream, draft your plan and then work accordingly.

Always listen to your inner voice because it never lies. Look above, and help yourself by being different. Remember that you could be a role model for someone else.

5. She is bold and confident.

An increase in self-confidence is like trusting yourself to be competent in any situation. Independence and confidence go hand in hand. And a simple step to boost your confidence is to believe in yourself.  

6. She is brave, wise in handling finances. 

Financial independence is vital in becoming an independent woman. The first step is to track your spending. You must know where your money is coming from and where it is going. Also, see the difference between needs and wants. 

Moreover, keep on learning new things and never waste your time or settle down for things that do not add value to you.

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7. She barely listen to negative comments, not even give a damn to it.

An independent woman knows how to ignore negative or unnecessary things around her. Sometimes you just have to let go of toxic people and be mature enough to handle the situation. You don’t have to step down to their level; you are an independent woman with a class.  

8. She don’t need a man to complete her life.

Being a strong independent woman means you don’t have to look for someone to make you feel happy and complete. Realize that man is not an option to make your life colorful. You don’t belong to anyone, and you don’t feel the need to be pressured to get in a relationship. Be happy and enjoy time with yourself. 

9. She loves to make her own choices.

Making your own decisions is one of the keys to being an independent woman. Have a firm stand on whatever decision you make but use careful consideration when making big choices.  

10. She believes in paying for herself.

A strong and financially independent woman never likes someone else to pay her bills; she prefers to own her expenses. A passionate woman works hard to fulfill her dreams and travel the world with her own money; she doesn’t rely on anyone. Except for the job/work that buys her whatever she wants and needs.

Allowing someone else to pay is definitely not a trait of a charming woman. It makes her uncomfortable because she knows she can handle things independently.

Becoming a strong independent woman is not that quick to achieve. It takes a process to get your way there, but giving yourself a chance to become one and believing in your capabilities, will help you carve out your life and own path just how it should be. I hope the list above will help you achieve what you aim to be.

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