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10 Best LGBTQIA Dating Apps: It’s Time To Spice up Your Life

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If you think you may find the right one on dating apps, things can get troublesome when you are from the LGBTQ community because not every dating app is precisely made for you. Indeed, the dating pool shrinks to a huge extent if you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender and looking to meet other members; getting your hands on the right dating app is important.

In order to increase your chances of meeting someone special, you should choose an app that is used by people in your community. 

Here we have made a list of the best LGBTQIA Dating Apps. From queers to asexuals, you can refer to this list for finding someone special to connect with. 

The Best LGBTQIA Dating apps 


Feeld Dating App

Feeld was founded in 2014 and is open to all genders and sexual identities. Their aim is to create an open and inclusive space for everyone to be comfortable with themselves. The app offers more than 20 gender and sexual identities to choose from. It is a great app for polyamorous couples and singles looking to explore something new. It steps aside from ethical monogamy and unconventional relationship structures.

 You can download the app for free or pay $11.99 every month to access some extra features. With premium, you can see who has already liked you or who has viewed your profile. 

Download for Android

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Ace Dating: For the Asexual community 

Ace Dating

Mostly all dating apps explicitly include some form of sexualization. This makes it hard for the asexual community to meet people with similar interests. With this purpose in mind, Ace Dating was created. The app is made for asexual people who are looking for potential partners. There is also a video chat feature in this app so you can virtually meet people around you. 

Ace Dating comes with premium features that require in-app purchases of $0.99 to $377.46 per item. It includes a range of features and also helps the user to get noticed faster. 

Download for Android

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BiCupid: For Bisexuals and Pansexuals


The app helps to build a safe space for bisexuals and pansexuals, who are attracted to multiple genders. There is a feature where you can list out anything that you love about yourself and want others to know. It can include any kind of detail such as your hair color, height, religion, or star sign. BiCupid gives you the chance to find a partner with whom you can share your beliefs. It functions just like Tinder and Grindr, so you can swipe on the people you like. 

There are in-app purchase options available, and you can get a premium of $39 a month. 

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Scruff: For Men 


Many users mentioned that Scruff is the new Grindr. The app works just like Grindr, but it is mainly focused on Hookups. You can access the global feature so you can meet and connect with men from different cities. This also gives you the incentive to travel and meet some exciting people around the world. The app notifies you about real events happening around you so you can connect with your peers in person. 

Recently they added up a Paywall of $20 per month which will give you access to some of its best features. The app is free, but you can access unlimited search and filters for $19.99 per month. 

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Her: For Women 

Her dating app

Even though Her was made as a dating app, in certain ways, it also functions as a social media app. It has a feed just like Facebook and allows you to see what others are doing on the app. From queer events in your locality to notifications about joining communities, the user can connect with multiple people. Apart from the usual Left and Right swipe, Her provides the chance to meet people with similar interests. 

One of the disadvantages of this app is the Paywall. If you want to see who swiped right on you or chat with someone who is near you but you haven’t matched yet, Paywall comes up. With an extra $25.99 a month, you will have a lot of fun with this app. You can get access to premium features at $14.99 a month. 

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Lex: For the Queer community

Lex Dating App

Using Lex, you can connect your Instagram with the app. However, unlike the other dating apps, Lex does not allow the user to post photos. The app feels like a Twitter for all the Queer peeps out there. You can see what is going on globally and in your local area. Lex can be used for any type of relationship from dating, making friends to partners. There is zero tolerance for hate and its goal is centered on community building. 

The App allows users to assign more than one pronoun to their profile. Users mostly belong to gender identities like gender-fluid, agender, pangender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and more. It is one of the largest dating apps dedicated to LGBT women and is available for free. Lex also offers premium memberships at $14.99 per month. 

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Thurst: For the Queer community 

Thurst Dating App

Just like other mainstream heteronormative dating apps, in Thurst, you can see everyone’s profile one at a time. Then you can choose to swipe right or left. One of the advantages of using Thurst is that you can choose anything starting with abrosexual to Iculasexual. Along with this, in the Gender profile, you can choose to fill in however you like. This is one of the most inclusive apps that sets a revolutionary standard for the LGBTQ community. With Thurst you can search users living in your locality and explore their profiles. There are no premium features available in the app. 

Download for Android

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Hornet: For Men 


Being among the top Tinder alternatives, and originally founded in 2011 as a “better version of Grindr,” Hornet has become the world’s largest gay app with 30 million users worldwide, including the US, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia. Their mission is to create a digital home where queer men feel they belong and are supported—and also where they can possibly find Mr. Right. Hornet is more of a social app than an explicit dating app, one meant to cultivate meaningful connections. People can follow friends or anyone interested to stay connected with, to see their posts, pictures, and videos on their feed.

This app is free, but like many of the others, offers a premium version starting at $9.99/month. The app has more than 10 million downloads to date, with a rating of 3.2/5 in Play Store(Android) and 3/5 in App Store (iOS).

Download for Android

Jack’d: For the Queer community 

Jack’d dating app

Jack’d self-identifies as “the most diverse digital queer space in the world.” They strive to make sure that Jack’d is a truly safe space, where people can be both sexually and emotionally open, and because of this, Jack’d is one of the best places for QPOC to find dates and create new relationships. To that end, earlier, Jack’d focused on the queer community of color through its marketing, sponsorships, and social media, which is an effort that continues today.

Jack’d is a free-to-download application and offers a Pro version for $9.99 per month. The app has more than 5 million downloads worldwide and a rating of 3.3/5 in the Play Store (Android) and 3.4/5 in the App Store (iOS).

Download for Android

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Hinge: For Everyone

Hinge dating app

Hinge separates itself from the competition through personality-revealing prompts in an attempt to allow matches. This way you can get to know each other better. It is targeted specifically at dating so it’s perfect for those looking for a relationship. They also added a video chat function during the pandemic so you can do a virtual first date. Hinge’s goal is to get all members off the app and out on a great date and eventually, for members to delete the app for good.

The app is free to download. People have the option for in-app purchases and subscriptions, ranging from $0.99 – $119.99, which will help them to get a date quicker. The app has more than 5 million downloads, with a rating of 4/5 in the App Store (iOS) and 3.5/5 in Play Store (Android). 

Download foAndroid

Download for iOS

These dating apps are curated based on their target users, so you can say goodbye to harassment, awkward conversations with cis straight people, and a limited pool of people.

Go through the details and install the app that suits your needs. You will surely enjoy some healthy conversations and connect with the right people. Happy Dating! 

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