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How to Dress for a Beach First Date

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Summer is in full swing, and you probably have at least one beach date. If it so happens that it’s the first date, it is important to leave a good impression. Either way, we all want to amaze the person we are going out with. If you are having trouble deciding on what to wear, for your first beach date, maybe you will find some ideas and inspiration in this text.

Flirty and feminine sundress

If you are the type of girl who enjoys her feminine side and likes to be a little flirty on dates, then a sundress may be the right option for you. They are comfortable, light, and very cute. A plus about these dresses is that you can wear them with sneakers or sandals appropriate for the beach since heels are out of the question. Depending on your style, you can choose a maxi dress with floral print for a true beach look, or a white, lace mini one if what you like more is that boho vibe. Whatever you choose, the best option is to go with natural make-up, and a messy bun since chances are it’s going to be warm.

Casual and comfortable jeans and bikini combo

Your beach date can be an extension of a fun day at the beach. If you don’t want to wear extra clothes, there are ways you can turn your regular beach outfit into a date outfit. You can always opt for triangle bikinis, which you can wear with jeans shorts, and also as bathing suits, which makes them perfect for this opportunity. If you move your date from the beach to a restaurant, you can just get a cute cover-up that you can tie around your waist, and you will look amazing. Lace or see-through materials are great options that would go great with any type of bikini. You will look casual yet attractive, and you will definitely feel comfortable. You can pair this with big sunglasses, and flat, strappy sandals. A high ponytail would look great with this outfit and would be comfortable for the heath.

Chick and trendy denim skirts

If you want to look stylish for your date, you can achieve that even with a beach look. A high waisted denim skirt and a crop top will do just that. You can choose a loose crop top in a bright or even neon color to make the look a bit more casual, or wear a tighter crop top in nude or white color for a bit more elegant look. If trends are important to you, colorful, striped button-down crop tops are also an option. They look retro and are very much popular this summer. Espadrille flats or even white sneakers will complete this look, together with a high bun and big hoop earrings.

Beach elegant and fluttery jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and rompers are also a great date outfit. The best choice for a romper is a light, breathable material such as linen, rayon, or silk. They will softly follow your curves, look very stylish and beautiful and still be comfortable. Flower designs are popular with this piece too, although you can choose different designs, like pastel colours, or even striped pattern which will create that navy look and look super cute. Since jumpsuits are a more elegant beach outfit, you can leave it for a night beach date. Loose waves are the perfect hairstyle, and you can match everything with flat sandals and sparkly stud earrings.

Wrapping it up!

Beach is one of the best places for a perfect first date. You know you are going to be comfortable and that it is going to be fun. One more plus is that you don’t have to worry about cocktail dresses and formal clothes since the beach looks are more casual and easier to achieve. Hopefully, these few tips were able to help you find a beach date outfit you will love.

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Peter Minkoff
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