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How to Flirt With A Guy? When And Why – A Complete Guide

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It’s the year 2021. The world has drastically changed, but our hope and prayers never change, and the ways of expressing love.

You may consider them cliché, find it demanding, or at times even irritating, but that’s what love is, all of it and so much more. 

One of the many tactics of expressing fondness or attraction is completely harmless and a favorite of many, ‘Flirting.’

Yes, you read it right; flirting is a very simple and easy form of being affectionate towards the source of your attention.

If it is such a great tool, why is it only men that we see acing the flirtation game at all times? Dear woman, gone are the days when we waited patiently for our crush to gain our consideration or make a move. Just like Ariana says, ‘I see it, I like it; I want it, I got it!’. 

Similarly, don’t just wait and watch; you like him, you gotta make that move. Now, the most obvious question would be, how? Instead of worrying and biting your nails, read on to learn some of the most straightforward tips and tricks on ‘How to flirt with a Guy.’

When and why should I flirt with a Guy?

Before jumping into the how, when, and why, it is crucial to get a hold of what flirting exactly means and its origins.

Flirting is also known as Coquetry, and has seen the sands of time. Centuries ago, people used flirting as a way of uplifting a normal friendship or similar relationship. Through flirting, people would maintain a dignified connection with the person they are interested in and yet showcase a level of intimacy. Here, it is important to understand that there was no direct approach to a subject but an indirect move that would not harm or affect the self-esteem of the opposite person. 

So, through digging into some history, we now know that flirting isn’t a new phenomenon, and no, it isn’t sexual in any way. We are now coming to the when and why of zeroing on the person and time.

The complicated and confusing ‘Why’?

Then why is it simple if you like a guy more than just your friendly equation and want to take things a step further and are unsure about the guy’s feelings? Then flirting is the right track to follow. Through this, you wouldn’t have to spend your time waiting to gauge their feelings, nor would you have to go through heartbreak due to rejection. Flirting will give you the right answers that you have been seeking without making it awkward between you two. 

The ‘When’ of flirting with a Guy

If you do not know the guy beforehand then, on a date, flirting can be a very good ice-breaker and call also help you learn how reciprocatively your partner reacts to your advances. First meetups, Tinder dates, weddings, and many such events are a great time to flirt with a stranger. Also, not to forget, flirting helps in releasing stress, lighting up your mood, and also boosting your dwindling confidence. So, even if you do not take things any further, the entire process was still fruitful. 

Now that we are completely thorough with the most basic questions, let’s take the route back to the original question, ‘How to flirt with a Guy?’

How to Flirt With A Guy

1. Be the ice-breaker

Conversations are key to many problems; remember how we were taught the importance of golden words back in school? This is the golden word of this phase; if you would like to flirt with him, don’t start without a decent conversation. Once you break the barrier of ‘being strangers,’ everything else just falls in place.

2. If you like compliments, so does he

Guys like being complimented as much as any other gender of human beings. Who doesn’t like being praised? You don’t have to go overboard; a subtle compliment about the fragrance or his haircut or maybe just the color of his outfit will work fine. And no, it doesn’t compulsorily have to be just these, you can also complement their nature, voice, laugh or anything you find attractive.

3. Show signs of happiness

It is very important to let a guy know that you are genuinely like their company, and that wouldn’t be possible without you smiling or laughing. You don’t have to show your teeth all the time, but every time he does something pleasant or makes an effort to express your happiness and the joy you experience. 

4. Truth goes a long way

Honesty is the best policy, a quote we have read and applied in our lives too. Similarly, when we initiate flirting with someone, it is better to be ourselves, being truthful about our nature and personality. Would we like being lied to by a Guy? So, avoid lying or faking cause nothing good will come out of it.

5. Make every end a new beginning

While ending a meeting, date, phone call, or chat, make sure to leave it in such a way that the guy looks forward to meeting or talking to you again. End things on such a note that the guy finds a certain level of comfort, attraction, and confidence around you.

Combine these five easy steps with your natural humor and personality to ensure a healthy flirtatious relationship. Guys are very similar to us, so you think from your own perspective every time you decide to do something different. 

Let’s not complicate something that is fairly easy; learn from their actions and reactions. In the end, you may end up flirting with the guy of your dreams. 

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