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10 Dating Tips For An Introvert

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For introverts dating world is a little tricky.

Since introverts find it hard to express themselves, they avoid any situation where they have to talk. This makes it tough for them to step into the dating world as it requires talking and sharing some space with the other person. So, if you are an introvert who wishes to enter into the dating world, then here are a few tips to help you.

1. Be Clear About Dating

As an introvert, you must make a clear decision about whether to date or not. Don’t succumb to any pressure from family, friends, or peers. Instead, ask yourself whether you are ready to meet new people and allow them to become an important part of your life. Know that dating means long conversations, going out, participating in exciting activities, etc. So, if you wish to date, make sure you feel confident about it.

2. Online Dating or Conventional Dating

Online dating means making a dating profile on various dating websites like tinder, OkCupid, etc. On the other hand, conventional dating refers to the idea of dating people that you may have met through relatives, friends, or acquaintances. So, choose if you are eager to meet a stranger on an online dating website or go on a date set up by your friends or relatives. If you wish to go for online dating, then make a dating profile on any dating app. 

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3. Do Not Rush

It doesn’t matter whether you are meeting a new person via online dating or through a friend. What matters is that you should take your time and decide if you wish to give that person a chance or not. Do not make any decision in haste. Once you have decided you are ready for your first date.

4. Over Thinking is a Big No

After you have decided to meet the other person on a specific date at a specific time, all you need to do is to remain calm. Do not think about how it will go or how you’ll start a conversation. Just go and give it a try.

5. Prepare Yourself For Small Talks

Before meeting your partner, make sure to convince yourself for small talk. Go with a mindset that keeps you focused and calm. You may reach ten minutes early at the venue so and take your time to feel calm and collected.

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6. Familiar Venues with fewer Crowds

Going out on dates is quite important, for it allows you to know your partner better. You can dine while getting to learn about each other’s likes, dislikes, and habits. But as an introvert, you will find it quite challenging to step out and talk to a person who may or may not be an introvert likes you. Furthermore, you may not even like the idea of sitting with a stranger in an unfamiliar place. So, the best option is to find a place that gives you a sense of familiarity. Now, this may be a place where you visit quite often with your family or friends. But make sure you choose to set the date during the hours when it’ sits less crowded. After all, as an introvert, you wouldn’t want familiar faces to interrupt your date for may it get awkward.

7. Relax, Converse, Enjoy

For introverts, it is not easy to begin a conversation if they are feeling anxious. So, you must take a deep breath and let go of any stress and anxiety. You don’t need to worry about establishing a conversation. The more you, the more anxious you’ll feel. So, try not to think and focus on the things that allow you to relax. This will help you to find better topics to establish a conversation. For example, take a look around you and try to converse about how beautiful the place is, what it reminds you about, etc. Connecting the outside world with you will help you to talk about your likes, dislikes, happy memories, etc. Eventually, you’ll feel comfortable while conversing with your partner.

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8. Maintain the Flow of Conversation

Once you have established the conversation, try to maintain the flow by finding similarities between you two. This means you can’t ask questions that are focused, carry a negative connotation, or sound rude. Instead, focus on questions that are about you and your partner. Remember your date is about you two. It is not about your family or your political ideologies. Try to avoid topics that are likely to create conflicts and not memories.

9. Use non-verbal Communication

You may have established the conversation, but you may not be able to hold it for long. Of course, your partner will also participate in holding the conversation. But don’t expect him/her to speak for long for it is both tiring and boring. So, if you are finding it hard to converse verbally, then try to converse non-verbally. This means smiling more often, nodding your head on agreements/disagreements, using hand gestures, etc. In other words, show some interest in making the conversation engaging.

10. Speak About Yourself

While talking, introverts tend to be silent or zoned out. It happens due to their tendency to hide their feelings and thoughts. The easy way for introverts to start the conversation is to accept their introverted nature and tell their partners about it. In this way, your partner will also make equal efforts to know about you. Also, it will allow you to break the ice and share your feelings and thoughts with your partner.

So, relax and use these tips to feel confident on your first date. It is fine to feel a little nervous or anxious due to excitement. But don’t let it ruin your date. Take control of your anxiety and show up with a smile and confident body language. All you have to do is to be yourself. You may be an introvert, but that doesn’t mean you are boring. It simply means you need to put more effort as compared to other people. 

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