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Make Someone’s Day Better with these Random Acts of Kindness

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While most of us think February is just about Valentine’s Day and couples romancing together. Well, the month is also about kindness and spreading happiness.

17th February is celebrated as the Random Acts of Kindness Day, and you must use this as an opportunity of letting your kind heart work its magic on people close to you as well as the ones you have never even met.

The point of such acts of kindness is it is beneficial for the received as well as the giver.

It is also about creating a ripple effect. As per evidence, if you let someone in the traffic, they are likely to allow someone else as well.

Kindness doesn’t come with a price and is indeed, priceless. So, this Valentine’s instead of just showering your partners with affection, go out in the world and spread positivity and love through your actions.

Be it by picking fresh flowers for a co-worker or complimenting your fellow passenger on the metro; make sure to brighten someone’s day just by small yet powerful gestures.

Here are some suggestions for you to get going:

be happy

1. Giving Hugs

It’s sad how many of us shy away from expressing our love or gratitude through hugs. If you are meeting a friend or a colleague, greet him with a warm hug and not just a formal handshake. You have no idea what a difference it would be making. We don’t know about each other’s struggles, and sometimes, all we need is a hug to feel better.

2. Buying Flowers

When it comes to flowers, nobody can suppress their smile on receiving them. So, visit the local florist of your city you are in and pick a nice bouquet of fresh blooms. Just randomly go to your neighbor and surprise them with the flowers or to make it even better, gift them to the mailman, janitor, or people who provide their services to you every day.

The look in their face would definitely be something that you will cherish for life. What’s more?

3. Complimenting

Unleash the power of words and go on complimenting people. This simplest and free act of kindness is very basic yet very impactful. Tell them how much their new hairstyle suits them, how you love their shirt, their cologne, and anything that you really like.

Make sure to give genuine compliments and say it because you mean it.

4. Posting Positive Reviews

This is a unique act of kindness that you can do by scrolling through your recent browsing memory and leaving a positive comment on your purchases, accommodations, services, etc. that you liked.

Reviews can really make or break a company and make sure to help them grow by writing all that you liked about their service in great detail. 

5. Travelling with Positivity

No matter what transport service you use, make to carry a smile and a warm attitude while travelling. Smile at your cab driver, be cordial with your co-passengers and don’t shout at other drivers if they break the rules. Give them the benefit of the doubt and just be polite.

6. Thanking People 

Take time out of the day and text or write a letter to thank all those who supported you or helped you at times of need. Tell them how amazing they are and mean a lot to you.

If you can’t think of anybody, just refresh your memory and think of all those people with whom you created wonderful memories. Text them and let them know those memories are very special and thank them for their presence in your life. 

7. Sharing Food

Make sure to pack extra food and share it with your colleagues or classmates. You can even take this to the next level by preparing a meal or baking a cake for your elderly neighbor. Buy flowers or gifts for them and have a chatty lunch with your neighbor.

8. Paying Twice

This is a very common and sweet gesture to spread kindness. Pay for food for the ones standing behind you at a cafeteria queue. Do the same for coffee or drinks.

Just pay and go. Totally anonymous! If you want to level up, pay for someone else’s petrol at the kiosk. This gesture, although expensive, would bring you warm feelings and joy.

9. Donating Organ/Blood

No, we are not asking you to give away your kidney, although that would be awesome. Just get your name registered for organ donation or visit a blood bank for blood transfusion.

10. Saving Up for a Cause

Pick up a jar and keep putting money into it whenever you save up. Once the far is full, give it to an NGO, a charity, or a person in need.

11. Clicking Pictures

If you see a couple of friends struggling to click a picture of themselves, offer them help and get behind the camera. Be happy to snap a picture for strangers and make them stand in different poses for interesting frames.

12. Helping the Neighbours

If your neighbors are elderly or are always struggling to find time for themselves in a busy week, offer them your help. Take their dogs out for a walk, take their grocery list and shop for them, or run errands for them. Babysit their toddlers or take care of their pets when they are away. You can even send them gifts on their birthdays or wish them on special occasions with happy anniversary flowers or birthday cards.

Wrapping Up!

These were some simplest random acts of kindness, and most of them are free of cost. Just do any of these once, and you would be surprised by how rewarding it would make you feel.

“Spread kindness around like confetti” is something we all must swear by as the world we are living in is bleeding, destructing, and crying for love.

It needs positivity and more people who care. While drastic steps are not possible for everyone to take, we all can contribute in our own little ways to heal the world. Make sure to gift it with all the affection you have with one act of kindness at a time. 

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