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11 Ways to Start a Conversation in Adult Online Dating

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Have you been in a situation when you find someone you really desire on online hookup apps? Stunning pictures, exciting bio, and a lot of things in common.

An absolute mate for a casual relationship, oh finally, you’ll get out of the single life and join the premium one-nighters club. You’re getting into the relationship of your life, and you will go out for road digs on Fridays eventually.

Wait, have you started the conversation yet? No! The hardest step is the first step because it either convinces the other person to answer or never opens your chat again. Everything is going to be just fine.

Take a breath, look at this collection and choose the best way to start your adult conversation. But before that, check this link for the best mail order bride sites.

Pay a compliment.

Everyone likes compliments, and it’s a good way to start a conversation because it gives the impression that you are friendly and kind. Keep it respected and avoid sassy comments; they provide the exact opposite image that we want. You can say, I like your hair color, tattoo, t-shirt, etc. 

Ask a question.

If your ego is a little bigger than paying a compliment, ask a question! It could be about the same things above, from where have you got your t-shirt or tattoo or whatever. You have other resources to elicit questions from, the bio. Depending on the content, find something appropriate to ask and talk about. 

Keep it direct.

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Come on. You don’t need to think about a way to start your conversation. A little “Hey!” could do the trick. The talk will go smoothly and spontaneously, sometimes even better than starting with a question or anything else. A nice adjective after that “Hey” would be a good 

touch too “Hey, dear” or the name of the person! You can use other ways to save yourself when nothing is to talk about. 

We have something in common! 

The bio is a great help. Look through it thoroughly and carefully until you find something to use. Maybe you’re studying in the same university, you both have cats or dogs, or I don’t know what. Start with great enthusiasm like, “wow, you are an English literature student too, what a coincidence.” 

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Introduce yourself.

Another way of direct talk is to introduce yourself. Don’t be ridiculous and say, “Hey, I’m Joe,” when your name is already shown in the chat! No one will reply in this case. Do it when you’re using a nickname or a fake one.

Throw a joke.

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If you don’t have any sense of humor, don’t invent your jokes. Look for fun ways to start a chat. Here is my favorite “there’s something wrong with my phone, and it doesn’t have your number in it” I can’t trust the outcome, but it’s a fun way, and you’ll leave an impression, good or bad, it’s for your crush to decide. 

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Look for details.

Look through all of the photos of your crash. When you find something worth talking about in the background, go ahead and say it. It could be an interesting book, “what do you think about the ending?”, your favorite TV show on the crash’s screen. “Are you an Office fan too?”. Make use of details; everyone loves them. 

Normalize kindness.

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Be positive and send some quotes about hope or optimism. This kind of thing makes my day personally. It might change the receiver’s mood, and no one will resist making you feel their gratitude for such a kind act. “I hope you are having a great day. You deserve to be happy” don’t be VERY lovely. You’ll turn into a weirdo. 

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Send a GIF.

It’s not very recommended, but it works with many people, and it’s an excellent way if you’re out of choices. You can use a GIF or an emoji of a waving hand or a stupid smiling face. Some other topics will be generated out of it. We can call it an ice breaker, not a bad idea. 

Take advantage of occasions. 

All people wish each other Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving, and it won’t look weird or nosy. If it’s their birthday, then it’s your shot to prove that you are A stalker. Don’t show up on Birthdays; that’s only when you will look nosy and annoying. 

Send a song.

Obviously, it shouldn’t be a romantic song, and you don’t want to look creepy from the first message. Choose a cool hopeful song. I assure you that you’ll get a great reply immediately. 


The first message says a lot about you, so make it good and out of your heart. Even if things went wrong, don’t sweat it, even if you didn’t get an answer. It’s not the end of the world, and just forget about it and look for a new online crush.

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