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5 Reasons Why Female Entrepreneurs are More successful

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Joan of Arc offers us the phrase, “I am not afraid, I was born to do this,” and Joan is on to something, as we are reminded that womankind is quite literally born for the purpose of creating, which is why women make the best entrepreneurs. 

Naturally and biologically, women are physically and emotionally designed to give birth, and we are finding out now more than ever that birthing is by no means limited to children. 

When giving life to a business, the same maternal and internal instincts kick in that would with natural birth, and the woman is operating truly and only for the highest and best good of all through her following instincts: 


Before she ever delivers her business to the world, the female entrepreneur prepares her body, heart, and mind for what it’s going to ask of her. She focuses on her readiness, creates a plan, and has a team around her that knows what it’s going to take, that’s ready at every moment. She knows that her preparation is the most important step and everything from deep breaths to cash and support are equally important. 


Women have the awareness that life is being created, and this business will have a life of its own that she is responsible for. She uses her response-ability, her ability to respond to all of the business’s needs without reacting because of her emotional awareness and social awareness are there to support her. Her awareness of her body’s intuitive hits for what comes next is an instinct that she not only listens to but applies. She trusts herself and her inner wisdom before listening to her peers. It’s an embodiment practice that’s not cerebral. 


Her intuition is not something that she judges or questions; it’s something that she uses as her internal guidance systemCompassion is her compass, and both her understanding and inner-standing of what’s happening with her employees and her customers grow exponentially by her ability to trust her gut and always do the right thing. 


She connects and embraces her humanity and the humanity of those around her, realizing that feelings and emotions and real life are important, and that treating each situation fairly but differently, will nurture the lives of everyone involved. Discernment is her superpower, and she never strays away from staying in her integrity. She embraces mistakes and allows them, offering advice and guidance instead of harsh criticism. She asks questions and gets to the root of the issue, going well past the surface. 


A woman entrepreneur knows that the relationship with her business and all that are involved will determine how her entity grows, and whether or not it will grow securely enough to stand on its own two feet so she can take on her next venture. Her relationships are premier, and she recognizes that connection fosters and creates more results than a spreadsheet ever would. 


Women listen-to themselves and to others. Openly and actively, they are listening and grounded in the present moment, offering real-time solutions without being cheated by feelings of being jaded by the past. They are used to listening to their bodies, intuition, and peers, making judgment calls that create success. Their ability to multitask and listen to not only what’s being said, but what’s not being said is one of the greatest assets to any business or company. 

The female entrepreneur delivers her business into the world with the pride and knowledge of a mother, whether she is a “mother” or a physical child or not. She knows that it is hers to guard and protect fiercely, but embodies the wisdom to let go of it enough to allow it to create and generate on its own. 

The woman entrepreneur nurtures that business every day. She puts the business before herself, and not in a way that is self-sacrificing or codependent, but in a way that serves her and everyone around her. Her life is a life of service, her business is a business of service, and this is not her job. This is her JOY.

The woman entrepreneur trusts, listens, and believes in herself, and therefore is able to trust, listen, and believe in everyone around her. 

Women versus men” is a tale as old as time, but please be reminded it’s never a tale that a woman tells. It’s usually an idea projected onto women, much like the idea that women were too “emotional” to be in business or in leadership roles.

In contrast to popular beliefs and blogs, the future isn’t female. The female entrepreneur knows that the future is unity, the future is equality, and the future is balanced. 

This mentality and this embodiment is what make women the most powerful force of nature in the world. They aren’t looking to take over the table. They’re looking to take their rightful place at it. 

The female entrepreneur is the best because she knows how to set the table, present the table, and sit at the table, BUT she knows how to be served at the table.

This is a future, not everybody’s readybut everybody’s waiting for.

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