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Towards Productivity and Efficiency- 15 Workplace Tips, Every Professional Should Know

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Here comes 2021! It’s a new year, and for sure, we’re all wishing to have a year that is kinder than 2020. Well, there are also great things that happened in 2020, however, it cannot be denied that it leaves us with a lot of painful memories and challenges. But, the numbers have changed…and we’re facing a new life’s chapter. How can we aim for a more productive and successful year?

Let’s all start by changing our habits. In connection to that, here are some workplace tips this 2021 to successfully improve your personal and professional career.

Workplace Tips: How to Become Productive and Efficient at Work

Your job is something you should be thankful for every year. Not everyone is given the opportunity to apply their skills and learn something new. Having a job is a great reason to be more grateful and hopeful of what the future can still offer. If you still have your job today, you’re not just lucky. You are beyond blessed.

So,  it is just proper to do your best to improve your personal and professional career. Always aim for efficiency and productivity. The more productive you become the better asset you become to the company.

You’ll get surprised by the countless benefits you’ll receive along the way.

Here are some helpful tips that you can consider:

1. Love your job

The only way you can create significant benefits from your work results is by loving your job first. When you love and enjoy what you’re doing, you can expect to be giving more. You become motivated to give your best shot on anything. Always have a grateful heart whenever you will start working each day. If you were thinking that it is hard to be thankful these days, then it’s time to change your mind.

Despite the various negative things happening, there are still countless things to be thankful for. Your family, friends, and yourself striving to succeed are the epitome of inspiration. There are various reasons to dream bigger and do better. Start your day meditating and counting your blessings.

You will then find yourself creating massive success in your professional career. Gradually, you will then develop bigger self-confidence and trust with your teammates.

2. Do not stop learning

Who says you can just stay stagnant from what you already knew? The world keeps evolving, changing, and innovating. And so are you!  Continue searching for new information. Use today’s tools and software to improve your knowledge. There are various platforms where you can subscribe or enroll to learn new skills.

3. Befriend technology and innovation

Technology plays a vital role in making our work easier nowadays. This is why they should not be disregarded. Utilize them to stay focused and efficient at work. There are tools that can be used for time management, productivity, and collaboration. Nowadays, there will be no more excuse when it comes to having better communication with your team members because a lot of online tools and programs can now assist you.

4. Love your flaws and learn from them

Mistakes are a normal part of a life’s journey. They can either break or make you based on how you handle them. It is typical that we commit errors from what we do or from the decisions we make. Some errors can cost us various consequences and may create a massive impact to our personal and professional careers.

However, our mistakes and weaknesses can also be turned into lessons and strengths. We should never underestimate the power of learning from our mistakes. We can be better from our flaws and imperfections. Whether at home or at work, we should learn how to embrace and appreciate our flaws, so that we will accept and love ourselves genuinely.

5. Be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy

Your health is always the best investment that you can have. Without a healthy mind and body to function properly, you cannot perform your daily activities efficiently. Make sure to eat healthily and avoid stress as necessary. There are some mindfulness techniques that can help alleviate stress. When you are too overwhelmed with your work, you may not consider taking care of your overall health. Unfortunately, that can put your life at a greater risk. This should be changed this 2021. Start taking care of yourself more, focusing on health and wellness.

6. Welcome challenges

With every passing year, we become stronger and courageous. And it’s also fine that we should also consider this year to be tougher. The challenges are here. Thus, we should always be ready to overcome them. Do not be afraid of difficulties and challenges. Instead, make yourself stronger and tougher to face them all. The more you welcome challenges, the higher your self-esteem and motivation will be. Especially at work, where there can be new adjustments this year, you need to be more willing to take new challenges.

7. Follow protocols in the new normal

If you want to stay focused at work, you need to be organized and tidy with your things and the whole workplace. If you’re working from home, you might be having some distractions. Learn to manage them. 

In case you’re still working in a company office, you should take extra precautions when travelling and dealing with other people. Always keep yourself sanitized and free from possible adverse health conditions.  

8. Choose to be happy

A happy heart is one of the best weapons when dealing with workplace challenges. You become more inspired and motivated to work better when you’re happy at work. Always have a reason to cheer you up. Aim to be thankful each day for still having a job that gives another purpose to live and go on with your journey.

9. Invest in your workstation

Another important workplace tip that you should not forget this year is to invest in your workstation. Medical and ergonomic experts advised organizing your workplace in an ergonomic way. Use standing desks so you can be free from the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

If you’re on a tight budget and would not want to buy another desk, you can just attach a desk converter to use the existing table. It’s convenient to use, a space-saver, and can also be adjusted to the proper height. Make sure to use an ergonomic chair, too. There are also some ergonomic accessories that will help you work safely and comfortably such as an ergonomic mouse, LED desk lamp, monitor mounts, ergonomic keyboard, and cable or wire management tool.

10. Be grateful

Always be grateful for what you have or what you already had. Both the past and the present can provide a great connection for a better future. Gratitude makes a person more profound about how things can be done and achieve amazing results.

11. Create new circle of friends and build connections

Building social engagement is now a bit challenging among us. Face-to-face conversations are now either limited or prohibited. But that does not completely cease us from the opportunity of building meaningful connections with other people. This is where the power of technology can help.

This is the time we make the most of social media and online tools for communication or collaboration. We can still create new circle of friends and work colleagues and come up with better insights.

12. Reward yourself

Sometimes, when stress and issues in the workplace become overwhelming, we tend to have lower energy. This can affect our work performance. One way to prevent this is to reward yourself whenever success- big or small- is achieved. A little treat for yourself or an item you’re always wanted for can be given as a reward. This can make your heart grow fonder and become more inspired to do more outstanding work.

13. Make time your friend and foe

Time is one of the most essential factors when it comes to building your professional career. However, most of us fail to use it wisely. We should learn how to make friends with time. Use it properly and you’ll become productive. You can also make it a foe by challenging yourself to work faster and be always prompt.

14. Plan ahead

Planning can help you achieve your goals seamlessly. The reason why some workers fail on productivity and efficiency is that they lack a comprehensive plan on how things should be done.

Once a plan is made (with backup options, of course), the proper implementation should also be conducted. No matter how nice your workstation is, or how nice your plan was, without the smart strategies on how to implement it, the result will be frustrating.

#15 Be more passionate

As previously mentioned, every year taught us new things, a new way to live life. However, this is also the time we should be more passionate about our work. This is when we should be more dedicated to our company, our teams, and our personal efforts.

When we follow all the workplace tips mentioned above, we are surely heading towards productivity and efficiency. No matter how many hindrances and challenges we may face, there is only one person who can definitely inspire and motivate yourself: YOU!

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