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7 Fascinating Wall Painting Tactics That Can Help Your Home Look Amazing

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When you are thinking about your dream home, it probably doesn’t have plain white walls. That is because walls have a large impact on how your home will look and feel, and it’s not just about the colour of them.

A lot of people aren’t aware that there are so many wall painting techniques that will add interesting finishes to the walls.

Mixing an interesting wall technique with your favourite colours will make the walls in your home more vibrant and amazing.

1. Colour Wash Technique

Colour washing tactic is one of the best painting techniques as well as the most popular technique in Australia because it will not only add texture; it will also add depth into your living space. A colour wash will add a warm and soft look to your home because you are layering in different colours. Aside from it being really aesthetically pleasing, this tactic is super simple and something that you can do on your own without making a mess and ruining your walls. 

2. The Sponging Technique

fascinating wall painting tactics

We have all heard about the sponging technique because it is one of the simplest yet cute ways to spice up your walls. You can either use a regular sponge or a sponge paint roller and you will get a dynamic texture that will spice up your plain walls. This is a great tactic if you are someone who isn’t really artistic but still wants to have amazing walls without any mess in the process. 

3.Wall Tapping Technique

Most people don’t know that painters tape can be used to create amazing patterns on your walls. Because it can be quite tricky to create the perfect shapes that you want on your walls, it is better to have professional painters come to do it for you. There is nothing more irritating than having something that’s supposed to be symmetric, crooked, and asymmetric. 

4. The Metallic Blocks

If you want something that will draw everybody’s attention, you can’t go wrong with adding metallic colours. You can go all in and paint entire accent walls a metallic colour or you can or if you want something simpler, you can make a layered look by creating metallic blocks. Adding metallic colours will add gorges simmer and a more luxurious look with minimal effort. 

5. Wall Stenciling

If you like the look of wallpapers, but you just can’t find ones that satisfy your standards, wall stenciling is perfect for you. It is one of the simplest ways to create a unique and interesting space without spending thousands of dollars on expensive wallpapers. All you need is to find the stencil you like and the colour that you want. Once again, it is super simple to do, and the results are just amazing.

6. Rag Rolling Technique

If you are looking for something that will give you a soft and textured effect, rag rolling is the tactic for you. By far, this is the most fun technique to do because you will want to roll a rag up and down your wet walls to create patterns that you like. This one is best for small rooms because soft textures will create a dimension that will make space appear more spacious. It is also a great way to introduce Zen to your bathroom because the textures are so calming. 

7. The Strié

Strié is basically the French word for streaking, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful techniques that will make your walls resemble linen material. This will add amazing texture to your space and warmth to your home no matter what colour you end up choosing. 

Their fascinating wall painting tactics will bring texture, style, and defamation to your walls, making your interior breathtaking. With these techniques, you simply can’t pick the wrong one; every single one of these will look amazing in any home. 

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