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How to Combine Study and Work: 6 Tips from Students

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Even during their studies, many students undergo internships to gain experience, start working in the evening shifts, and some in the morning. Double loading can lead to burnout and damage your health if not properly distributed. 

1. Break the day into hours

First of all, decide how many hours a day you will work and how much time it takes to move “home – work” and “work – study”. Then you need to add to this 8 hours a day for sleep and allocate time for food and household needs. If the amount exceeds 24 hours, then you will have to change your work schedule or reduce your study time; for example, study on weekends rather than on weekdays.

In addition, you will have to spend some time doing things on your own. If you do not put this time into your plan, then it will not be enough. And this will lead to the fact that you will either not cope with your studies, or you will have to take time off from work, for example, take study leave.

If the work cannot be included in the plan, it may be necessary to look for another vacancy, for example, with a flexible schedule, Igolkina advises.

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2. Make a plan for the day


Once you’ve roughly estimated the amount of time you’ll need, start making a plan. First, write down the most important things that are tied to a specific time (study, work, etc.).

Next, distribute the cases in order of importance, think about which of them can be postponed to a later date. When planning your day, leave a certain amount of time in reserve, because if unforeseen things arise, the entire schedule can be disrupted.

Be sure to include time for sleep in your daily plan. You can free some time for relaxation by delegating tasks to a service that will produce the cheapest essay. If this is not done, then you will most likely begin to solve all your problems over time by reducing sleep. And this after some time will lead to a decrease in learning, that is, it will take you 2-3 times more time to learn the same information that you would have mastered much faster.

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3. Don’t leave ‘tails’

Many spend hours “swaying” when you just need to take it and do it. Do not accumulate “tails” for homework, as the more they accumulate, the more difficult it will be to motivate yourself for further study. Use the principle of long-term memorization. You should not hope that on the last night before the exam you will learn everything that was supposed to be memorized during the semester, the specialist says. Every day, you should allocate at least a little time to study some of the necessary material.

4. Relax and chat with friends

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For successful study and work, you need to stock up on positive emotions and a sufficient amount of strength, so be sure to take time to rest. In the face of time pressure, it is important to combine your needs as much as possible, for example, to combine communication with friends with going to the cinema or swimming pool.

Use the help of friends. Unfortunately, very often people do not do this. If you and your classmates start helping each other, studying will become more fun and effective, and it will also take a lot less time.

5. Make the most of your time on the road

Try to do several things in parallel. Many spend 1-2 hours on the road only one way. Think about how many such hours come up in a year and how you can spend them usefully! It is enough to go over the list of tasks: if you have the Internet and a gadget, you can do many things right on the road.

In public transport, read a textbook or work materials, listen to audiobooks, learn a foreign language, answer customer emails, and think about and write down new ideas and plans.

6. Determine the outcome and reward in advance

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Even on weekends, make a to-do list. For example: “Disassemble all the documents on the table. When I’m done, there should be three piles on the table – documents for the archive, for today, and other people’s papers. All the garbage is in the basket; the table is wiped and ready to go.” Also, determine the reward for completing the plan item: a chocolate bar or watching one episode of the series.

The main thing is to turn off or remove distractions: phones, TV, and music; otherwise, there is a high probability of freezing in front of the screen or chatting with someone. As a rule, the case with this approach takes three times less time than you expected. And do not forget about the reward; you promised it to yourself and not to anyone else.

The bottom line

With the modern rhythm of life, many people do not have enough 24 hours to do everything. Balancing work and study is not an easy task. Time management comes to the aid of students and workaholics. The chances of success will increase several times if you heed the advice of experts and start a diary.

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