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Why is Social Media Detox Good

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No wonder social media has become a huge part of everyone’s daily life, or we can say the coolest trend one should have to have in this modern world. Through social media, every person is aware of what is happening around them, but like any other theory, social media platforms may also have certain disadvantages.

According to research, an average US adult spends around 11 hours a day watching, reading, or interacting on social media.

Most people use it for discovering news, inspiring people, for searching beautiful destinations but, in the end, people just end up spending hours scrolling till the end which makes them feel tired, anxious, drained, or dissatisfied with their own life.

But first, you need to know how social media impacts your life? How do you feel about your daily habits because after that, only you will get to know if you are in need of a social detox or not?

Clarify yourself on-

  • How often you reach for the phone for the first time in the morning when you wake up for a social media notification?
  • How often do you start clicking your pics on vacations instead of enjoying the moments?

You may also think that the amount of mental energy we use on mobiles. Especially on social media, it could be used and some better place for our own upliftment.

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Social media has evolved to be a part of our daily life, but it’s not real life.

There are some signs that why you need a detox like:

  • You feel angry or stressed out if you lost or can’t find your phone
  • You are too curious to check your phone every few minutes.
  • You are afraid of missing out on something, so keep checking on your device.
  • You can’t concentrate on one thing and just keep checking on your phone.

Now we will look at how detox is good? How can you get real benefits out of it, and what can you expect from it?

a) Free time:

You might feel bored at starting a detox, and chances can be you open your Instagram but replace it with some productive things. How about meeting your loved ones or writing down a letter for whom you care more about.

b) Better Mornings:

Make your mornings better; go for a walk or listen to a podcast instead of just going on some social apps that will ruin most of your time. Enjoy a healthy breakfast with family, and commute while reading a book.

c) Free Mindedness:

You would not be a zombie anymore, just scrolling through feeds and moving from one social media to another. It would be eye-opening to improve your mental state to improve your personal life.

d) Personality Improvements:

Having a computerized detox can permit you to zero in on yourself and reconnect with the things that truly fulfill you. Social media makes us severe, perceiving the number of preferences and remarks we can get for everything we post. By cutting down on that, we can reduce our own nervousness, which we can work on by meeting face-to-face. The individuals who invest a ton of their energy via web-based media have detailed inclination desolate, in actuality. Taking a break from social media can assist you with getting a more certain headspace.

e) Meditation:

You can practice meditation and mindfulness in your routine activities to relieve your boredom where you can read, learn new skills, exercise and make your body fit, and explore your surroundings where you have never visited to know it better.

For some reason, you can’t give up on all your social media apps, but you might want to focus on restricting your use of just one type of apps that you use the most.

Here are some short hacks or tricks which you consider trying:

  • Try to give up all digital devices or social media at a time, like a particular day or week.
  • Pick one day of a week to go social media free.
  • Cut down on the time of the social media usage for each day.
  • Choose a specific time to completely eliminate social media on a particular day.
  • Try to choose time with your friends to detox together on a specific day in a week.

Don’t give up easily on the detox because you need to keep trying and know how you feel after being off from social media for 2 or 3 consecutive days.

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If you feel more tempted, just delete the social media apps from your phone and make sure your friends & family know that you are on detox so that they can help and support you. 

Always keep other activities on hand to make yourself distracted from social media. You can also go out of the house to meet your friends or go for a walk alone in a peaceful place.

So what do you think about it? Would you try social media detoxing? If you ever try, let us know what happens? Good luck.

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