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7 Reasons to Enroll Your Kids in Baseball

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Many of us played baseball when we were kids, perhaps even playing in high school and beyond. Team sports were very much a part of our childhood. We looked forward to training, enjoyed traveling to games, and made some friends for life out on the field. Today’s kids, however, are different.

Many are at their happiest watching videos on YouTube or chatting to friends on headsets as they play console games together. 

Modern parents are often hesitant to enroll their kids in sports classes outside of school. If the kids aren’t that bothered, is it really worth the expense? Well, sports like baseball still have all of the advantages that they did when we were kids, plus there are the added benefits of getting your children outdoors, moving, and away from screens, which our parents didn’t worry about half as much. Even if your child is a little reluctant, here are seven reasons to enroll them in baseball. 

1. It’s Fun

It can be hard to get kids to exercise when the pull of screens and devices is so strong. But baseball is great fun and something that they can do with their friends and family. If they aren’t sure they want to join a team yet, why not take them to the park with some friends for a casual game to spark their interest?

2. Baseball is Great Exercise

Most team sports are good exercise, but baseball uses your whole body, and can even give your mind a workout. The majority of parents are worried about their kids staying healthy, getting outdoors, and exercising enough, and baseball can be the answer. 

3. Team Sports Teach a Range of Skills

Team sports aren’t just great for exercise. They can also improve social skills, teach children how to make friends, share, deal with conflict, and work as part of a team. They can also promote independence, teach leadership skills, and help them to develop respect for both authority figures and their peers. 

4. Baseball Improves Coordination

Baseball is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination. This can improve balance and strength, but also things like handwriting, tying shoelaces, and playing instruments. 

5. You Can Practice Together

One of the best things about baseball is it’s something that you can enjoy together. You can take them to watch the pros, you can visit museums, watch matches on TV, and practice together. Whether you just want to buy a glove and ball and practice pitching in the park, or you’ve got a large yard and want to invest in the very popular Spinball Wizard pitching machine, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a love of baseball together and making baseball part of your family life can have huge benefits for the whole household. 

6. Playing a Sport is Great for Mental Health

Children today are more likely to deal with anxiety and mental health issues. They are under a lot of pressure, and few young children know how to vocalize their feelings. Playing sports can be a fantastic mental health boost, especially if they get to play outdoors, make friends, and have fun. 

7. You’ll Help Them to Build a Positive Relationship with Exercise

Kids that enjoy sports at school are more likely to continue to enjoy exercise, and so be fit and healthy, as adults. But not all children enjoy games classes at school. Enrolling them in baseball gives them another way to form this relationship. 

There are so many benefits to team sports for children, and baseball is one of the best, but also one of the easiest to get involved in, especially for beginners. Encourage your kids to try training with a local junior team, and if they don’t like it, why not try something different? There’s bound to be a sport that they are keen to try.

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