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Contemporary Garage Doors For Your Modern Homes

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Are you looking for a new garage door for your house? Many modern garage doors are trendy and most popular these days as they bring new styles and designs. Also, they complement your home.

From traditional farmhouse to mid-century designs, you can never go wrong with modern garage doors. Let us look at the advantages of contemporary garage doors and why they are an excellent option for your home. 

What Does Modern Stand For? 

According to architecture, modern architecture stands for language for design with a significance on forms instead of decoration. It also focuses on materials and structure rather than pretty constructions; and the efficient and rational utilization of space. While contemporary architecture began in the 1890s, it became more well-known in the 1930s. 

Features of Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes and new garage doors have many shared features. These are the following: 

  • Large collections of metal window frames (usually in aluminum) 
  • Lack of embellishment for a sleek look
  • Having neutral colors such as gray, white, black, beige, and the like
  • Asymmetrical composition and designs
Modern Garage Doors Eminent Minimalistic Design 

Since modern garage doors emphasize form instead of embellishment, their designs show up from the crowd. Their minimalistic, clean designs draw attention to the door itself rather than the beautiful hardware or elaborate trim and paneling designs. 

Modern Garage Door Trim and Panels

Modern garage doors are known for sleek lines and the deliberate use of both positive and negative space. In many situations, they follow a horizontal theme that can be both asymmetrical or symmetrical. The panels are generally flat and set in either vertical or horizontal layouts. Many modern garage doors are free of ornamental trim boards. 

Modern Garage Door Windows

Most contemporary garage door designs have few decorations, like window lites or decorative hardware. If the door includes windows with lites, they are generally in the prairie style. Garage door technicians often position the windows in non-conventional areas, like vertically down one side of the door. Some garage doors may have entire window panels, while others choose not to have windows at all. 

Modern Garage Doors Decorative Hardware

Many contemporary garage doors do not have embellishments with decorative hardware like ring pulls or latches. Let us reiterate that modern garage doors focus on form rather than functions. If they have some accents, they are generally made from metal and in a shade that will not strikingly stand out from the crowd. 

Modern Garage Doors Colors

While contemporary garage doors are available in any color of your choice, they are usually more neutral colors. These include white, gray, black, taupe, beige, and wood colors. The base color should match the tone of the home to make sure the garage blends into the house. 

Modern Garage Doors Are Made From High-Quality Materials

Just like any door style, modern garage doors are available in different durable and excellent quality materials. The most typical materials used to build modern doors are:

  • wood composite
  • steel
  • wood
  • glass
  • aluminum

Many contemporary doors mix many materials to integrate with unique architectural elements of the house. It also helps prevent the design similarities that can occur with other door styles. 

Wood Composite Doors

Wood composite garage doors provide the look of a genuine woof with no maintenance. The materials are a mixture of plastic, wood fiber, and binding agent. Garage door technicians can paint or stain them. The designs are replicas of chalky and saw marks of actual wood. 

Wood Doors

They are commonly finished with painted in the neutral colors or natural stains mentioned earlier. If your house has other wood elements, the tone of the door should match those traits. Wood doors bring an extra classic look that accompanies a type of house without feeling old or stuffy. 

Steel Doors

They are an excellent choice as they take a beating from severe climates. These are good options for homeowners who live in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Depending on your decisions, they can copy the look of authentic wood or showcase the contemporary features of metal. They are also available in many colors to stand out or complement your home. 

Glass and Aluminum Doors

Glass garage doors use a strong aluminum frame to endure the glass panels. Glass garage doors are a sustainable option because aluminum is recyclable, and glass allows natural heat and light into your garage. The clean, simple lines strengthen form over function and integrate into the contemporary design of the home. In addition, they are an excellent bridge between the indoor and outdoor space, which is sometimes the focus of construction. 

Modern Garage Doors Designed to Suit Your Home

Whether you wish your door to look exceptional from the rest of your neighborhood or complement the overall design of your home, there will be a modern garage door that meets your standards and needs.

If you want a door that draws the attention of passersby, choose a bright color or specific window lites.

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