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How to Turn Your Girls’ Night Out into a Pajama Party

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Having a girls’ night out is a fun way to spend time with your best gals. However, heading to a bar or club every Friday night can be tiring and expensive. Instead, invite your friends over to your home and host a grown-up pajama party. 

Remember how you used to enjoy slumber parties when you were little girls? These sleepovers are becoming popular among adult women as well. Aside from being a more affordable option than going out, pajama parties provide you with various activity options and plenty of time to bond with your pals. If you plan to host a slumber party, here are some ideas that can make the event memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

Wear Cute Pajamas

First off, what’s a pajama party without some adorable pajamas? If your sleepwear consists of old and worn-out clothes, this is the perfect time to get some new pj’s. You can get a set of pajamas in matching tops and bottoms or opt for separates you can pair with the rest of your wardrobe. Getting separate tops is also perfect if you want your guests wearing women’s pajama tops in similar colors or patterns. They can serve as party favors along with other sleepover items like fuzzy slippers, socks, and sleep masks.

In case you want a more sophisticated feel for your adult slumber party, you can swap the cute pajamas for luxe silk ones. Just make sure to advise your gal pals if you want to set a specific attire for the event.

Decorate for the Occasion

Decorations can really help set the mood of the party. You can select a specific theme and decorate accordingly. If you don’t have a theme in mind, you can pick a color scheme like gold, pastels, or metallics. Then, you can use your chosen color as a guide when buying party supplies. You can set up balloons and streamers for a festive environment or use fresh flowers to liven up the party area.

Add some mood lighting by filling the party space with nightlights. Place them on the edges of the floor or along the walls and on countertops. In case you want to have a barbeque at your slumber party, decorate the backyard with paper lanterns with LED candles. 

For a comfortable vibe, bring out large pillows and warm blankets. This will allow your guests to get cozy on sofas or lounge chairs. You can also set lounge areas by laying fluffy plush rugs where your friends can relax. This also helps create more seating space to accommodate all your guests.

Host a Spa Night

Sometimes, the idea of a fun night involves a relaxing spa experience to help you and your guests recharge and rejuvenate. This is a great treat for all your gal pals, especially after a busy and hectic work week. They will surely appreciate the much-needed pampering without spending on expensive spa treatments. Also, it gives you an opportunity to bond with your friends. 

While in your pajamas or bathrobes, you can give each other facials, manicures, or pedicures. You can whip up some homemade face masks or ask guests to bring their favorite skincare products that they want others to try out. Play some calming music and use essential oil diffusers to recreate that spa-like experience at home.

Have a Movie Marathon

A timeless and fun activity you can do during your pajama party is a movie marathon. You can pick a specific genre that everyone can enjoy, like a romantic comedy, or mix up the selection with some scary movies to bring a different kind of excitement into the evening. To create a cinema-like atmosphere, you can dim the lights and serve popcorn as you watch the movies.

Slumber parties don’t have to be limited to indoor activities. You can set up a home theater in your backyard. Set up a screen or place a white bed sheet against a wall, then project the movie of your choice. Scatter bean bags and pillows on the ground to create ample seating.

Play a Drinking Game

If you plan to serve alcohol at your pajama party, amplify the fun by introducing some drinking games. One drinking game you can play is “Never Have I Ever.” To play it, one person shares an activity that she has never done before. Then, guests who have done something similar make their “confession” by drinking a shot of liquor. As the game proceeds and the amount of liquor consumed increases, the players get less inhibited. The fun part is discovering new things about your friends. And since none of your guests are driving home, they can indulge in more than a couple of glasses. 

On the other hand, if you want a more low-key night and still want to enjoy some alcoholic drinks, you can make wine tasting as part of the night’s activities—request for your guests to bring a bottle or two that they want to share. You can prepare a charcuterie board with deli meats, nuts, crackers, and cheese to pair with the drinks.

Prepare Tasty Foods

Depending on the time you want to start your party, you will need to prepare several meals and snacks. While most pajama parties involve ordering pizza, you can change up your menu and serve theme-appropriate foods. You can also ask your guests to contribute to a potluck and enjoy trying each other’s best recipes. 

Whether you want to spend the night chatting or doing each other’s nails, snacks are a must at any pajama party. Make sure to prepare a selection of healthy snacks and delicious treats such as:

  • Fruit and vegetable trays
  • Sandwiches
  • Potato chips
  • Pretzels
  • Cupcakes
  • Chocolate candies

Since your friends are sleeping over, it’s also a good idea to prepare breakfast foods for the next day. As a host, the easiest option is to get a variety of pastries, yogurt, cereal, and fruits. You can purchase them ahead of time and easily set them up in the morning. If you want some savory options, you can cook sausages, eggs, or bacon in batches. Remember to have beverages to go with the meal. Tea, milk, and orange juice are great alternatives for those who are not coffee drinkers.

A fun girls’ night doesn’t always have to involve going to the club or bar. You can have an equally enjoyable evening with your best gal pals at home by hosting a pajama party. There are many activities you can do, from exciting games to relaxing pampering sessions.

If you are uncertain about the things you need for a successful party, ask your friends for suggestions and build on each other’s ideas to create a memorable evening together.

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