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Escape to Your Getaway House this Summer

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While sitting at your desk dreading the next ZOOM meeting with the team, you catch yourself dreaming, “oh, how I’d love to getaway” but then reality hits and you know for sure there’s no way you can plan an escape; the kids, the dog, the price of eggs, but what if I told you that you actually could.

What if there was a place close to you that helps you escape from the day-in, day-out routine and let you be with nature even if it is for 48 hours.

A location that’ll make you forget you have an asphalt backyard, remind you of your scouting days with wood burning campfires, and sleep under an astromical lit sky. 

I am talking about the Getaway House

Getaway House this Summer

With 25 locations (and growing) nationwide, the Getaway House is truly an innovative concept to help today’s society put down the cellphones and stop asking Alexa & Siri questions and recently, my workaholic self was able to escape to the Charlotte + Raleigh Getaway Outpost in North Carolina which was only a 1.5 hour drive from my tiny apartment!

First, prior to leaving, one thing that I praised was the communication that the company provided knowing that some of us might not have cell phone signals when we start to approach the property which was 32 acres, holding 31 units. They provided me with thorough and direct instructions on how to find our campsite which is centered in little “neighborhoods”, how to check in our cabin which are shipping containers that have been beautifully built out and ultimately how to have a problem, carefree-ish stay. 

When booking you can choose what type of view you wish to have from your massive cabin window, my optons were forest view or lake view, I chose the forest view. My cabin named the Georgia, was super cute.

Queen sized bed with comfortable sheets and bedding, tiny kitchen with plates, mugs, glasses, utensils, pots & pans, and cooking tools. A two-stove burner, sink, mini fridge, seating area, and a private bathroom with shower; yes, there’s running water & plumbing! 

Getaway House this Summer

You do need to bring your own food, I suggest items that can be easily cooked over a campfire or don’t require much refrigeration. We actually packed some hearty delicious soups, premade chicken kabobs, and a few breakfast items. Don’t fret though if you find yourself in need of some items, they offer staples such as olive oil, salt & peppers, coffees, creamers, and even hot chocolate but also inform you where the closest grocery store is. 

Did I mention that the cabins are pet-friendly? This really made the fur mama in me extra happy, knowing that I can bring my four-legged bundle of joy. Upon booking, you do need to indicate this and yes, there’s a small upcharge but so worth it. They actually place the pet-friendly cabins next to pet relief areas while providing you with water & food bowls and special treats! 

Last but not least, my campsite had two hiking trails. Whether it’s for a morning run or an afternoon stroll, the paths were clearly marked and peaceful. Really a beautiful opportunity to get some fresh air and to enjoy what Mother Nature continuously wows us with. 

So this summer, I encourage you to check out your nearest Getaway House, every location is different. Try something new with your partner or better yet make it a solo trip. Either way, I promise you you’ll fall in love with all they have to offer. 

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