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Do Wooden Wedding Rings Last?

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Wedding rings are often an issue of serious contention, especially among those getting married. Traditionally, the preferred materials for wedding rings were precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

However, the prices and scarcity of these items, among other factors, have led people to look for alternative materials such as wood.

Many people will not even consider wood for a wedding ring, mainly because they think wooden rings are not durable.

Wooden rings are a relatively new style, and the rings are gorgeous and unique. The short answer to whether wooden rings last is yes. The following article will be an elaborate explanation of that answer. 

Types of Wood 

There are various types of wood used to make wooden wedding rings. The primary kind of wood used to make wooden rings is hardwoods such as mahogany, teak, and ash.

Bentwood also makes some of the hardest wooden rings you will find. If you know anything about hardwoods, you know that they can last a lifetime if well maintained.

Softer woods are easy to scratch, dent, and break; hence they are not very durable. On the other hand, hardwoods can take significant damage without breaking, especially when paired with metal.

Therefore, when you pair metal with hardwood, you get very durable rings that are worthy alternatives for wedding rings. 

Quality Craftsmanship


Another factor contributing to the durability of wooden wedding rings is the quality of craftsmanship. The best wooden ring craftsmen wrap multiple layers of wood around each other with the wood grain in the same direction.

When the wood is paired with metal like Tungsten, such as wood wedding rings from Alpine Rings, the rings become even stronger. It takes incredible craftsmanship to achieve the blend, but the result is very strong wooden rings that can last a lifetime.

Therefore, if you are thinking about buying a wooden wedding ring, you should seriously consider the quality of the ring’s craftsmanship, as it is directly related to its durability. 


The durability of a wooden wedding ring will depend on the person’s lifestyle wearing the ring. Hence, lifestyle considerations are critical when choosing a wooden wedding ring.

If you work with water and electricity, a wooden ring will be ideal for you as wood is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, unlike precious metals. On the other hand, wooden rings may not be the best choice if your lifestyle exposes the ring to significant forceful impacts.

However, wooden rings fused with metal will handle such blows as well as any other rings. Considering lifestyle choices is suitable for a healthy marriage and for choosing a durable wedding ring. 


wooden ring

Another crucial factor that will affect the durability of a wooden ring is its maintenance. Generally speaking, a wooden ring does not require much care, but they do require more maintenance than a metal ring.

There are water-resistant wooden rings, meaning they will not be negatively affected by water and will hence last for a long time despite repeated exposure to water.

Protective coating on a wedding ring will also protect it against damage from various chemicals affecting the integrity of a wooden ring, especially its finish.

Some of these chemicals are household items, so it would be best to wear rubber gloves or remove the wooden wedding ring when using them. 

If you decide to place a gemstone on top of a wooden ring, the ring will require more maintenance. Therefore, proper care of a wooden ring should be paramount if you want it to last. 

A wooden wedding ring can last just as long as a metal one. The factors above are a fraction of those that affect the durability of a wedding ring. Wooden rings can last if you consider the above factors and more. How long the ring lasts is up to you. 

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