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15 Popular Fashion Trends That Were Started by Celebrities

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We all have our list of favorite celebrities – giving us major fashion goals and inspiration. For ages, celebrities set fashion trends that have always become a topic for hot discussion. They have always paved the way for the latest fashion trends by creating their new fashion look – either by customizing their outfit or by looks.

People follow celebrities’ fashion sense and styling because they want to look like them – fashionable. They are easily influenced by what and how celebrities wear clothing and carry fashion accessories.

Now, let’s look at some popular fashion trends that were started by celebrities and made waves.

1. Mini Bags

Even though you can’t keep every important stuff in a mini bag, they still got so much attention as a trendsetter. At times, the mini bags were too small but simultaneously very stylish to carry and pose. Priyanka Chopra, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and many other celebrities were seen following this trend. 

2. Mom Jeans

With the baggy outfits trend, the trend has extended to pieces of denim as well. Skinny jeans are almost at a zero level of popularity now. Mom jeans are a versatile piece of clothing that can be styled both casually and formally. Deepika Padukone gives major baggy denim goals to everyone fashion enthusiasts out there. 

3. Red hair 

Red hair may look typically off-beat, but it was one of the famous fashion trends started by Rihanna. She was seen in stronger and bold shades. 

4. Off-shoulder tops

In the mid-19th century, women began to show their shoulders. All credit goes to the famous Brigitte Bardot. The different styles of off-shoulder tops are found in almost every girl’s wardrobe today.

5. Low-rise pants

This trend was a hit in the late ’90s and early 2000s. All credit goes to designer Alexander McQueen and singer Madonna. 

6. Neon Hues outfit

Neon-colored outfits – bright fluorescent hues were one of the most popular fashion trends in the year 2020. Nora Fatehi was seen in a bright-colored outfit giving everyone a significant neon hues fashion trend. 

7. Bucket Hats

The most popular hat trend in 2020 is the coolest, especially Hollywood celebrities who quickly embraced it. Adding a retro touch to their outfits, the bucket hat trend was the trendiest.

8. Sandals with socks

Women in the last century wore socks and heels, mainly for practical reasons. This became a fashion trend when Rihanna wore bright socks with designer shoes.

9. Rachel’s Hairstyle

Named after the character of the legendary Friends TV series, the hairstyle has become a prominent icon of the ’90s. Aniston appeared in episode 20 of the show with her new hairstyle.

10. Smokey Eyes

Thanks to Brigitte Bardot for doing the smokey eye makeup. The trend started a small beauty revolution in the 1960s. Most fashionistas at the time wore eyeliner, but Bardot proudly showed off his eyelids with a blurry eyeshadow. 

11. One-shoulder sweatshirt

Actress Jennifer Beals created this look for the movie Flashdance, which became a booming fashion trend in the long run. The look is prevalent now and popular among many women.

One-shoulder sweatshirt

12. Madonna’s cone bra

Madonna’s infamous “Cone bra” first debuted at a concert in Japan in 1990 after facing a backlash against her song “Like a Prayer.”

13. Elevated puffers

Puffers can be stylish too. Many celebrities like Billie Eilish and Rihanna have enhanced the winter coat by choosing fun color styling along with voluminous silhouettes.

14. Chunky Boots

Celebrities like Cardi B were clicked in boots with heavy soles, which added a style statement to their look.

15. Baggy sweatshirts 

Celebrities like Billie Eilish to Hailey Bieber are often seen in Baggy outfits. Baggy sweatshirts are trendy among women, and they’ve made a  special place in every woman’s closet.

So, which celebrity trend do you like the most?

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