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20 Spring Summer Fashion Trends For Women To Follow in 2022

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With the onset of spring’s latest designs, clothes and fabric start flooding in the market. Every spring, the fashion game stands high with many new trends coming into the market.

The year 2022 has also brought many new trends to the market. Fashion lovers are not shying away to try any new style and looking for ways to up their game. 

Each season has its different trends. Each season, a small miracle is created; I have named it: fashion trends. The fall-winter 2022 trends respond to the desires of an era with serious challenges where clothing has a protective and advocacy function. Authenticity, strength – cuts, joy – colors, and ornaments are all concepts that infuse this new wardrobe tailored to please us.

Maison Vivienne, a top French second-hand, preloved, and vintage clothing online shop, gives us the main fashion trends for the year ahead. 

1. Black Leather coat 

Black Leather coat

Back to the matrix! Black leather is making a huge comeback. It is the piece of the winter season, spotted during the four fashion weeks. Silvia Venturini at Fendi made a huge impression with her version of the long black leather coat. Saint Laurent and Miu Miu versions also made a big impression.

2. 90s shoulders 

90s shoulders

Imposing shoulders and protruding shoulder pads will be hidden on all our jackets and other overcoats next season. Triangular shapes are the new trend for next season. Balenciaga imposed a very strong shoulder on the catwalk. 

3. Bold Pink 

pink dress

Pink pink, and pink in all-over versions as we have seen with Marine Serre or at Bottega Veneta during the Milan fashion week. Forget everything you thought you knew about “winter” colors. Plush pink, poison red, deep orange, and even all three at the same time: autumn-winter is not a sleepy season.

4. Fringes


Frings are hot! The fringes bring movement, freshness, and are very pleasant to wear. We love the Bottega Veneta version worn by Adult Akech during the fashion week. 

5. Zebra Print

Zebra Print

Zebra print has been a very popular trend over the ages. It gives a classy and chic look. You can upgrade your wardrobe by adding a pair of zebra boots or maybe a scarf or a sleek slip.

6. Crop tops

crop tops

Come spring and you see girls in crop tops. The crop tops can be tailored with a blazer jacket or just wearing them as it is just enough to make a style statement. You can try a printed bralette style at home and go for puffy sleeves for the cocktail party. 

7. Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves

Who will not be happy wearing puffy sleeves in the spring season? The puffy sleeves can be clubbed with trousers for a perfect day look and short skirts or shorts for park hangout. This is one trend that is here to stay for long and not going anywhere. A puffy sleeve midi is also one of the most loved trends by women. 

8. Cut out

Cut out2

With the quirky cuts out many new funky tan lines can be seen. A new style statement can be given to fresh spring dresses with a flash of skin near the waist. The same can even be done near the hip area or thighs. 

9. Sheer

Sheer dress

It is not everybody’s cup of tea to carry the sheer trend elegantly. But come spring and you can explore new ways to carry the fashion. When heading towards the beach, you can opt for a semi-sheer maxi over a bikini. A shrug can be worn over a sheer slip, or it can be worn in skirt form along with an opaque top. There are so many options that you can choose the one that suits you.

10. Ruched Dress

Ruched Dress

This season, the iconic shirring dress came to my mind. Perfect for any occasion, this flattering and versatile outfit option is easy to dress up or down. You can pair it with accessories to make your look gorgeous.

11. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are one of the most common yet popular spring summers that go well with every look you create. Whether you choose a plain pleated skirt or a colorful pleated skirt, you can look stylish and trendy both ways.

12. Low-slung waists

Low-slung waists

The 2000s trend is back! No matter how much your high-waisted pieces of denim dominate your closet, a low-slung waist has all its way for spring-summer trends. Pair this style with a crop top for a complete look.

13. Ultra-mini mini skirt

mini skirt

Miniskirt is a statement trend that every model is proud to wear. With so many options available – printed, textured or super-statements shades, you have got many options to choose from.

14. Bulky Bags

Bulky Bags

Big bulky bags have taken the handbag trend to a next level. They are not only a stylish piece of accessories but you can also keep your endless essentials in it.

15. Long Leather Coats

Long Leather Coats

As the warm climate subsides, the need for coats increases. This season is all about styling long leather coats. The latest adaptation of the trend is to try neutral tones, dark brown, classic black, or animal print two-tone designs.

16. Catsuits


This body-skimming outfit is extraordinarily attractive however additionally flexible enough to put on nearly anywhere.

17. Oversized suits

Oversized suits

Baggy outfits are almost in trend since 2020 and there’s no going back if you switch to the baggy outfit trends. Whether it’s winter or summer, oversized suits can be paired with any look you would like to create.

18. Boyfriend Jackets

Boyfriend Jackets

Along with the popularity of baggy outfits, boyfriend jackets are way more popular among women and young females. Many celebrities were clicked too wearing boyfriend jackets.

19. Bralette as a crop top

Bralette as a crop top

Summers are another reason to show your curvy figure by wearing revealing clothes. Lace bralettes or any other type of bra can be styled as a crop top.

20. Head Scarf

Head Scarf

A headscarf is such a versatile piece of accessory that can be styled in many ways – especially if you’re vibing with the summer or spring season. You can pair it with any cute hairstyle you like.

Tell us which trend did you like the most?

These are some of the style trends of spring 2022. So don’t make your fashion statement boring. Upgrade your wardrobe with the cool latest spring dresses and flaunt them smartly.

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