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Summer 2022: Our Fashion Guide For Men

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With summer just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about our summer wardrobe. The British summer is unfortunately very unpredictable, so it is important to have a versatile wardrobe so you can be prepared for any occasion. Fashion in the summer gives men a chance to be more accessible and more creative with what they wear because they no longer have to hide their clothes under multiple thermal layers. 

Summer is also a time of barbeques, pool parties, and beer gardens, so it is a good idea to have an effective summer wardrobe that will keep you ready for whatever you are invited to. If you want to spruce up your wardrobe this summer, read this article for our fashion summer guide for men.


men swim

As mentioned above, summer is a time for pool parties, so it is important that you prepare yourself for those parties and invest in some quality and stylish swimwear. Men’s swim shorts often get a lot of flak for being too plain and not particularly stylish, which is why it would be a good idea to have a proper shop around and find some swim shorts that are both comfy and stylish. 

This trendsetting swimwear from Orlebar Brown would be a good place to look because the collection boasts a huge range of styles, so you are bound to find one that you like. Because the style of the swim shorts is so classic, they can easily be paired with other items you own to create a stylish summer outfit. 

A Couple Of Versatile Pairs Of Shoes

Appropriate summer shoes can be difficult to get right as you want them to be stylish, lightweight, and airy. When planning your summer wardrobe, it would be a good idea to invest in a couple of pairs of versatile summer shoes so you can wear them with most outfits. There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect summer shoes, one of the main things being material. 

While a nice leather pair of boots may serve you well in the winter, for summer you should look towards loafers, boat shoes, or some lightweight trainers instead. These sorts of shoes are great in the summer as they can provide comfort while also complimenting your outfit. Take your time shopping around and finding a few good pairs of summer shoes this year. You may get a few different pairs so that you have more options when it comes to outfits.

Classic Sunglasses

mens fashion

A good pair of sunglasses is essential for your summer wardrobe. Even if the weather isn’t warm, the sun may still be shining, so it is important you have some good pairs of stylish, classic sunglasses so you can keep your eyes protected while also accessorising an outfit. We recommend choosing a couple of different styles so you have some options to work with when putting an outfit together. 

Additionally, having a couple of pairs of sunglasses is a good idea just in case you lose or break one pair, you have a backup option at the ready. While designer sunglasses are nice, they are not your only option, and you do not have to break the bank trying to find a pair you like. Start shopping around now so you can really take the time to find a couple of perfect pairs to accompany you this summer. 

Printed Shirts

Printed shirts have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years and there is no reason to suspect this summer will not be the same. The recent comeback of 80’s inspired fashion has likely had an influence on the increased popularity of printed shirts, so why not invest in a few pairs for your summer wardrobe. The loud patterns and prints are a great way to express your creativity and they can certainly add a ‘summer feel’ to an outfit. 

Additionally, they are a very easy way to add a pop of color to an outfit with minimal effort. Pairing a loud patterned t-shirt with some plain, block-colored shorts is an easy go-to summer outfit when you feel uninspired and unsure what to wear. Another great thing about printed shirts is that they can transform from day to night, so your outfit stays appropriate and fun all throughout the day.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour

mens fashion

In a similar vein to printed shirts, adding a pop of color into your wardrobe is a simple way to jazz up a plain outfit and give it more of a summer feel. If printed shirts are too daring or not quite your style, then going for a block color instead could be a good alternative.

If you do not want to splurge too much money on your summer wardrobe, think about a few colors you do like to wear and buy a couple of pairs of shorts and casual t-shirts in those colors so you can mix and match. The good thing about summer fashion is that it is very minimal, so it really doesn’t take too much time to put together a fun outfit. 

Lightweight Summer Jacket

This summer’s final piece of fashion advice is to invest in a nice lightweight jacket. While the sun may be scorching during the day, as soon as the sun starts to set, the evenings become chilly, which is a good idea to have a lightweight jacket. A stylish summer jacket can really elevate a look as it can be a good way to make an outfit a tad smarter if needed. 

Again, it is a good idea to always think of color palettes when collating a summer wardrobe, so buy a couple of jackets that you know will complement the items you already own. If the clothes you already own are all quite neutral tones, then why not experiment with color and patterns with your jacket instead. Having a neutral outfit with a loud jacket is a great way to explore your creativity and stand out from the crowd.

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