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How Not to Be Jealous: 6 Strategic Ways

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Are you struggling with how not to be jealous? Jealousy is human nature, and it is inevitable not to feel jealous every so often. But it can be a significant problem once it consumes you, leading you to overreaction and self-pity. 

So, how do you know if you are jealous? And how can you possibly manage your feelings? Are there strategic ways to deal with jealousy? Well, of course, yes!

Aside from jealousy in relationships, we are also green-eyed at the attributes, lifestyles, and achievements of others. There are many different reasons why we feel and act this way. But we can handle this feeling to maintain healthy relationships with the people around us.

Check out some of these strategic ways on how not to be jealous:

1. Have an evaluation

Why are you jealous in the first place? Are you afraid of losing a relationship or someone? Do you think your neighbors don’t deserve the life they enjoy? Are you thinking that your parents are not fair enough in treating you and your other siblings? Or is their favoritism in your workplace.

Try to assess the situation and your relationships with these people. Pay attention to your feelings and thoughts. Ask yourself if you have the right to be jealous or not.

2. Admit it

One of the strategic ways on how not to be jealous is admitting it. This is because it would be hard for you to address this feeling without acknowledging that you are jealous. 

3. Ask for help

Talk to some trustworthy folks about your jealous feelings. They can give you advice on the right thing to do.

If the jealousy has something to do with a romantic relationship, talk with your partner about it, and don’t try to keep it to yourself. Express it softly and deal with it maturely. 

4. Be reminded of your self-worth

Remember that each one of us has strengths and weaknesses. Do not compare yourself with others. Remind yourself of your value. Whenever you are jealous, know that you are simply amazing in your own ways. Don’t allow your insecurities to trigger this emotion.

5. Stop holding on to it

Don’t let jealousy overpower you. Learn not to act on your green-eyed feeling and control your reactions. Be sensible and mature in handling the situation. You don’t have to obey your jealous thoughts and feelings all the time.

6. Learn from it

Another strategic way on how not to be jealous is learning from it. If you are jealous of someone because s/he is better than you in a specific field of interest, work hard to improve yourself in that area. Perhaps you need a change in life for the better.

“We can use feelings of jealousy as inspiration to grow,” says Christina Hibbert, a clinical psychologist. 

Win Against Jealousy

Your relationship with your partner should be built with honesty and trust. Similarly, you also have to be happy with the successes of others. Recognize that some people will not treat you with fairness. But don’t allow it to ruin your value or worth as a person.

Furthermore, it is a normal reaction to be jealous. Just don’t let it become destructive and stressful. May these suggested ways on how not to be jealous help you cope with this emotion successfully.

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