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10 People Share Their Real-Life Ghost Experiences

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“I had spent half of the night on the couch watching a horror movie. I am not one to fear movie images which I clearly know are scenes played behind the scenes to manipulate the mind and nothing that happens in reality. So, it was unexpected to me when I tried to sleep when I went to bed after the movie. I could not switch the lights off because the dark felt full of hovering unseen that day. I was literally shaking and tossing to and fro in my bed. After a long struggle, sleep came.

Suddenly I awakened in a dark room. Lights were off, and I could not figure out how that happened because clearly, I had not put it off before sleeping. Then I felt such a heavy person sitting on my chest. I could feel his presence, and I was sure it was not a dream, and for a fact, that was a man sitting on my chest.

Real-Life Ghost Experiences 

My mind was racing wildly in struggle and screams, but in reality, I was not moving or making a sound. The struggle went on for half an hour and then slowly the person left, and on his way out he switched the lights off. I woke up shaking and checked the door, it was locked from inside. I know one may say it was all a dream in my mind but it was not. I have never experienced such a strange thing in my life, I believe that was a ghost haunting me that night.” – Leslie Radka

“I was with a friend on the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at the Alabama monument near Little Round Top. I was startled to see four semi-transparent figures, obvious to my trained eye as wearing Confederate uniforms and carrying guns, come up from behind my friend. She suddenly spun around and said, “Don’t sneak up on me like that.” The four soldiers I saw quickly stopped and stepped back several feet, looking at us. My friend said she saw a fifth soldier who kept going past us. I was stunned, as I had never before seen such a sight. They were whitish, much like smoke, and semi-transparent. I could make out their uniforms, hats, arms, and legs, but not their facial features or individual fingers. My friend said they were communicating with her, and they were telling us to leave. I asked if they were threatening us and she said no, they were concerned for us. We left that area and drove to Little Round Top proper and got out of the car. We at first saw a dark figure with a musket pacing back and forth in the distance, and I recognized him as an entity often seen there, referred to as The Sentry. We then started seeing more and more of the semi-transparent white figures, and they approached us and obviously were watching us. I recognized their uniforms as Confederate. My friend kept commenting on what she saw, so I knew I was not hallucinating. One of the soldiers startled me, an entity well over six feet with a slouch hat, as he appeared about two feet to my right. I moved back a bit when I saw him, and my friend said “Wow, that’s a tall gomer.” Oddly none of these soldiers surrounding us had guns, but some had blanket rolls slung over their shoulders. Even though it was a warm evening, I started feeling very chilled. One short soldier I could see communicated with my friend. She said he appeared very ragtag, said his name was Sam, and that he was connected with me. I am not aware of any relatives present at Gettysburg by the name of Sam, but I have not researched all possible family branches, or perhaps it is a nickname. Eventually, my friend said she was uneasy and we should leave, so we did so. I was reluctant to leave, as I was utterly fascinated, but did not want my friend to be uncomfortable. It remains one of the most amazing experiences of my life.” – Don Allison

“Gosh. This ghost story did not happen in a cemetery, a dilapidated house, or in a two-century-old saloon. This one happened in a bustling grocery store in the heart of central Phoenix a few years ago. 

I went in to buy cookies. It was going to be a quick grab and buy. My day was filled with appointments.

At the self-checkouts, I unexpectedly encountered a woman who was clearly struggling badly in her day. 

I slowed down my fast pace and helped her in such a way that made her cry from happiness. Many folks witnessed my random act of kindness. And thanked me repeatedly for what I did. After she left.

Before leaving the store…someone caught my eye. 

I glanced over at a distinguished-looking fellow standing next to the adjacent Starbucks vendor. He was wearing a brightly colored bowtie. Holding a red mahogany walking stick. And had a black fedora resting upon his bushy gray hair.

This guy tipped his hat at me. Bowed his head. And winked at me. 

I smiled at him. Turned. Walked just a few steps. Then spun around to catch another glimpse of this mysterious man. 

He was not there anymore. I went over to where he had been standing. Just mere seconds earlier. Nothing. No sign of him. This elderly gentleman could not have moved away that quickly. It’s like he up and vanished. But I know what I saw. 

I was not scared. Just a bit perplexed. And kind of exhilarated.

I simply came in for cookies. Was in a big hurry. Stopped to help another human being. Made many people happy in the process. All those wonderful individuals left me feeling overjoyed. 

And one fellow watched it all happen. And let me know.

Maybe it truly does make perfect sense. That’s how I see it. Some ghost stories aren’t the Edgar Allan Poe type.” – Ron Blake

“When I moved into my apartment 17 years ago, I knew the woman who’d lived there previously had died. Going into the apartment for the first time, I definitely felt Gloria’s presence. I thought, though, it was attached to the furniture and personal items that were still strewn about the place. During the renovation process, however, I realized Gloria was still very much “living” there.  

As a young girl, I remember thinking dead people were talking to me. I grew up in an evangelical church, however, and so I was quickly trained to believe that it was the devil talking to me, not real people – an explanation I believed for years.  

Until I met my first medium.  

A work colleague, Bob, was also a reluctant medium. He’d never been happy he’d received his family’s “gift,” but he did use it to regale us with hilarious stories of persistent ghosts who’d come to communicate with him over the years. In private conversations with Bob, I shared my experiences and he gave me his opinion that I, too, was hearing communications from “behind the veil.”

Real-Life Ghost Experiences 

As such, I wasn’t bothered by Gloria’s presence in our new apartment. I told my husband she was there, and he gave me a skeptical “yeah, whatever.” Gloria and I lived together quite well overall. She had opinions about my decorating choices (“too perky”), and she wanted me to know our neighbor Susan wasn’t to be trusted (“She stole my couch. The one that was here wasn’t mine. It was hers. She had keys and stole things before my family came.”). But, other than a stray thought here and there, Gloria only let herself be known through a certain light that flickered on and off from time to time.  

An old friend, Molly, and I reconnected one weekend, however, and Gloria came out to meet her in full force. It was an instantaneous rising of presence that I found to be a little shocking. Gloria was everywhere we were. She was interested in everything we said and did. When we were in the room with “her light,” she tapped it more than usual. By the third day of Molly’s visit, Gloria was starting to annoy me.

As Molly and I sat at the table under “Gloria’s light,” it flickered incessantly. Molly and I were in the middle of a deep conversation, and it was starting to irritate me profusely. Finally, out of frustration, in the middle of one of Molly’s sentences, I barked out to the light, “REALLY GLORIA?!!!” Immediately, the flickering stopped.

And the conversation with Molly began.

As it turns out, Molly can also communicate with the dead and senses the presence of those behind the veil. Her experience is based on touch, not hearing, though. And, once she knew that Gloria was the presence she’d been feeling all weekend, the conversations flowed!

That weekend, Molly “introduced” my Gloria to her Gloria – a woman from her church who’d passed away and still visited Molly from time to time. Her Gloria let her know my Gloria was “stuck” in the apartment. She didn’t know how to move on. Molly’s Gloria would help.

That night my Gloria departed my apartment for the first time since I’d owned it – over 10 years. It felt strange to have her gone. But, also, sweetly private and like a sanctuary had been made. I missed her, but I didn’t. I was happy to have my apartment to myself!

Gloria still comes to visit every once in a while, although much more infrequently with each year that passes. I’m glad she’s been able to move onto whatever she needs to be doing behind the veil. And, I’m very happy she was my roommate for a long time. She’s a fun soul to play with!

Ok, so that’s my story. Whacky, yes. And not the only one I have…..” – Kate Chapman

“I was in Phuket, Thailand, sometime after the massive Tsunami. Many people died and the locals believed that many unhappy spirits were lingering and in a state of ‘unrest’. Locals would not eat fish for a long time as the fish fed off the bodies. One night I felt terrible fear and really felt that there was something outside my room. My mother, who is Thai, warned me not to open the door if I heard a knock, as this is a way for spirits to come in. She also said not to answer any strange noises. Well, I did both by accident.

Real-Life Ghost Experiences 

I thought my mum popped round, so answered the door when there was a knock, nobody was there. I heard some noises that sounded like a strange bird or cat…weird, and I automatically made the same noise back. I interacted with ‘it’. That night I was so full of terror and fear that I chanted some Buddhist prayers before bed. I went to sleep, only to wake up, to find a woman’s face ‘in my face screaming at me. It was horrific. Some old demon woman. I was caught unguarded as if it waited.” – Nishah

“When I was younger, I saw dark figures around my house but always shrugged them off as part of my imagination. Looking back, it makes sense because I live across the street from a funeral parlor. But as I grew older, these experiences dwindled, even though I still run up my basement stairs just in case. One recent story that sticks out to me occurred after I watched a YouTube video by YouTubers, Sam and Colby. In the video, they stayed on the Queen Mary ship off the coast of California. They encountered a ghost that knocked 3 times in response to their question.

Real-Life Ghost Experiences 

On the same night, I watched this video, I was laying in bed when the room got cold all of a sudden. Like a wind was blowing, but all my windows were closed and it was in the middle of summer. Then suddenly, there are 3 distinct knocks on the wall right beside my head. There is nothing on the other side of this wall. No trees, no room, just empty space. My room is in the upper level of my house and is located in the corner. I remember feeling watched after viewing the Sam and Colby video. I felt a presence near me when no one was there. To this day, that memory gives me chills. I am a rational person, but the 3 knocks cannot be explained as a coincidence. The knocks were loud, clear and the same amount as the ghost in the YouTube video.” – Arianna Kaminski

“Everyone has a different take on supernatural events. I never thought, being a practical person, I would believe that ghosts exist. I, who treat people to come out of their hallucinations would believe what I truly saw could not be explained in any other way than a legit real-life ghost experience. My dad used to travel a lot during my college years due to office work. We would rarely see him. So when one day as I saw him walking up the stairs to my mother’s bedroom. You can imagine my happiness. I ran forward to hug him but he gestured me to stay put and stay quiet. He put a finger on his lips and shhh-ed me. I obeyed. Then he flicked his hand and pointed me to go to my room. Me thinking that my father wants to surprise my mother, obeyed quietly. After a good 10 minutes, I heard my mother’s voice from upstairs. All happy. A smile ran across my face as I thought she must be so happy that dad is finally home. As I was climbing up the stairs I caught the conversation and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. 
She was telling my father how her day went; on the phone!!!! My father had called her from his office from whichever city he was in that night! I still ran up the stairs and checked and then double-checked if my mother was telling the truth. And then it hit me hard, who was the man I saw on the stairs? Because it was not my dad! And my dad doesn’t have a twin and there is no way my dad could be in two places at once. Honestly, I never answered my own question. To this day whenever I think about that night, I get goosebumps and chills run down my spine. Because no matter what I say deep down I do know who or what that was on the stairs that night.” – Shannon Miller

“I am traveling the world for the last three years. I’ve been to some pretty ancient places and have felt certain bodily sensations but haven’t had proof until NYE 2020. I was in Tulum, Mexico celebrating the night away with a few friends on the beach (the public side where it’s not fancy).

Real-Life Ghost Experiences 

There was a bonfire with a only few people around and I was taking pictures of the surroundings when a flash of white light appeared at the corner of my eye, so I finished snapping the photo I was taking of the fire and turned to look at what was shining at me. Nothing was there. I looked back at my photo and saw the light in there! It was a soul – a friendly one just saying hi.” – Bea Chan

“This happened in a province in the Philippines.. Me and my cousins decided to visit our Filipino friend from college and decided to stay there for a week. We went to this old city called Vigan in Ilocos Sur. My cousins and I decided to stay at this old, but 5-star hotel. On our second night, my cousins were already asleep while I went down to the ground floor to ask someone from the front desk if they could call anyone to fetch me some water. I saw this woman standing near the front desk and asked her if she was available to call someone for me. She nodded her head but didn’t say a word. I went back upstairs and waited for my water, but I never got it. The next morning, I told a different woman from the front desk that one of their staff forgot to bring me a glass of water that night. I saw a black and white photograph of the woman I saw last night hanging on the wall and told the front desk that it was that woman who didn’t bring me water. The woman at the front desk looked at me in horror and told me that the woman was the former owner of the hotel who died 10 years ago.” – Marty Spargo

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