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6 Awesome Bridal Shower Ideas

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Bridal showers – to some a nightmare and to others a fun day with friends and family. If you’re the one thinking that planning and organizing a bridal shower is going to be a nightmare, let us prove you wrong. 

As a maid of honor, you have the task of organizing a once in a lifetime bridal shower party for your friend – the bride, and that must be daunting. You have so many things to consider and so much to choose from and at first, it may seem that all the pressure is on you. 

However, planning a bridal shower should be a fun and entertaining experience, something both the bride and maid of honor should enjoy once it’s done. That’s why choosing a more relaxed approach to this whole bridal shower planning is our recommendation. 

Simply, start with this: You, as a maid of honor, know the bride the best, you know her likes and dislikes, you know what kind of bridal shower theme she’d like the best. Then leave the rest to us. 

We’re here to give you some amazing bridal shower ideas that may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

1. Boho garden party

bridal shower ideas

If you know the bride loves all things boho, then this is the kind of party she’ll appreciate. Not only is the bohemian garden party very trendy, but it’s also very easy to throw. 

The party should be in the garden, of course. It should be very rustic, very romantic and that’s why it’s important to set the mood with a long table, decorated with flowers and candles. 

Make sure that each guest has a nice flower crown – this can be done by creating a flower crown-making station where everyone will have the chance to design their own crown. 

Guests should be wearing long flowy flower dresses and macramé vests. As for the food and drinks, homey and creative is the key. Serve platers of all kinds of food and treats, champagne, also try creating ice cubes with flowers in them to make it interesting. 

 2. Destination bridal shower party

bridal shower ideas

A destination bridal shower, as its name suggests, can be a weekend away somewhere fancy and it’s ideal for smaller groups of people. These kinds of parties are going to be more expensive and this is exactly why you can do yourself a favor and throw both the bridal shower and bachelorette party at the same time. 

If you’re wondering what kind of destinations are popular for these parties the answer is literally anywhere you chose and the bride agrees with it. This means somewhere exotic like a beach, or something more educational like a vineyard where you can go wine tasting. Truly, the ideas are never-ending.

3. Wine tasting and chocolate eating party

bridal shower ideas

Ah, wine and chocolate – you can’t really go wrong if you decide to combine these two and make it a party. And you can do this easily by trying to find all your local chocolatiers who know what kind of chocolate goes with which wine. 

You can go a step further and hire a sommelier who will be happy to teach you some wine tasting 101. As for the theme of the party, think Tuscany. Set up long tables with nice décor and serve Italian food. And of course, to completely set the mood, don’t forget to play some Italian music as well!

4. Pajama bridal party

Pajama bridal party

If you want to relive and recreate the parties you and your girls had back when you were in school – you can organize a pajama bridal party. Tell everyone that the main requirement for this kind of party is their cutest pajama. As for the gifts for the bride, they can include all kinds of pampering items from manicure sets to relaxing massages and facials. 

During this kind of party, you can watch all the bride’s favorite rom-coms with the help of a projector and a super reliable projector mounts. Or you can organize a spa where you’ll enjoy pedicures, manicures, massages and so on. And all this while sipping martinis and going down the memory lane!

5. Charity fundraiser event

There is no reason not to make a bridal shower and a charity fundraiser event all at once. Charitable bridal showers are a great way to give back and support the cause by donating to the bride’s favorite charity. 

During this kind of party, the guests can learn all about the charity that they will be donating to – a great way to raise awareness. Instead of gifts for the bride, the guests can donate money to the charity of the bride’s choice or any other you choose. If you decide, money isn’t the only thing that guests can donate – a donation can be anything from food to clothes.

For example, you can organize a party at a restaurant that is licensed to donate leftover food and catering to shelters, retirement homes, and so on.

6. Arts and crafts bridal party

Arts and crafts bridal party

It may sound a bit unusual, but throwing a bridal shower while learning how to paint, draw or DIY is actually a thing. You can hire a painter who will show you how to paint or maybe you can take your merry group to an art class. 

Then again, if you weren’t aware (we certainly were not!), some companies give art classes in bars – meaning you can paint and drink at the same time! How cool is that? 

On the other hand, if you know someone crafty who will be willing to show you some DIYs and how-tos, make sure to recruit them for this event. After these artsy projects are done, the guest can take them home as a bridal shower memento!

The ideas for an awesome bridal shower are endless. If you come up with something different and unique, amazing. And if you had no idea where to start, we hope you got some idea from this article!

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