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Top 6 Wedding Planning Apps To Plan A Perfect Event

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As thrilling as the idea of marrying the love of your life, planning weddings can be quite a nuisance. There are numerous intricate details, the never-ending deadlines, guest lists, and clothing dilemmas to deal with – it is certainly a commendable feat if you can plan your wedding without getting stressed. 

The stress and excitement can certainly take a toll on your mental health – and not everyone can afford fancy stylists, assistants and event planners. That is why you need the following apps to make the most memorable day of your life, perfect!

1. Wedding Happy

This versatile app will be a single stop for all your wedding deadlines. The easy to understand app with its user-friendly interface has become every wedding planner’s favorite. You can install the free app to keep track of all the things that must be done before your big day.

From hiring vendors, arranging flowers, collecting jewelry and dresses – this app gets you moving. Simply punch in the date of your wedding and the number of tasks that you need to get done. The app helps you stay organized while counting down the days to your wedding. 

2. The Knot – Wedding Planner App

knot wedding app

Wedding planning can be both exhilarating and exciting – that is why The Knot’s wedding planning app helps you keep all of your ideas in one place. You can then turn your dreams into reality by setting up a budget and organizing things in a systematic, hassle-free manner. 

The app has a user-friendly interface and helps you instantly connect with the vendors, event planners, photographers, and, florists – all of them can easily conform to your instructions and given the theme of the event. The app is perfect for the tangible and realistic progress of your wedding dreams! 

The app doesn’t just stop till the wedding day – it not only tracks days until the wedding but also calculates your expenditure. Hence, you will be more mindful of sticking to your budget. On top of that, the app tracks the events of the wedding day – and the guests who have confirmed their presence. The app seems too good to be true! 

3. Appy Couple 

When was the last time you received a wedding invitation through a printed card? Gone are the days when people were conventional about their wedding day! If you are someone who wants their wedding to be an adventurous and memorable getaway, then the Appy Couple app shall be your savior.

Make your dream of a destination wedding come true – and the best part is that now your friends and family can also stay up-to-date with the events. With the Appy Couple app, you can customize your guests’ lists –  highlighting important members of the family as well as the bridesmaids. 

4. Mint

This is the ultimate budgeting app for you! Weddings can be stressful because one inevitably exceeds the assigned budget – that is why with Mint you can keep track of each penny that you spend. Recording the money you spent manually can be hectic, time-consuming and rather stressful – especially when you have several things to manage.

Leave your budgeting problems to the free Mint App. Sharing your bank account details in the secure app and staying updated with each transaction can help you keep your head above waters – and not get overwhelmed by the countless lists of things that you must buy. 

5. Zola Wedding Registry 

The female-led company has grown with leaps and bounds – it now available as a mobile app. Experienced women are on the board to help out newbies plan their big day to perfection!

Unlike other apps, Zola goes a step forward into helping you plan your honeymoon and organize your life and home after marriage. It is a must-have for clueless couples who are overwhelmed by one of the most memorable experiences of their lives! 

6. Pinterest

pinterest wedding

Pinterest is not really a wedding app but it can certainly do what it does best i.e. give ideas. It is for anyone who wants their wedding to be out-of-the-box and memorable.

Whether you are looking for a wedding dress idea, planning the wedding menu and cake designs, looking for cheaper DIY options – the app has it all. The best part is that with its user-friendly settings, you can pin what appeals to you in organized dashboards and files. Thus, you can keep coming back to get the ideas for your dress, wedding ring, decorations, and much more.

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