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Top 5 Best Toys Every Two-Year-Old Needs

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The year from two to three is a crucial time in your child’s development. They’re becoming their own person and developing new skills at a rate of knots. With that in mind, what are the best toys to support their development at this age?

Play is how young children learn, so you want something stimulating but fun at the same time. We’ve come up with five ideas that your tots will go crazy over.

Read on for the top five best toys every two-year-old needs!

1. Electronic Toy Piggy Bank

Electronic Toy Piggy Bank

Is it ever too early for kids to learn the value of saving?

A toy piggy bank is one of the best educational toys out there. Not only does it reward them with happy sounds when they save, but it also helps them to develop their fine motor skills. 

Some of them come in different languages. This makes playtime learning time as they learn to count and learn simple phrases in a foreign language!

2. Toy Cars

Toy cars

In just a few years’ time, your two-year-old will want the keys to their own car! Toy cars are some of the best toys out there. They are both fun toys and educational toys.

What better way to prepare your child for a future driving an electric car than with electric toy cars of their own. These super cool toys liven up playtime, but the parental remote control allows you to stay in charge. 

3. Big Scoop Tractor

toy tractor

When it’s time to hit the sandbox, you need outdoor toys that will keep them occupied. The Tomy John Deere Big Scoop Tractor is a perfect choice. 

First of all, it’s strong, so it’s not going to snap and cause tears the first time they load it with pebbles. These outdoor toys keep kids occupied for hours because they allow their imagination to run riot.

It gives them a good insight into the world of work, but let’s face it, it’s mainly just one of the most fun toys out there. 

4. Bristle Blocks

Toy bricks

If your child is not quite ready for Lego but loves to build, Battat Bristle Blocks are the perfect solution.

They are super easy to stick together, the perfect size for little hands, and allow your child to unleash their imaginations. As educational toys go, they are one of the most fun. Plus, they stick together well until your child is ready to tear them apart and start again.

5. Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head

Sometimes the classics simply are the best toys out there!

Mr. Potato Head from Playskool has stood the test of time, and thanks to Toy Story, it is one of the coolest toys you can choose. Plus, it’s a great way to teach your kids the names of different body parts. 

Get the Best Toys for Your Two-Year-Old!

The best toys for your two-year-old will let them burn off lots of energy and get their creative juices flowing! But they’ll also be educational toys that take playtime to a whole new level. 

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