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How Girls Can Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Their Parents?

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Girls can find it challenging to have healthy relationships with their parents because of the age gap, the generation gap. What feels right to one party may not feel right to the other. It may give rise to conflicts between girls and parents. For example, when I was younger, I believed in certain things, and my parents looked at it differently. This led to clashes which were much more severe during my teenage years.

Even after becoming an adult, there was friction between us because of different thought processes. Each of us believed in different things and viewed things differently.

A lot of times, we are raised in a way that teaches respect for others, others needs, but never to focus on ourselves. This lack of self-love often leads to a feeling of “not being good enough,” which distances us more from our families.

Importance of Self-love

Self-love in women needs to be developed, to know that we are enough, even with our shortcomings. It is like a cool breeze after a shower in summer. It calms the mind, relaxes you, and enables you to remain calm during tense situations with anyone, including parents. If you are not happy with yourself, the chances are that you will distance yourself from family and friends. It is only a matter of time before you find yourself completely alone. 

It may be difficult for some girls and women to maintain happy and healthy relations with their parents. In today’s world, most relationships become toxic due to various circumstances, events, and happenings.

So that is why you must find it in you to love yourself, to forgive yourself and move on. Self-love comes in various ways. It may require soul searching in women to understand things from a fresh perspective, to understand yourself and try to accept and forgive others and their opinions. Spend some “me” time, meet new people, try something new, and embrace spirituality. But disconnect from the virtual world. One of the main reasons we fail to connect and see meaning is because we are so engrossed in the virtual world, a world that may not be what meets the eye.

Nourish your soul with experiences that give you a new perspective. This will reduce the negative feelings that you may experience towards life in general or towards your relationships. Unless you can truly love yourself, the way you are, dark and light, you will not be capable of loving others. Do things that make you feel good inside. Avoid materiality. If you go shopping, the joy and thrill only last awhile and then it will be back to where you were. Instead, do something kind or volunteer to do something with your hands for others. The joy that comes from these activities will last much longer than by spending money on something you bought.

Explore your hidden love

Do some soul searching, take a solo trip where you can connect with your inner being. Understand why you are here; what your purpose could be. Try to find meaning in the relationships you chose or have been given to you. Because we are nurturers, we don’t have to forget ourselves to keep giving. That will only drain us.

We are encouraged to be self-sacrificing, and self-seeking is looked down upon. But the secret to happiness in any relationship loves yourself first. Heal yourself first, get your own self-fulfilment first only then can you be fulfilling towards your relationships.

Self-love doesn’t mean egotism or narcissism, but it is about taking care of yourself first. It’s like if you are sick and others in your family are sick, you cannot take care of others unless you become healthy and beautiful. You need to heal first before you can give something to others.

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