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Ornella Grosz, Founder of The WILDRAX- “A Sports Bra Can Be Sexy and Luxurious”

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As a part of the Morning Lazziness series about empowering women who are encouraging and doing incredible things with their ideas in society, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ornella Grosz.

Ornella Grosz developed a luxury versatile sports bra, WILDRAX is an American luxury sports bra brand that effortlessly combines luxury and cutting edge style for active and bustier women wearing D+ cup sizes.

Inspired by balconette-style lingerie bras, the Balconette Sports Bra by WILDRAX bridges the gap between lingerie and sports bra.

When and how did it all begin? 

It began with my disappointment in the women’s activewear market. The sports bra world is saturated with many styles from many brands. All the cute ones were never available in my size. I could not find what I needed for my D+ cup size. I was looking for a sports bra that was luxurious and versatile to wear during my strength training and to pair with a chic outfit. I looked around online and in stores in search of it that matched my bra size and lifestyle. I couldn’t find one, and so about a handful of years ago, I began my research and development. In a spontaneous and steadfast approach, I sought out on-the-spot feedback from other women who wore D+ size, especially at my gym. Each woman expressed their happiness and amazement with the buttery soft fabric, supportiveness, and how great they looked wearing it. After rigorous testing and multiple prototypes later, the Balconette Sports Bra by Wildrax was created. 

What sparked your interest in fashion?

Ornella Grosz, Founder of The WILDRAX

I consider myself to be a well-rounded woman where life is centered around family, work, strength training, and enjoying life. I needed a versatile bra to complement it, and based on my conversations with other women, I wasn’t alone. In search for the right sports bra for my bra size and lifestyle, I encountered three big issues with past sports bras, which are they a) made me feel like I was wearing chest armor, b) had rigid and inflexible sizes (s, m, l), and c) gave me that unflattering uni-boob look. I needed to solve this fashion problem.  

Creative expression can take many forms; what made you decide to start your own fashion brand? 

Starting Wildrax, while it may seem spontaneous, is also a way I could dedicate my time to creating a unique combination and an evolution to bras that merges high fashion and fitness to complement an active lifestyle. It was important to me that I created the Balconette Sports Bra to be aesthetically balanced between luxurious femininity and strength.

In your opinion, what are the most critical aspects of the fashion industry? It’s always changing, sometimes repurposed, and, yet, always evolving. 

What, according to you, is a favorite part of being a fashion designer? 

I want to break through the monotony of sports bras. With my wild imagination, I created a new space that harmoniously combines the attributes of a sports bra and lingerie bra as sportsgerie.

What does fashion mean to you? 

Fashion is subjective, self-expressive, and grows with the individual. As someone who leads a busy and active lifestyle, fashion has to be versatile and compliment my figure and bust. 

What is your first fashion memory? 

I was such a tomboy growing up. Since part of fashion is self-expression, being a tomboy meant I was sporty. Even as I grew up, it never really left me but has evolved. 

Do you wear your own designs? 

Ornella Grosz, Founder of The WILDRAX

Yes. Recently, I wore the Balconette Sports Bra at an NFT event in Las Vegas as part of a chic outfit.

How would you describe your personal style? 

My style is diverse. Depending on the day or the event, it can be laid back, sporty or classy with a pair of pumps. 

How do you choose your fabrics, and where are they sourced from?

I work closely with my manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles. It’s important to work with one who understands fabrics, the type of garment you are creating, and how it will be used. Also, you should always ask questions if you are not clear on something and get a foundational understanding of costs and grading. 

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

It seems to me social media plays a big role. It’s obvious what is seen on social media transpires in the real world. Therefore, I think it’s still important to determine your own sense of style and make it your own. You can be inspired by what you see on social media, but be sure you make it your own. 

Thank you for these fantastic insights. We greatly appreciate the time you spent on this.

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