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Be Your Own Boss With an Online Career

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Being your own boss is a dream that everybody has. In today’s new digital world, anyone can make that dream come true.

Thanks to internet technology, you can start a business and build a career on it, much easier than before. In the past, owning a business meant putting down a large investment, developing a strong business plan, and dedicating your whole existence to it. Now, you can be your own boss and still have the time for a personal life.

In the last couple of years, people around the globe have been making fast and big money streaming on popular cam sites, building successful careers as freelance graphic designers, and even starting their own businesses. And all of this online and completely remote.

Choosing the right online career for you will allow you to set your own working hours, choose your own clientele, and set your own prices. Essentially you will have complete control over everything and anything that you plan on doing. If you are wondering what is the right online career for you, here are some options. 

Online Store

If by any chance you have a hobby that entails making something – you can build a whole business around it. Whether you knit or paint or bake, only a few steps are between you and your future online store:

  • You can take photographs of whatever you make and make a business profile for your business on all the social media platforms that you want to use.
  • Introduce your products in a unique way on social media and choose the prices for all of them.
  • Start to sell them locally. 

Once the business takes off, you can decide on further details like making your own website with an online store. As an online seller, you can also choose to sell your products on selling platforms like eBay. If you offer good service and your products are of good quality, this will seal your success. 


Having an online store isn’t just a great idea for people who make things. It is a smart business idea for people who will find a gap in the market and profit off of it. For example, you can resell vintage clothes or jewelry. Whatever it is, make sure that people will want it. If people want it, they will certainly buy it. 

Dropshipping is essentially a resell business meaning you will purchase the things that you will sell from a manufacturer. Even though you won’t have any control over the making of the products, you have the ultimate control of choosing the right manufacturer and placing the products on the market however you deem fit. You can make good money reselling things online if you put your mind to it and follow the buyer’s intent. This is an amazing idea for people who constantly follow trends in any industry. 

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Creator of Online Courses

If you are good at something – never do it for free. This applies to the online world, also. If you have extensive knowledge of any subject and know how to pass it on, make it into an online course and sell it. Yes, it is not the easiest nor the simplest job, but you can make good money selling online courses. People always search for quicker and easier ways to gain knowledge on a subject, and online courses do just that.

When you create your first online course, find good platforms that will market it and sell it. Make sure you are available and easy to reach for potential questions that students might have. If the course is easy to follow, simple and to the point – be sure that students will recommend it to others. You can also do tutoring online. If you think you can be good at having live sessions with students, this may be even more lucrative and fun. You only need to make sure you have a stable internet connection to avoid internet blackout during a lesson. It can be tough at the beginning, but once you have regular students, it will be very rewarding. 

Freelance Graphic Designer

This is one of those jobs that can grow into lucrative and fulfilling life-long careers. If you have a good eye for design, are detail-oriented, and are creative, you definitely need to give graphic design a go. You can start by being a freelance graphic designer, but you can take it as far as opening your own graphic design firm. There is so much room to grow within this profession, and the opportunities are endless.

For starters, you can check out some graphic design books, podcasts, and online courses. In the beginning, you can take on as many projects as you want and think that you will be able to handle them. Try out anything, from doing package design to creating content for social media.

Build your portfolio and gain as much experience as you can. With time, you will be able to see what you can do best and find your true style. The more designs that you will do, the more you can charge for them. 

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