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How to Move On: 8 Things That Make You Feel Better

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Breakups are tough no matter how they happen. It is only natural to feel sad after you’ve gone through one. However, feeling that way for a long time can prove to be unhealthy for your emotional health.

Here are some things that you can do to move on and feel better:

1. Let yourself mourn.

Breaking up with someone is a sad event. No one should be expected to not feel low after a breakup. You should not avoid facing your feelings either.

Give some time to yourself to grieve. If you try to avoid your feelings and bottle them up, you will never be able to completely move on and get better. Allow yourself to cry over all the things that you wish did not end.

2. Don’t play the blame game.

You must remember that there are two perspectives of your relationship and break up. Putting the entire blame on your partner will only end up with you fostering hatred for them.

Your anger and hate will only grow, and it will become very difficult for you to let go of things and move on to the better parts of life.

Often, people tend to put the blame entirely on their partners as a coping mechanism but know that it is extremely unhealthy and will do you a lot of damage. Accept the circumstances of the event and focus on moving on instead of blaming someone and getting frustrated.

3. Go out and Socialize.

After you have grieved for a while, it is important to get up and go out with friends and family. For some time, it is understandable that you want to skip any social gathering, but after a while, if you continue to sulk alone, it’ll get very difficult for you to feel better.

You don’t have to go out and meet a lot of people. Spending some time with people you love and trust is enough to boost your mood.

Visit places that you love but try to avoid those where you’d spent a lot of time with your ex as that would only make things worse. You could also hire Perth escorts for some company.

4. Don’t stay connected—online or off.

Sure, you can be on decent terms with your ex after the two of you have broken up. However, try to avoid doing so immediately after the incident. If you spend a lot of time going through their posts on social media, it’ll only make you feel worse.

Meeting them in real life a lot will also make it difficult to move on. It is best to cut off all contact with them, at least for a while, until you have accepted everything and have moved on.

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5. Keep yourself busy.

Keeping yourself busy is key to avoiding thinking about your ex for a long time. The more your mind is occupied by other things, the better it will be for your journey of moving on. You can focus more on your work and try to be more productive.

It’ll keep you from thinking about them but make sure that you don’t lose your work-life balance in the process, as that will become another unhealthy thing for you to deal with.

It is also a great time for you to get back into old hobbies or get some new ones. Try out different things and figure out what makes you happy.

6. Learn From the relationship.

It is very important to reflect on your entire relationship- the good and the bad parts. It will help you get some perspective on how good the relationship was for you.

Not just that, it will also allow you to understand the things that lead to your breakup. You will recognize signs that point towards where things went wrong. Knowing this will give you some small form of closure, and you can learn a great deal from it.

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Know that all the mistakes and events in your relationship have taught you a lot and will help you grow as a person.

7. Eat Healthy and Exercise.

Taking care of your body goes a long way in boosting your emotional health. Follow a healthy diet and nourish your body and mind with all the nutrients and minerals they require. Healthy food will definitely make you feel better.

Exercising is equally important. Not only does engaging in physical exercise allow you to stay fit, but it will also help you work out a lot of your frustrations as well.

8. Get out of your old routine.

Shaking things a little bit will give you a new outlook on everything in your life. Breaking from old habits and patterns will make you feel like you are a different person and thus, aid your journey of moving on. 

Change your hairstyle to something that you’ve been wanting to try out for a while, change the style of your wardrobe, and do everything else that will make you feel different.

Moving on can be difficult, but with these tips, you will be able to do so in a healthy manner. 

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