13 Household Items That Can Be Used For Sexual Pleasure

13 Household Items That Can Be Used For Sexual Pleasure

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Are you looking for ways to add spice and kink to your boring sex life? Then these household items for sex can come to your rescue to bind you with the utmost level of sexual pleasure. 

Sex is ironic.

Well, first come first; the more you crave for sex, the more you want to have it. The more you have it, the more different and exciting ways you look at it to make sex much more pleasurable. Ahhh.

Humans are resourceful creatures, primarily to satisfy sexual cravings. Creatively utilizing household items for deep penetration has become the second and safest option for those who don’t want to invest considerable chunks in sex toys. Though we are not shedding shade on sex toys, it always has an incredible experience to utilize them. But how about those patrons who just don’t have sex toys nearby and want to encounter the penetration at the very right moment, then household items like a hairbrush, vegetables, electronic toothbrush, and much, can satiate one’s, craving soul. 

Utilizing household items for sex is one of the best things couples or single people can do to spice up their love life. Also, household items for sexual pleasure can be found within the comforts. Household items that can be used sexually also do wonders for those who are too broke, too shy, or who’ve grown tired of using hands alone.

Let’s discover the sexual potential of the household stuff one keeps in their drawers.

Things to look after while utilizing household items for sexual pleasure.

Before you grab your hands on household items for sexual pleasure, there are a few things that one must consider to avoid awkwardness later. Even if you are utilizing household objects/items for a little bit of fun, care should be practiced to prevent any accidents or complications.

a) Sterilize the object before and after use:

Sterilization is one way to keep your private parts and the object used for its original purpose safe for longer. Using an item for playtime is meant to be sterilized properly to eliminate any type of microbe-infused bacteria. Plus, it will prevent any accidents from occurring. 

b) Stay away from glass objects: 

Sturdy and glass bottles of cosmetics, drinks, and food will never be a good fit for sexual pleasure. These glass bottles are so delicate and can be broken easily and may injure you. So, avoid your glass objects like household items for sexual pleasure; till then, it’s not an improvised glass sex toy. 

c) Use a condom to cover the object: 

Don’t ignore this thing; using condoms over the household object is the safest move you can make before getting naughty by yourself.

d) Avoid sharp ends objects:

Make sure to scrutinize the object; if the object has any sharp ends that may give you wounds, forget using it for now. Look for smooth surface objects with no brittle ends. 

13 Household items that can be used for sexual pleasure

1. A hairbrush

The hairbrush is not only designed to make you look good, but it’s also more than that. Rub the bristly ends of the hairbrush at the most erogenous zones for a little tease while using the handle as a dildo. 

2. Vegetables and fruits

Carrots are rich in vitamin C but do you know they are wondrous in giving sexual pleasure. Few vegetables and fruits like radish, cucumber, zucchinis can doubtfully replace your sex toys. Just cover them with your favorite flavor condom or apply some lube, and you’re all set for spending fantastic quality time alone.

3. Ba-na-na

A tasty plus healthy snack comes likely in the shape of an actual penis; they are cheap and have a nice firm texture, bananas are good-to-go, and many ladies’ favorite household sex fruit to get sexual pleasure. Make it more intense: wrap a towel soaked in hot water to warm it up a bit, apply a little bit of lube, and enjoy your fruity phallus.

4. Electric toothbrush

Your electric toothbrush can be your makeshift vibrator. They are just perfect when it comes to oral pleasure; they can also be states as the improvised sex toy. It is rechargeable and has multiple speed functions; what else do you want from your household items for some me-time. 

5. Back massager

Do you know, every house has an amazing massager, be it for your back or foot, massagers can be your go-to choice when it comes to household items for sex.

Take a look around your home, and you will get to see many massagers of different shapes and sizes used by your grandmother or mother. Borrow them for a night, wash it off, apply some lube, and get the mood set. Trust us; they give you the most exquisite pleasure as sex toys. 

6. Candles

Look at these beautiful shining decorative candles that can just set the mood in no time with their mild aroma. But do you know, these candles also have magical powers to calm one’s sex crave. Pick the desired size and shape of the candle, wipe it off, and use them as an improvised dildo. They naturally glide across the skin and sturdy with a more intense feel. 

7. Exfoliating massager/face scrubber

A crazy way to show some love to yourself. Your exfoliate massager features a motor grip, can vibrate at a good speed, have two different kinds of head, what’s more, you want. Termed as the most suitable household sex toys for sexual pleasure, the massager is best suited for clit stimulation. Make sure to wash off the item nicely before using it and have a clit-friendly attachment at the head of the massager. 

8. Washing Machine

For a woman like me, the washing machine is the best household item for sexual pleasure. Turn it on, sit on the top, and feel the vibrations and movements take you to heaven. For couples, using the washing machine as a base to make out can give immensely outstanding results. 

9. Oil- Coconut oil, olive oil & almond oil – take your pick!

Take the generous amount of oil, start with the feet, slowly move upwards from calves to the nape of the neck, belly to the inside of your partner’s thighs. Make it slow; don’t rush for it. Oil can be best used for oral sex, amazing is that oil itself works as a lube. Give your partner an erotic oil massage and feel the intense love. It’ll fire you up right away. 

10. Spray jet/shower head

Make water your best friend. When the water hits at the right spot with the right intensity, it takes zero to less time to reach the climax. Women are using the showerhead for sexual pleasure since time immemorial; this hardware comes in handy and is possibly the best for the household item to reach the climax.

11. Clothespins

No matter at which material your clothespins are made up of. They are best suited to utilize as nipple clamps for some BDSM playtime. To get the Fifty Shades to feel, attach strings on both ends of the pins to make an improvised nipple leash for your partner.

12. Hot Wet Towel

Give your partner’s genitals a warm wet towel massage. For extra fun, add a few squeezes as well. This one is known to get everyone, especially women, excited like never before.

13. Spatula

Who said spatulas are only for kitchen work? They can do wondrous if used rightly. Grab a spatula and spank your partner; the harder it gets, the more lovable it will. The best results come out of one made of rubber or silicone, but even a good-old wooden one can do wonders. 

So, what’s your favorite household items for sexual pleasure?

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