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How Does TimeBoxing Works? What Are Its Benefits?

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24 hours is less. No matter what you do. Time runs at the speed of light when you have so many things to do in a day. It runs slow when you are waiting for something to happen. 

Whatever you do, time never waits for you to finish your task. It will come back tomorrow with another set of 24 hours. But for today, the day is over. Your try at your work is over. Not everything can happen in a day. And no one is going to wait for you to try again. 

The wait is over. 

The trial is over. 

Try again tomorrow. 

Wait for tomorrow to come. 

Time is neverending. 

Your day is over. 

Your task may or may not be complete, but the day is over. When it is not over, you experience anxiety about the future and regret the past. To tackle this exact feeling of timeboxing became concrete. 

7 Steps to time box your task

time management skills
  • Get your pen and paper
  • Note down your tasks
  • What are your goals?
  • Fix a time for everything
  • Work on your progress
  • Assess your result/monitor yourself
  • Get rewarded!

8 Benefits of Setting Aside Time For future work

1. Increases your motivation to work or complete a task

When you plan to do something on a specific day that is not today, somehow the universe conspires you to complete it. You feel motivated enough to complete it. Your motivation to complete it increases by default. 

2. Avoids procrastination

Delaying a task never helped anybody. Neither you nor the person you work for. Procrastination only eats away your brain cells and makes you lazy. Instead, when you opt for timeboxing, you leave yourself with no option but to finish the task whenever it gets assigned. 

3. Limits time as you want

Freedom of time for any task you like or dislike is what everybody yearns for now and then. Timeboxing lets you limit time for work as per your requirement. You can fix a certain amount of hours for a task you like and for work you do not like. Timeboxing is your friend; it can only help you manage your time well!

4. You can complete unproductive tasks too.

Some tasks – 

  • clearing your cupboard, 
  • throwing away unwanted clothes, 
  • washing laundry, 
  • having a haircut, 
  • or meeting your school friend – are so unproductive that you keep them all for your future. Timeboxing helps you fix a time for these tasks. This way – you can complete them without feeling avoidance in your face and heart. 

5. A strict deadline will set you on your toes.

A task that takes only an hour will take two hours if you do it without timeboxing. What could be the reasons? Laziness, distractions, and disinterest. Whereas when you fix a deadline for a task with the help of timeboxing, you will be able to finish that 1-hour task within an hour. Why? It happened some other day, your brain had to register that day, and the day it came, you could finish it without any hassles. 

6. Bid goodbye to psychological reactance

Psychological reactance is your reaction when someone tells you to do something. You hate being – bossed around. Nobody loves that. Timeboxing can bolster you to stop psychological reactance. 

You can always keep that task for the future with the help of timeboxing. You do not have to have someone tell you to complete it. 

7. No distractions whatsoever 

When you plan to complete a task, your focus and cognition – have your back. You do not have to ask your brain to finish it. It will do it for you. But when you do a task without planning, unexpectedly, any distraction in the way can help you not complete it. Timeboxing or planning your work promises no distractions whatsoever. 

8. Nobody is a perfectionist!

You are a human being trying to do everything possible in a day. Forgive yourself if you cannot complete a task within a day. Timeboxing lets you understand that nobody is perfect. Everyone has to plan to complete a task, no matter how much you earn, how much you pay your debts, or how well you sleep at night. 


If 24 hours end today,

You still have tomorrow’s worth of 24 hours. 

Timeboxing helps you plan your day well. Plan your future well. 

In the end, you will feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and relieved. 

One of my friends always planned a trip at the end of our college exams. It helped us through the exams. Just thinking about the trip made us forget about exams. 

She opted for timeboxing for such a simple task. 

Now you’re handling bigger things and huger tasks; timeboxing will benefit you! Try it! And let us know in the comments how it mastered your time. 

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