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How to Make A Man Addicted To You? 10 Tips You Need To Know

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Do you want your man to look at you the same way he looks at cheese pepperoni pizza? Well, we listen to your heart. Here are fascinating ideas about how to make a man addicted to you. 

From keeping an eye on your every move to whenever he gets a chance to plan a surprise dinner night and look at us with all intense love in his eyes. Getting a partner with these preferences is like a dream come true. Are women asking a lot by wanting this? I don’t think so!

How to make a man addicted to you?

Honestly, men aren’t the same with every girl they meet. Until the time they don’t feel a secure connection with the woman they met, they hardly give a thought to visiting the second time.

Whenever men meet a woman, they often look for things that make them get attracted towards the woman; it’s not about curves, and shaped booty, it is something else. 

It’s about how you are representing yourself. How intellectual are you? How good a listener you are? And last, how loyal are you? So, instead of putting your imaginations about how to seduce a man in the bedroom. Take some time and learn the necessary things about how to make a man addicted to you.

These ten tips are helpful for those who are at the beginning stages of a relationship. And, who is already in a relationship but looking for the right tactics to make him fall even deeper in love with you.

Ten tips to make a man addicted to you

1. Be a good listener:

Though it sounds like a simple task, many of the women fail to realize that being a good listener is one thing that makes a guy fall in love with you. Being a good listener, you are showing him that he can count on you even on good or bad days, you are his sounding board. 

You are the one with whom he can share his thoughts and whatsoever problem and take the load off from the chest. Indeed, in no time, he will get addicted to you. 

2. Give him time to open up:

One of the quickest ways to get a man addicted to you is to give him some time to open up and develop deeper trust and love in you. Usually, a man takes time to spill their guts and reveal the darkest past secrets. Instead, create a soft environment around where the two of you can sit and chat for long hours. Talking about past experiences, what life has taught you so far, also about dreams and goals. 

As soon as the man starts shedding their bits and pieces of life with you, understand that he starts adoring you. Now, it’s your task to acknowledge and accept that we all have a past. 

3. Try to keep things interesting

Countless couples end their healthy relationships on a daily note because they no longer have excitement in the relationship. And, that’s the quickest way to kill the relationship. 

Never let the sour and boringness kill a sweet relationship. Make everyday beautiful, surprise each other, do something wondrous together to bring the spark back in the relationship. 

4. Never try to change him:

Have you ever been in a relationship where the partner tried to change you? Maybe you don’t like the way he dresses, the way he responds to your messages, greets your friends, or whatever is the reason. One should not amend others according to their preferences. Never try to be manipulative – that’s the key to a happy relationship. 

If you are in such relationships where your man behavior makes you feel awkward in public, then moving out is the only way left. Else you can accept his flaws and cherish those weird moments with him, this will not only make your relationship strong, but also he will get a positive vibe from you. Additionally, he will surely feel happy around you because you accept him the way he is. That’s one sweet way to make a man addicted to you. *WINK WINK*

5. Give him personal space: 

It’s true when we completely fall for a guy; we like to spend most of our time with them. From an evening walk to morning breakfast, we merely can’t spend a single night without meeting or talking to them. Spending all your free time with them is sometimes not a healthy option, it is one of the quickest ways to kill the spark in a relationship. Because the two of you will become used to each other and so comfortable in each other’s presence that it will pretty much kill the romance instantly.

If you really want a guy to be addicted to you, give him some personal space. Don’t message him every hour; stop expecting him to see every day off from your work. Go shopping with your friends, chill out and get a life. 

These days, guys adore those independent women who really appreciate their time and look for themselves, rather than running behind them. 

So, if you want your man to be completely into you, give him some personal space. Let him hang out with his friends, chill out with colleagues, ask him to spend some good time with family, and make time to invest in his hobbies. This distance makes the relationship stronger and healthier.

Giving him space also gives him time to think about you and it still makes your time together that much sweeter.

6. Never stop smiling:

What does a man expect after a long day at work? Beer with friends to relax or being with someone who can put them in a good mood instantly.  

Your happy face will make him forget all the hustle-bustle of the day. They love to be by your side after a long, tedious day at work because you cherish them, motivate you to kickstart the new coming day with all fresh energy and thoughts. You keep them light and happy either with cracking funny jokes or doing some hilarious activities. A happy laugh is all two of you need to have a loving relationship. 

7. Take an interest in his hobbies: 

Having a few crazy activities in common definitely makes the relationship stronger, but if you really want your man to be addicted to you – you need to take an interest in those activities (hobbies) which he really adores. 

Even though you hate watching football, ask him to throw a FIFA game day party at his house, call out all his friends and stock up on beer and bake a delicious football themed cake to surprise him if he is an adventuring freak, rent bicycles and hike to the nearest hill. Moreover, if you come to know his favorite rock band is in the town, buy the tickets for the town of you and enjoy the musical dancing night. If you show up you have somewhat of an interest in those activities which he likes; it will make him fall deeper in love with you. 

8. Be his #1 Supporter: 

Win your man’s heart with being his strongest supporter and #1 fan. No matter how hard the situation is going to be if you are the one person in his life, who always supports and helps in building up confidence every time, he never leaves by your side.

If you wish to get your man addicted to you, be his #1fan, hug him every time you meet, kiss him for his success, and appreciate him for all the little things he does. Support him in chasing his goals, if he’s bringing you the flowers, tell him they are the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen. Basically, toot his horn a little bit, and he will love you forever. 

9. Be Well Rounded:

Aside from trying out every new experience in life, become a well-rounded person, first. Guys appreciate those women who stay-up-to date whether it’s about politics, sports, current news affairs, and general knowledge, of course. 

In order to become the kind of girl that guy is addicted to, bring out the real conversations on the table and talk about intellectual things, which keep him interested. Let him know that this pretty face cares about climate change and global warming. Be an attractive woman, never let your discussion about the provoking topics that are going on in the world get boring. Show him the world that matters to you, and lately, you will become the first person to come to his mind whenever he wants to talk about real facts and issues.

10. Know your worth:

A man respects that woman who loves themselves first; who knows they are worthy; who are clear with their ambitions and dreams and who demands respect. 

If your man is appreciating your work and knowing you are capable of doing the right things and have an eagerness to move forward in life, he will immediately fall in love with you. 

What does a man wish for? An independent woman who values her thoughts and knows what she wants from life. A woman who isn’t going to settle for the bare minimum. He won’t be able to stop himself from falling in love with you!

Wrapping up!

Men look for physical stability and a source of emotional support. You don’t need a magic spell to get a man addicted to you; all you need to shower pure love and appreciation that makes him fall deeper in love with you.

The bond the two of you have created is now so deep; it will take something really drastic to break it. Nice work, girl. Your guy is officially addicted to you!

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