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Is Love Enough to Sustain A Relationship? Spoiler alert: NO.

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Compatibility really matters in a relationship.

People often assume there is only one person or “soul mate” for them and believe that person completes them in every way. The problem is that they can use this idea to reject potential partners who don’t fit the image of the person they think they should be with.

Even if you find the right one for you, that person won’t share all of your interests or meet all of your needs. So it is also important to have a base of friendship, a broader base of support and companionship so you can fulfil all aspects of yourself.

Problems may arise in any relationship. Nobody is perfect. However, there are many potential partners with whom you could be compatible and develop your ability to become a loving person.

Are love and compatibility the same thing?

When it comes to finding a life partner, people tend to settle for boring compatibility or mistake charm for love. Neither is enough.

Love and compatibility are not the same things, but they are often confused with each other. For example, being attracted to someone doesn’t always lead to a successful relationship. Likewise, getting along with someone doesn’t mean your relationship can become romantic.

More importantly, having a particular set of traits does not mean that you are compatible with each other, but it is a way of determining the right life partner. Compatibility is a temperament and a desire to grow together. This is often facilitated by attractiveness, as we often want to build long-term relationships with attractive people.

Relationship compatibility exists when a couple cares about equality and respect. In addition, relationships thrive when two people share adventures and activities.

You must be in love with your life partner and have similarities. Love is what you find: attraction is the product of having a different DNA (the scientific reason for romance). Likes are something you can work on, and you have to, in order to maintain the relationship. Some people tend to understand each other because they are fundamentally similar, but not all of their grand plans determine compatibility.

Which is more important, love or compatibility?

Love is not enough to keep couples together. Over time, without some degree of compatibility, love will inevitably fade with no way to accommodate differences and live a harmonious life together. Compatibility can fuel love, but love doesn’t always bring compatibility.

It means a lot to different people, but the basics have a lot in common, such as values, ideas, habits, preferences, relationships, and communication styles. Compatibility doesn’t necessarily mean you always agree with everything, just that it works well together.

Compatible couples can and will argue, but the difference between compatible relationships and love/hate relationships is that compatible couples generally adjust, disagree, or compromise the difference, which means you can find a way.

How can you increase compatibility?

Unless you are emotionally compatible and connected with your partner, focusing solely on sexual intimacy is not helpful. This is because good relationships and good sexual intimacy are closely related to each other.

Here are three tips to improve relationship compatibility:

1. Make time to talk to each other.

Share your day with your partner. Talk about the good things that happened, the challenges you faced, and the things that strengthened your spiritual connection.

2. Stop criticizing

It is something that many couples have to work hard on. Since you have to wake up next to your partner every day, you don’t have to be harsh when complaining to your partner. Instead, try to turn the complaint into a request for change.

3. Help each other

Extend a helping hand to your partner. You have to talk to your partner about daily tasks, work, and what you think you are responsible for around the house. Sometimes it’s enough to say, “I’m here for you.”

What are some signs of compatibility?

1. You genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

2. You don’t hold back your feelings for each other. If you have a complaint, you talk about it or even fight but never bottle it up.

3. When in conflict, you both meet in the middle. 

4. You love each other for who you are and don’t want to change each other.

5. You share the same interests.

6. You have the same goals in life and are working towards them together.

7. You give each other undivided attention.

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