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10 “To-Do Things” To Spice Up The Relationship– Healthy Relationship Guide

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Yeah, I totally understand. So you have this relationship where you are in love with this person, and both of you care for each other and all. To be honest, you are only living the 20% of this thing, and you need to realize is that relationships are meant to be provided something new, something crispy every time. You cannot expect an everlasting adorable relation by just moving in together. You need to follow up some of the healthy relationship guides to get it all done elegantly.

With that being said, here I am with the 10 { To-Do things- Healthy Relationship Guide} things which will surely skyrocket the quality of your relationship and would make you realize how much of a beautiful thing it is and how you are wasting the most adorable parts of it.

1. Make Food Together

healthy relationship guide

The kitchen gossip, when executed correctly, can get too much adorable. Once you both are there to prepare the food, it will open the doors for extreme kind of joys. You can play fight a bit, tease each other. One sitting on the kitchen shelf while the other one is working, you know once you’ve decided to give your partner some time in the kitchen, it will ignite their fantasies.

2. Play Fight A Bit

Provided that you two are living together, consider bringing in some play fights. Notice that I’m saying play fight and not a boxing championship, so you don’t have to knock out your partner. How can you play fight? Well grab a pillow and start gently hitting them with a real sexy smile. The things will start to flow, and the play fight would result in a passionate and aroused state of the relationship. You don’t want to miss this.

3. Stay Connected Throughout The Day

It’s effortless to lose yourself with stuff at times, but the key to a healthy relationship is to stay in touch throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying, working, or running your business empire. All it needs is a 5 min call after every 3-4 hours, and that’s going to make your partner feel lovely about you. No matter how busy the schedule is, get your things done ad carefully quickly and consider giving a 5 min call to let them know how the day is going out there for you. It will make them feel special

4. Couple Massage

couples love

If you are looking for a jetpack that’ll give you a fantastic joy ride, then this couple massage thing is undoubtedly what you need. This one is my personal favourite In this healthy relationship guide. Imagine lying side by side with your partner, looking towards each other while you both are receiving a gentle massage. To feel this, you need to get it done. Plan a trip to the best massage centre available out there gets this couple massage thing to have a comfortable time together.

5. Start Working Out Together

Thought your boring workout session couldn’t be better in any way? Well, you can make it better. Couple workouts are adorable, and if you both push it in a gym together, it will make the bond stronger and stronger. It’s lovely, it’s beneficial and most importantly; it will bring the spice to your relationship, so why not just incorporate it in your life. You can have a good relationship, good immunity, and good health by including it.

6. Spend All Night – Awake

A healthy relationship guide would be incomplete without this. Get yourself some eatables, snacks, drinks, and basically everything both of you like. Make some shows, movies, or drama series available right at your disposal. Comfortably get yourself on the couch, close with each other and spend all night together watching some shows, hanging around the eatables and most importantly make some love, without it the night won’t bring much of a joy

7. Plan A Trip Together

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You can’t expect your relationship to grow while you comfortably spend all your day on the couch. It’s not going to work like that. For a stronger bond, consider visiting some places together. Plan a trip and live through the moments. You don’t need to plan month-long trips costing you thousands of bucks but what you can do is visiting a place once every week. Some quality hours are worth any dreary month. 

8. Spend Some Time under The Star

Is the sky full of stars tonight? Then get yourself out of the room and manage to spend some time under the stars. Talk about your life, events that made you, the ones who broke you and all. Get each other’s souls involved in this conversation so that you successfully manage to accomplish a deep relationship.

9. Camp Together

Camping is too much fun, and when it’s done with the partner, it gets adorable. You need to get this thing especially when the weather is somewhat cold. Hug each other all night long while you comfortable talk around the bonfire. It gets too lovely, you know. 

10. Hike Together

couple hiking together

Is the weather fine? Well pack some essentials and head towards the hiking track. Keep some water bottles and eatables so that you both can take a break in the middle of a hiking track and spend some time with the conversation thing too. 

Let me know how this healthy relationship guide went for you. Share your thoughts on this one and how incorporating it helped you. 

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