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How To Stop Comparing Your Relationship With Others

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Thanks to the n number of social media sites, we know so much more about people than we ever did.

This is also one of the reasons why we have started to become more depressed and anxious because all the people on social media look exceptionally happy, and there seems to be no problem with the lives of others. This comparison has now started to happen in the area of our relationships as well. Earlier, relationships used to stay private.

The people involved in the relationship were the only ones that knew about it. However, now because of this trend of social media about posting anything and everything, people are becoming more open and transparent about their relationships. There is always competition among people about whose relationship is better than whom. This whole trend of comparing relationships has taken a real toll on the relationship status of so many people.

Therefore, this tech-savvy generation is now asking how to stop comparing your relationship with others? This is one of the major questions that go on in the minds of especially the millennial generation so that they can maintain long-term peace and love in their relationships.

Hence, to protect yourself from the harsh comparison in the relationship segment, you must follow the given steps. 

Try to find comfort within your relationship. 

The first aspect to be kept in mind in how to stop comparing your relationship with others is by trying to find the utmost comfort and ease in the relationship you are already in.

This means that there are a lot of people who look for external validation, which goes to show that they are not very confident in themselves and neither do they fully trust their partners.

Also, sometimes when others are progressing with their relationship, what tends to happen that you start to compare your relationship growth with that of the other?

Therefore, in this process, it is important to ensure that you find peace and stability in whatever phase of the relationship you are in and be assured that you would get to the point or the milestone that the other person is at when the time for both of you is right.

Hence, the first step in not comparing your relationship with others is trusting each other and acknowledging where you are t the moment. 

Stop with the blame game!

Most of the time, what happens is that when we compare our relationship or its status with others, we start to see certain flaws in the overall relationship and our partner.

In this process, we not only compare our relationship with others, but we also compare the traits and qualities that our partner has with them. In such a situation, therefore, the blame game begins. We start to question why our relationship or partner is not a certain way. We have to understand that everyone is different and that people have different ways of dealing with things.

Expecting a person to act like somebody you admire would solve the situation but would rather destroy it further.

Hence, it is important to stop comparing your relationship with others; it is important to put an end to the blame game and start appreciating your relationship and partner for what they are. 

Start talking rather than assuming!

Most of the problems that occur in the lives of people are because rather than talking and understanding about things, they rather assume and then make a decision based on that particular assumption. This happens especially in the case of friends as well as the people that we know.

This means that rather than assuming that someone’s relationship is all hunky-dory, we must start talking and asking about how their relationship is, and you should be in a position to discuss your own challenges with them.

Talking about the problems that your peers are facing would help you in understanding that what you are going through is extremely normal, and every relationship, no matter how healthy or happy it may seem, will have its own share of ups and downs. 

Take Action!

More often than not, people ask the question of how to stop comparing your relationship with others? Because of the fact that they are obsessing over how socially active or how happy the other person’s relationship is.

What they do not understand is that this is their own relationship and that they can take the right kind of action and change it for the better.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you try to take the right kind of action in your own relationship and then look at what others are doing. Once you start taking action about bettering your own relationship, you would not really have the time to compare it with others. 

Stop Scrolling

One of the major reasons for this comparison in terms of relationships occurs because we are online all the time.

There is no stopping it at all. Therefore, in such a situation, rather than spending ample time with our partners and investing in our relationship, we are constantly scrolling through social media and thinking about how wonderful the other person’s relationship is.

In this case, if we stop this and invest more time and effort into our relationship, then we would be able to become much more at peace with what we already have. 

Wrapping Up!

Relationships are never perfect. Rather they are far from perfect because of which we need to keep our minds straight and work towards what is best for us and not what the world is doing or portraying on social media.

This is because the answer to the question of how to stop comparing your relationship with others will never be found unless we start working upon what we have and be satisfied and happy with it. 

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