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10 Ways To Make Someone Happy Who’s Suffering From Anxiety or Depression!

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Someone who has not experienced anxiety or depression may find it hard to understand it. 

Depression can be different for each person, so it is difficult to support anyone who is affected by this disorder. What you can do to provide support is to educate yourself about it.

Learn about the symptoms, causes, and best treatments for this disorder. You may also want to give them a gift to help ease their burden.

Here are some positive gift ideas for someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety. All gifts included in this list are meant to provide comfort and happiness to the person.

1. Coloring Books for Adults

People usually feel anxious when they think that they are not safe. There are times that our brain lets us get carried away, resulting from fear. Coloring can make a person relax the amygdala or the part of the brain that produces fear. It can give the same feeling that a person feels during meditation.

2. Thank You Journal

When we show people some gratitude, many good things happen inside us. The more we express gratitude, the more we tend to adopt it. It is really good when we help the person identify the things that he or she is thankful for because it tends to keep away those negative thoughts that make him or her worry. 

Depressed people concentrate on negative thoughts, so they fear the future and ignore the good things in their lives. Giving them time to list down things they are grateful for can help them avoid worrying.

3. Guided Meditation App

Performing guided meditation can help the brain calm down and tame those cortisol levels, making them more relaxed and at ease. The parts of the brain responsible for good functioning can work properly; therefore, there will be a lesser activity for that part of the brain responsible for feeling depressed. It is really best if they get meditation a part of their daily lives to overcome depression.

4. Comfort Blanket

People with anxiety usually find it hard to sleep at night. These blankets were originally made to help children with behavioral disorders or autism, but as they get more popular, they are now being used in many different scenarios, like treating people with depression. 

These blankets are utilized to ground the body, and this can give a positive outcome on anxiety. This is somehow the same with DPT or Deep Pressure Therapy, which utilizes pressure or sense to touch to treat panic attacks and anxiety. 

Weighted blankets can now be bought in-store and even online. The price can go from $100 and more, depending on how big and how heavy it is. Ideally, it is best to use something that is 10% of the weight of the person who will use it. For example, if the person weighs 150 lbs., the blanket that you will buy should be 15lbs. You may also buy floral bouquets together with it; it will surely put a giggle on their face.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils are now getting more popular. Diffusers are now being used not only at homes but also in cars, offices, and gyms. There are many kinds of essential oils, and each has its own scent and benefits. Lavender is famous for its soothing and calming effect that is why it is used to help depression. 

Diffusing lavender essential oil at home can provide a sense of calmness. Placing it in their bedroom can help them relax and sleep well. Anxiety can make muscles tight and make anyone feel tense; using it can motivate their mind to relax, making them feel safe and not worry.

6. Motivational Books

A good read can help them divert their attention and not feel depressed. Depression can make the imagination run wild. The person feeling this can have worrying and dreadful thoughts. They can even think about dangerous things or scenarios.

Giving them a good book to read can help divert their minds to something good and can even bring them back to think rationally. Books can help occupy their thoughts and stop negative thought patterns. Look for a book that you are sure they would enjoy reading. You may also give them a self-help type of reading book to make them aware of what they are feeling. 

Reading can decrease depression-provoking thoughts. Based on a study, reading can lower down the heart rate and relax muscle tension even for just a few minutes.

7. Toys

In order to control their anxiety or depression, give them fidget toys. There are times that they just need something to distract them from their thoughts and give them something to make them occupied. 

You may look for fidget toys like stress balls, fidget cubes, or the most popular fidget spinner. If you want it to be more discreet, you may opt for fidget jewelry that has the same use as the toy. You can also buy popular bobbleheads together with it; your loved ones will admire them.

8. A letter or Gift Card

Do not underestimate the power of a card or letter. They may not be as popular as before, but sometimes all that a person needs is something to remind them that they are still important someone cares for them. So why not send a card or write a letter.

9. Comfortable Clothes

Usually, a person suffering from depression just spends their time locked at home. Help them feel comfortable by giving them some socks, a t-shirt, sweats, or pajama pants.

10. Surprise them with interesting stuff

One good gift to make them relax and calm down is giving them something fun to do. This gift should involve their hobby or interest. It could be a sketchbook if they are into drawing, a camera if they are into photography.

There a lot of positive gifts you can give to someone with depression. You may combine any of the gift items above or incorporate a popular bobblehead to each of them.

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