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8 Signs That Shows A Guy Is Playing With Your Feelings

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Have you ever wondered about what makes a guy play with your feelings? What pranks and excuses he romps to break your heart?

If you feel your significant other is playing with your emotions and willing to betray you, then these are the signs a guy generally plays to hurt her lady-love feelings. 

Nowadays, “Quit Playing Games with My Heart,” – a beautiful song by Backstreet Boys, is topping my playlist, and the reason is pretty simple – that I’d let a guy play with my feelings. Honestly, it feels shitty when someone takes your sentiments like a game. I got hurt, shattered, and then promised myself that I would never allow any guy to set foot in my boundaries, nor even let them stand on the door because these are the ones who make my doormat dirty. 

Every woman out there should understand how to get a guy to stop playing games with their feelings. When you feel like you are becoming a victim in a relationship and your partner is continuously throwing trash on you, it can be one subtle sign he has set his mind to get the game-on to hurt your feelings. These are the hard times of a relationship, but cutting the creepy person from life can give you tons of happiness. 

8 Signs that show a guy is playing with your feelings

The time has come to shut the doors for all those weirdos who just want to play with your feelings. And, get in love with those who respect and treat you better. 

He doesn’t like to hangout out with you: 

Your guy took you on the date, and eventually, it went well. He did everything to make you feel special and how much you mean to him. But, as time passes, things change, now he is least interested in hanging out with you, or if you are making plans to impress him or going out somewhere, he shows minimal effort to come. 

He doesn’t wish you to meet his friends: 

You met his friend circle for once, and everybody liked you. But, the next time when you asked him to join his friend’s party, he softly denied it. He is a game player; his main aim is to keep you separate from everyone, not integrating with any of his friends. It simply confirms: he is using you or playing with your feelings.

He can’t keep his promises:

You planned a charming date night at his favorite place, but he cancels at the last minute, giving you a shitty excuse. And, this is not the first time he canceled the plans; it happened earlier as well. If your guy can’t keep his promises and knowing it’s gonna hurt you, trust me, he is doing all this intentionally because he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. 

With you, he is always busy on his phone: 

There was a time when you were the first person he talks to, and now he takes hours to respond to your messages or calls. Moreover, when you’re together, he is glued to his phone, and this clearly states – he is just playing games with your feelings. 

Oh dear, just leave such a man who can’t respect your presence. It’s better to take a step back now, later weeping.

He only reaches you when he needs something:

Suppose your guy wants you to cancel all your plans with your girlfriends because he is getting bored and nothing else to do; such men are mullock. These are the guys who hold a master’s degree in playing games with your feelings.

He never shows interested in talking to you: 

When a guy is playing games with your feelings, he shows the least interest in knowing about how are you doing? These are the guys who can put you on hold; it shows zero interest when you make efforts to bring the lost spark back in a relationship; never bother to ask why you are looking sad; how’s work going or anything else? But, he expects you to show love. 

He doesn’t want to celebrate special occasions with you:

It’s his birthday, and you planned a beautiful surprise for him; you ask him to come over for a few minutes, but he denied, knowingly you must have planned something. If your guy doesn’t bother to celebrate his special days with you and choose his friend’s party over you and ask you to wait for hours, he will definitely play with your feelings. 

He doesn’t like to get clicked with you:

He keeps you secretive; never let anyone knows you are together. He has a problem with putting “YOURS” pictures on social media. He just wants to avoid any proof you are together.

Is he really playing games?

Often, we get skeptical due to our bad experiences. Before figuring out the things, we assume that the guy is playing with our sentiments. 

I am trying to say here that right before jumping to a conclusion, just examine your guy for once – like what he is up to? Is he doing the hurtful things deliberately or genuinely doing?  

Because sometimes, forgetting to text/call back, not being available, or even being shy can come across as a game due to those poor intentions, when in fact it is innocent.

How to get a guy to stop playing games with your feelings?

Now you know that the guy with whom you are planning the future or something is just playing games with your feelings. It’s time to let the guy dig in his own game. 

The next time he calls you to meet, whether late-night or asks you to cancel your hangout plans, just say NO. There is no need to make an excuse; simply say NO. Make him realize your importance. 

A guy who loves to play games has low confidence. They try to drain a woman’s self-esteem by exuding power over them. But you don’t let them degrade your morality. He is a game player, and rather sucking in the game, it’s time to quit altogether. 

Stop treating him the way you used to be, stop checking on him, block him from social media, stop tolerating his nuisance, and leave him alone. If he really loves you, he will understand what he is losing and come back to win respect. You deserve a guy who treats your feelings as equally as his own, not one that views you as a means to an end.

I know, getting used to or letting someone played with your feelings is the most disgusting thing. But, you don’t let this happen to you; keep this guide about how to get a stop playing with your feelings and just be yourself! If you don’t give me any appreciation, his game will end before it even started.

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