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13 Women Share The Most Rebellious Thing They’d done as a Teenager.

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Rules aren’t for the rebels.

Teenage is a chapter in every girl’s journey growing as an adult that is known for awakening the rebellious beastie within every girl. It had been there in you all this time, but the unbalance of hormones fired up its presence. At times, the decisions you take will be mostly associated with what your heart approves of; negotiating with your heart and mind is impossible here. The goodnight stories for rebel girls could be the right tale of adventure to tell while tucking your little rebel down to bed.

Lie to parents

“Going out with my girlfriends without my parents’ knowledge was the most rebellious thing I did as a teenager. I went shopping with them for cool drinks and snacks, and then I went to play at their place. My father suspected I was with them because we shared a building, so he went straight to my friend’s place and pulled me up. Despite feeling guilty for doing something wrong, he chided me in front of my friends, but I took it on the chin. 

We didn’t speak for a while after that event until he gave me some snacks and told me that it’s fine to hang out with friends, but it’s not a good idea to go without informing your parents since they would be concerned for your safety. I couldn’t think of any other rebellious activities I committed as a teenager, even though this turned out to be a moral story.” – Neelima

Lucky we got saved..

Rebellious Thing

“My friends and I were bored being in a very rural town. When we were by all standards “good kids” but it doesn’t mean that we liked boring. It meant that we were more easily bored with the ordinary. One game me and my friends used to play is called Commandos. The point of the game was to start at a location and then run to the next location like 5 miles away. There will be 1 person in a car driving and one passenger who gets out and tries to tag people running and then they have to get into the car and they are out. The fastest person to go from A to B wins. 

We were all smart kids, top of the class but this was our time to feel more free and alive. So we would play, we would hide in people’s yards away from the car, we would hide in trees. It was basically hunger games for all we knew. We were doing great, we were quiet so no one even knew we were playing in different neighborhoods. Until one day, one of my friends accidentally hid the front yard of some old angry guy (keep in mind we were in Oregon). The guy comes out with his shot gun and shoots it in the sky… we were terrified… Running as fast as we could away from the person and the house. He said, “I’m going to call the cops, get out of the yard.” 

“We all called our friend with the car to come to pick us up but we were all scattered so some people didn’t know what happened. Less than 10 minutes later there was a police car driving around our neighborhood, and now it wasn’t about getting to the destination, it was about not getting arrested. 
Luckily, we were all fine and we got away but next again did my nerdy friends and I play Commandos. We realized we wanted to have fun but maybe don’t mess with the law.” – Emily Martin

Be a smart kid

“As a teenager, the most rebellious thing I did was studying a different course in College against what my parents chose for me. I grew up in a home where my parents decided everyone’s course of study in College. As a teenager and the only girl in the family, I wanted a course different from what my parents had chosen for me. I couldn’t convince them to let me study what I wanted while still at home. In college, I changed courses without their knowledge. It was too late to do anything when they found out what I did.” – Maria A. McDowell 

Got fascinated By Technology

Rebellious Thing

“Since as far as I can recall, I have always been intrigued with digital technology. When I was a teenager the major innovations and technology were on the world wide web. The internet took over the world by storm and there was an exponential rise in social media platforms. As they were novel innovations with unprecedented extensions, my parents were a little wary of letting me create profiles on there. Although many of my friends were using Facebook to play games there. I used to feel left out and even on my intense insistence, my parents would not allow me to make an account on there. A rebellious streak and my curiosity to test new technology led me to create an account in secret. As a young teen, I wasted a lot of my time there and my grades suffered because of it. It took some time for me to realize my mistake and ultimately I did come clean to my parents.” – Isla Sibanda 

Moving out with my-ex

“When my mom wouldn’t let me go to a party at age 15 (she was worried about my 18-year-old boyfriend being there), I decided to move out and move in with him (he wasn’t in high school, he had graduated the year before). I simply told her: “You can’t stop me!” And she didn’t even try, but I knew it broke her heart.   It didn’t last long as my teen boyfriend and I were both too immature to handle living together. I was quickly back at home, but she has never let me forget about this incident.” – Angela Marie Christian

You stole what?

Rebellious Thing

“The most rebellious thing I did as a teenager was so stupid. I stole lipstick from a drugstore. I made it all the way out of the store and continued on my way with some girls from school. However, I felt so guilty about it later and thought I would later get caught or go to jail or something, so I went back to the store when everyone went home and put it back on the shelf.” –Megan Moore

Best Memory Ever

“I was a very rebellious child and was always pushing the limits of what society considered “acceptable.” I’d dye my bright colors, wear provocative clothing and sneak out late at night to meet up with friends. We didn’t even do anything once we snuck out – it was thrilling enough to just be out when we weren’t supposed to be. But by far the most rebellious thing I did as a teenager was to get a tattoo. I was only 13 years old and it shouldn’t be surprising that a tattoo parlor willing to tattoo an underage teen obviously didn’t do a good job. The tattoo quickly started to fade and looks pretty terrible. Despite this, I’ve got to say that I’m actually glad I have this tattoo. Each time I look at it, it reminds me of just how emotionally difficult it is to be a teenager. It gives me perspective and definitely helps me empathize with my own daughter who is about to be a teenager herself!” – Diane Vukovic

Days offf…

“Adolescence is a very beautiful stage, where you begin to know yourself and try new things. However, it is also one of the stages where we make the most mistakes or believe that we have the world in our hands. And that was not the exception with me. I used to be a very quiet girl before reaching my teenage years. Between hormones, friendships, etc. one ends up doing things a bit “crazy”.

I remember once at my middle school graduation, the teachers decided to take us for a field trip and camp in the mountains. I was very excited, away from my parents, without supervision, with my friends, it sounded like the best idea in the world.

That day before leaving, I went to the store with some friends, we bought some water bottles and instead of filling them with natural water or soda we filled them with tequila and vodka. In this way, the teachers did not realize that we had alcohol, which clearly we could not drink at that time because we were minors. When we arrived at the camp, my friends and I set up our tent and at night we decided to drink everything that was in those water bottles, feeling like the “cool kids” of the school. The next day I couldn’t handle the hangover. Now that I think about it, it makes me laugh a lot, how the danger amused us. In the end, you learn from mistakes and I remember that after that day I decided not to drink for a long time!” – Jessica Luna

Living life on own terms

superwoman quotes

“The most rebellious thing that I ever did as a teenager was moving out of my mother’s house unannounced at 17. My sophomore year at Columbia and living at home instead of on campus due to the exorbitant cost of tuition meant that I was officially on the edge of legal adulthood. My mother and I were bumping heads at every turn, and her current marriage left a bad taste in my mouth (I loathed her husband, who was not my father, but not for that reason). The volatility in her house was getting thicker by the week. I wasn’t disrespectful, at least in my opinion; however, I was vocal about things I did not like. Finally, I had had enough of him and his antics one particular day, and we got into a huge argument. I left for school and didn’t come home that night. Instead, I went to class and then went apartment hunting. I had a few months left before I was legal, but I’d decided that I could persuade my uncle Jonas (who was like a father to me) to co-sign for me if I had found a place and presented him with a lease. At least that easy, I thought it would be in my head. God must have smiled at me that day because I’d found my place by my third appointment! Small enough to manage on my own and just barely at my imaginary budget. I explained that I was a college student and wanted to get out independently. She told me I could forgo the credit check if I paid the application fee. I was so excited that I was willing to throw all of the hard-earned retail and work-study money I had in my wallet at her at the moment. She stated that she’d need to tell me I could move in the next day. I called my uncle and asked to borrow his van! To my mother’s surprise, my boyfriend, uncle Jonas, and I showed up at my mother’s house and started moving things into the vehicles. She asked my uncle where I was going, “She got an apartment somewhere on the Southside,” was all he said. At that moment, I felt like I was in a stand-off with the woman who had given me life, but I had to stand firm in my convictions. I left the house with a, “I’ll be back for the rest tomorrow, and I’ll leave your key.” By the time we’d gotten to the new apartment, it was nightfall. After bringing boxes up three flights of stairs, I opened the door to my brand new apartment—full of roaches! We turned right around and put everything back in the cars. I went to my uncle Jonas’ house and stayed the night. I didn’t even tell him what my new plan was.I called the second apartment that I’d seen and explained my situation. The following day, I signed that lease at 17 (posted dated to my 18th birthday date) and moved in months before my actual birthday by paying my rent in advance. Thank GOD the leasing management saw the potential of a great tenant in me! I haven’t looked back since! NOTE: My mother divorced that wretched man, and our relationship improved over time. I’m still known as the rebellious one in my family who left without saying anything. I like to think of myself as a rebel WITH a cause — my sanity!” – Sabrina

Laugh out loud…

“As far as my memory goes I was not the kind of kid who was into doing anything rebellious. But I do recall my most rebellious act: snuck a dog at my place. Living in an apartment does not give you enough space to keep a pet. After crying for days in front of my mother to let me keep a dog in our apartment, I finally found the courage and went to an animal shelter. and adopted a cute little Labrador with the most innocent eyes. It goes without saying It did not end well for me. And sadly Bingo- the Labrador, had to go back to the shelter. Even though we, now, laugh at the whole thing. At that time it was the most rebellious thing I could think of doing at that young age.” – Shannon Miller

Disobeying the rules

“During my teenage years, I had a penchant for roller skating. I used to spend hours practicing in the narrow streets close to my house. Eventually, I joined a neighborhood skating school to learn from professionals. One summer I enrolled myself in a skating competition which was scheduled at night. Evening and night skating contexts were a thing then. I was enthralled since finally, I was going to showcase my skating talent in front of people. But my parents strictly denied permitting for night completion. I was asked to go to my room but unlike scholar kids, I was not a fan of rules. I escaped through the window of my room along with my roller skates and took part in the completion. I didn’t win and as a bonus got an inch deep cut after falling while doing a stunt. Needless to say, I was grounded for two months after that. This was the most rebellious thing I could recall.” – Olga

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