10 Reasons That Ends A Happy Relationship

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When we fall for a person, day-night we only think about them. We do what makes them happy; we change ourselves as per their needs, and at some point, we see our future with them. Everything seems so perfect, like a fairytale movie *Wink* *Wink*, for you, that’s the happiest relationship you have ever been to.

Why relationships fall apart?

Have you ever wondered, why relationships fall apart while everything was working smoothly between two individuals? What could be the reason that makes two beautiful people separate who once look for a reason to meet now look for an excuse? When two individuals live together, they knew more about each other. The more they get to know, the much they realise they are not compatible with each other, as once thought, which makes a healthy relationship fall apart.

Balancing and maintaining a happy relationship requires both partners efforts and time.

These days it’s tough for people to keep a static relationship when they are not. Our thoughts and reactions change every day, so how come a relationship stays the same. If both partners are actively strong, then no matter what’s the situation they always deal with it, together.

Though we all want a relationship that lasts for longer, if your love-filled relationship falls apart with a sudden change, then you must know about the most common reasons which weigh down a sparkling relationship.

There’s too much Communication:

Though communication is the key to everything, don’t overdo. Sometimes constant text messages to partner make them feel down, and that stimulate several questions like why are you continually texting when I’m in a meeting? Don’t you trust me? And so on, which leads to breaking up.  

Well, I’m not saying to end the communication but limit the number of questions.

“If one person always wants to know what the other is doing, thinking and how they feel about the relationship, the other person feels tremendous pressure. It’s a killjoy.”

You both are on different life goals:

As everyone said communication is the key to a happy relationship, but patience, excitement, and dedication are the roots of a peaceful relationship.

Maybe you both started from the same page, but after living together, your preferences changed and so on the needs. Your partner is dreaming of having their own office in the lovely area of the city and working hard to get it, whereas you like to travel and explore new places. One side, your partner, is doing hard to save for his commercial mortgage, while you are in your dreams. And, that’s a reason you guys fall apart.

What’s missing here is the lack of connection.

Sex becomes the source of stress:

Sex keeps the two-person connected. But when the issues arise, and you go to bed before concluding, it becomes more frustrating.

It is always advisable for couples to end the issues between them before going to bed and make their bedroom time romantic and sparkling.

Arguments over the money become so familiar:

Honesty is the part of a relationship, but if the questions arise related to money than a happy to happiest relationship falls apart. According to a study of 2013, the couples who argue more on the money – regardless of income, debt and net worth – were at a higher risk for divorce.

No matter how much you earn, if you both are exciting and always there for each other. Then even money can’t apart you. Love your better half.

The spark goes missing:

Do you and ever your partner feel that the spark of your relationship fades as you are growing? It happens either in a perfect relationship. So, to prevent the sparkle fades away, surprise your partner with booking a table at her/his favourite restaurant. Order all their favourite dishes, shower them beautiful gifts and go on a long drive “just two of you”.

One partner becomes selfish:

Everyone in this world is Selfish with certain things. And, as I believe there is nothing wrong with it. It’s good to be selfish when you are not hurting others’ feelings, but if your selfishness is destroying your relationship, then you have to watch out.  

The key to a happy relationship is when both the partners will give each other of different levels of life, getting nothing in profit.

When one partner values religion while others not:

When two of you get connected, you feel more comfortable with each other. But when you live together with the more, you realise each other different beliefs. Like one has a deeper connection with God and have strong faith in religion, while the other is opposite, which leads to a ~perfect relationship~ falls apart. So don’t let these beliefs weigh you down. If both of you are attractive and perfectly fit together, then you can resolve these situations at once.

Misdirected angry:

How many times your partner had a bad day at work and came home not in a good mood and without your knowledge shouts at you? I guess many times. Well, that’s not fair. Coming back aggressively and throwing all the negativity on your partner may lead to fighting. Instead of shouting talk to your partner nicely and explain what happened at the office. Doing this also calms your mind and save your relationship from fallen apart.

Never give up in a relationship:

You are not like others who easily give up on the things. You are strong and has the powers to face the situation. If your partner needs your support then instead of giving up, stand with them like a rock and deal with the circumstance. Relationships are all about a compromise. Remember that you can disagree without being disagreeable.

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