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Having Sex For The First Time? All that You Need To Know

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Undoubtedly sex is impressive and pleasurable. For some, sex works as a stress-buster, cure of depression, and the dose of toxic hazards.

That has been said, not every session of sex is mind-blowing; imagine your first encounter with sexual pleasure. It must have at least one embarrassing moment or a strange story that you want to share. Further, when you remember that awkward moment of your first encounter with sex, you will inevitably burst out laughing.

Well, sex always remains a mystery until the much-awaited moment arrives. And it’s far different from watching movies and building anticipation in our mind – those portrayals rarely get it right — especially for the first time.

A guide to first-time sex

First, sex will not change you. It might hurt, might not – varies from person to person. And most probably, your first encounter with sex won’t be mind-blowing, trust me. There can be different scenarios, and everyone gets to experience different situations when they jump on the bed for the first time. Whatever it takes, the first encounter with sex always is special and memorable.

Here are a few things which a person must know while having sex the first time.

Keep low expectations:

Let’s be honest; your first confront with sexual pleasure won’t be surprising. So, stop expecting so much like this is my first time, so it should be magical or something out of the fairytales. Learning to have excellent sex skills is art. Start slowly and gradually; with time, it develops. Naturally, your first-time experience might be a bummer if you have set your expectation level too high.

Do only when you want to:

I never thought of getting intimate under the peer-pressure or just out of curiosity. Don’t be greedy for sensuality. And, if the thought like this (M the only virgin left in my friends’ group and I have to prove something) comes to your mind, you must try to avoid all these nuisances. You can only make the most of sex when you both are willing and want to do it. No one can force anyone to have sex, remember. Take your time, prepare yourself, calm your mind, and when the right time comes, your first time is fun and enjoyable.

Done fake it:

The most important thing for first-timers is don’t pretend to be satisfied just to please your partner. Such a step can breed bitterness and even spoil the relationship. Since it’s your first time, you are still exploring things, and faking an orgasm is a big no-no!

Indulge in great foreplay:

Foreplay is super important. Spend as much time as you can in fantastic foreplay. Because it’s the root of happy sex that helps you and your partner correctly turned on before penetrative sex. Kiss, lick and stimulate your partner as much as possible, and once you feel it, that means you are ready for it. You both should be amply aroused. Otherwise, love would be painful and disastrous.

Use a good lube:

A great lube can do wondrous things. Hence, invest in good-quality lube. You can go with any lube, be it a water-based lubricant or silicone lubricant, keep yourself away from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Being a first-timer, always keep a lubricant handy.

Orgasms should not be a goal:

Oh, common, you are getting intimating the first time; how could you expect a mind-blowing orgasm? In fact, rather than focusing on big-O, enjoy the sexual experience. Getting orgasms should not be your goal. If it happens, then it’s good; otherwise, just go with the flow.

It might not happen again:

What if you won’t end up with penetrative sex, that’s fine. Though it’s your first time, enjoy it rather than get bogged down.

You might not bleed:

Bleeding and sex these two things are not at all related to each other. So, if you won’t drain the first time, it is entirely normal. Your virginity has nothing to do with the few drops of blood. Chances are your hymen got broken way earlier, and you don’t even realize it.

Will it be painful?

Sometimes, first-time sex might be painful. You can consult a Gynaecologist if the sex pain lasts for longer.

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