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5 Tips to Taking Care of Yourself During Winter

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Self-care is important throughout the year, but it hits just right during the cold winter months, where we miss the sunshine and find the cold to be just a bit jarring.

There are different things you can do to ensure you take care of your physical and mental health during the months when the sun doesn’t shine as much.

Here are a few ways to take care of yourself in the winter: 

1. Pamper yourself with cozy vibes.

When the weather is cold, and you have a long commute, what could feel better than getting home to a warm house?

An evening routine to destress from your day where you sip on a warm, herbal tea from your favorite tea subscription box and cozy up with your throw and a good book is one way to practice self-care during the cold winter months. 

2. Don’t forget your exercise routine.

Yogic Breathing Exercises to Combat Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

It’s cold out, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing your daily exercise routine. In fact, wintertime is a great time to keep up with your exercise and sweat it out. 

While you may not want to go for a run outside in freezing weather, a yoga routine at home or gym membership will allow you to keep up with your exercise, no matter the weather. 

Keeping up with your fitness can help you to avoid the seasonal depression that can be quite common in the winter season.

3. Eat warm, healthy food.

Stay Calm And Drink Tea

It can be easy to eat carb-rich foods during the winter since the cold weather can cause our bodies to crave this type of diet. However, if you’re working on your fitness and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to keep up with your healthy eating. 

Instead of reaching for food like warm pasta or potatoes, consider making warm stews and soups that can provide you with that comfort food you want, but also the nutritional value you need, both in the summer and the winter. You can take cooking classes to learn new, healthy meals for the winter months or order a healthy food subscription box

4. Enjoy hot baths.

From being cold throughout the day to exercise routines, our muscles tend to feel just a tad achier in the cold winter months. A hot bath can be the perfect solution to this after a long day out in the cold in your winter wear

Throw in some Epsom salt and light some candles as you listen to your favorite Deezer playlist. If you are a die-hard fitness fanatic, a hot bath after a cold run can be the perfect way to wind down. 

5. Stay in touch with loved ones.

Family Counseling Services

With both coronavirus and the cold weather making it more challenging to get together with friends, many people tend to go through the experience of loneliness in the winter months.

It’s easier to hang out with friends at social events and outside hangs when the weather is warm, and the sun is bright. When nobody feels like being outside, you may not be planning as many outings. 

Make sure to reach out to friends more than you normally would or ask for a phone call from a loved one every now and then. If you’re dealing with seasonal depression, consider reaching out to an online therapist for regular sessions. 

In conclusion

From an exercise routine to your favorite tea, it’s important to practice self-care in the winter months when it’s easy for the cold weather to get to us.

While you may miss summer days, making cozy vibes and relaxing a part of your everyday routine can make wintertime a little easier to get through. 

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