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Can Flowers Help De-stress Me at Home? Let’s Find Out!

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Did you ever think what kind of effect flowers have on your senses? Why do you think of buying flowers when visiting loved ones? Or why is it common courtesy to bring flowers to sick people?

Often, flowers are reserved for special occasions. But we believe that flowers must be admired every day. Between health, romance, friendship, and work, managing mental health can be quite challenging. Without even realizing, the stress of our busy and hectic schedule takes over our mind and body. Among all this stress and anxiety, beautiful flowers from Flower Company are ready to spread joy and peace.

Just imagine that you wake up in your bed and smell the fresh lavender coursing calmness through your head. Your mood can light up at that very instant. But is it just a belief, or is there some scientific proof behind this. Well, let’s explore the facts behind this theory and figure out which flower is your go-to plant to distress the mind and open the door of happiness.

The Power of Your Senses

Believe it or not, various studies have been conducted over the past two decades to determine the effect of flowers on humans. And through extensive research, it is revealed that some flowers have scents that significantly affect blood chemistry and mental activity.

Even though the solid proof is yet to be found, most of us have personally felt good in the presence of the flowering plants that we love. Just think about it, whenever we arrive in a place we’ve dreamt of, our first response is to inhale the fresh air. Do you think that it’s just a reflex or some underlying factor behind this?

The answer lies with the sensory experiences of humans. We employ different senses that have a positive impact on stress reduction. Be it sound, movement, touch, taste, or smell, all of them hits on a deeper level. For instance, a music lover tries to find a track in his/her playlist that can lift the spirits and relax the mind.

A similar phenomenon occurs when you smell your favorite flowers. That’s one of the main reasons why candles, perfume, room fresheners, etc. are available in different fragrances consisting of flowers like Lavender, rose, lily, jasmine, linden, and many others.

Adding flowering plants into your home will be an addition that will reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while boosting your productivity and creativity. In case you don’t remember, a famous saying goes like this- “Happiness blooms within flowers.

Stress-Relieving Flowers for Your Home

Even without any evidence, we can agree that flowers do play a significant role in de-stressing. The worries you have in regular life might not go anywhere, but worrying will not do you any good. While you might not be capable of stopping the triggers of stress, we can certainly plant some happiness in your home. Here we are with some flowers that can be your light of the day and improve your mood.

1. Lavender 

Popularly known as the anti-anxiety herb, Lavender is a flower that does wonders when it comes to soothing the mind and relieving stress and anxiety. Its mesmerizing fragrance has properties that induce a calm effect on the mind and lowers the blood pressure. 

Getting such flowers from Mother Nature seems surprising as if she knew all along that we would need it someday. Keep Lavender in your bedroom and wake up every day with a scent that makes your heart and mind relax.

2. Jasmine 

A shrub that is beautiful and has the color of peace, i.e., white. Jasmine flowers have more to offer than you can imagine. It is not only aesthetically pleasing for eyes but also releases an aura that is comforting both physically and mentally. 

Jasmine is the fragrance that you will find in objects that can help you attain tranquility. From improving cognition to alerting all other senses, these flowers in your home can make you more productive, and the surroundings will feel fresh as well. As icing on the cake, it’ll also serve as an ideal decorative item for the living room and bedroom.

3. Chamomile 

Chamomile is a flower known for de-stressing. Even drinking chamomile tea bears so many benefits. So, you can envision what kind of effect these flowers will have in your home. 

It offers not only medical benefits but also contains anti-anxiety and anti-stress components. When this flowering plant is in your house, you will be able to soothe your mind and body with ease.

4. Chrysanthemum 

As complicated as the name of this flower seems, it is one of those flowers that will help you forget the stress and worries in life. Just by looking at this flower, your mood will light up. 

Whether it is the color combination, shape, or smell, everything about this flower is so relaxing that you will feel your tensions easing up. Furthermore, you can also use its petals to make tea and improve your metabolism.

5. Gerbera 

Gerbera is a flower that exists in a wide variety of colors and fragrances. By keeping a bunch of Gerbera in your house, you will fill the space with colors and your life with hope. 

It is often used to brighten the room, but only a few people know that it also removes benzene present in the air, which is a chemical that is frustrating to our senses. It will instantly calm down your mind.

Few Words in the End

Having flowering plants in your home is always a good decision. Come online and purchase flowers to enjoy their beauty and feel the freshness in your home. Other than adding these flowers for stress-busting, you can think of different ways flowers can help you. 

Consider taking a rose/lavender/chamomile bath, put them in your hair, drink flower-infused water, or use flower-based essential oils to cheer yourself up whenever you feel down. Nature has the power to bring life to everything, including your body, mind, and spirit. Choose your fragrance and find the peace you need!

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