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6 Benefits of Vaping As Compared To Smoking

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Lately, several individuals are choosing to switch to vaping from smoking willingly. Why is this? Is this because they are gradually becoming aware of the several health problems associated with smoking?

Is this because vaping is now the coolest thing to do? Or is it because vaping is much cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Whatever the reason, vaping is gradually gaining popularity worldwide, be it Asia, Africa, the Americas, or Oceania. To figure out why let’s understand the 6 benefits of vaping vs. smoking:

1. Vaping Is Significantly Better For Your Health As Compared To Smoking

Many believe that vaping is more dangerous than smoking. However, categorically, this is not the case. Several studies have showcased that vaping is better for health when compared to smoking. People are also more likely to quit or cut down on this habit than cigarette smoking, which is highly addictive. Vaping liquids tend to contain much fewer chemicals than cigarettes, making them safer. 

The chemicals found in e-liquids also don’t stay in the body for more extended periods than chemicals found in cigarettes that don’t leave the human body quickly. People who switch to vaping from smoking significantly improve their health; their sense of taste and smell improves.

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2. Vaping Is Much Cheaper Than Cigarette Smoking


Compared to smoking, vaping is a one-time expense that lasts for a very long period. For instance, a beginner vaping device in New Zealand may cost around 34 to 49 NZ$. You can easily check the prices of other types of vapes just by searching online. If you live in New Zealand and need a vaping device and don’t know where to buy it, type vape NZ in Google and hit the search button. Several leading vape selling stores will appear in search results near you; go through them, and buy as needed.  

3. Second-Hand Vapor Is Less Dangerous As Compared To Second-Hand Smoke

Smoking is not only dangerous for smokers but also for people around them. Experts have presented several studies that showcase the detrimental health effects of passive smoking. According to these studies, cigarette smoke contains 7,000 different harmful chemicals.

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People sitting close to the smoker inhale this harmful second-hand smoke and become vulnerable to several types of respiratory infections, asthma attacks, heart diseases, lung cancer, strokes, and more. 

In comparison, inhaling second-hand vapor is not that harmful. Current evidence suggests that since vapor evaporates quickly, most people do not inhale as much when sitting close to someone using a vape. Even if they inhale the second-hand vapor, its effects are negligible.

4. Vaping Features A Lot Of Variety As Compared To Smoking

Is a D8 vape juice safe

Flavored tobacco products are available to attract more customers, but they don’t have enough variety compared to vaping. Vaping liquids are available in several types of fruity, fun flavors. Honestly, there is pretty much no limit to these variations of flavors. Vape specialists manufacture several flavors, offering an endless variety in e-liquids. This endless variety in flavors is the key selling point of vaping as it makes the experience so much fun for people who vape and people who sit around vapers. This is one of the many reasons people, especially the young, are opting for vapes instead of going for cigarettes and other tobacco-related products. 

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Variations and choices are things people long for; they don’t even like the redundant and mundane life. They keep on trying new things from food to clothes to vaping. The choice that vaping offers is the biggest advantage over other inhaling products making it an ideal choice for people.

5. Vaping Is Allowed In Several Indoor Settings, But Smoking Isn’t

Since vapor evaporates in the atmosphere quickly and it also smells good because of the fruity flavors, vaping is allowed in several public indoor settings like restaurants, malls, shopping centers, cinemas, and more. However, cigarette smoking is wholly banned in indoor areas no matter where you are because the smoke stays in the atmosphere for several minutes and doesn’t smell nice too. People also tend to complain about cigarette smoke, making their eyes water or throat sore.

6. Vaping Is Easier To Quit As Compared To Smoking

How Can A Non-Smoker Start Vaping

According to new research conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), 60% of people who intend to quit smoking completely switch to vaping to help ease the process. It helps individuals cut down their dependency on their smoking habits. 

Cigarettes contain several addictive chemicals that are hard to eliminate from the human body. Individuals can’t easily give up on smoking because their body continues to crave the chemicals that smoking offers to them.

However, most vaping liquids only contain one chemical – nicotine. Individuals can control their urges when it comes to one chemical by monitoring and minimizing their nicotine intake over time until they don’t crave it anymore. Eventually, people can quit smoking altogether by vaping.

It is indeed a better alternative to smoking as it will not only help you quit your smoking addiction, but you can also quit using a vape easily whenever you want. Additionally, its effects on people around you are way minimal than tobacco smoke.  


After reading through these 7 benefits of vaping, a person certainly realizes why vaping is a better option than smoking. If you have had the same realization, don’t waste another moment. Buy a vape today and eliminate tobacco smoking from your life altogether so that you do not get any chronic illness that might lead to a severe mental or physical problem or even death. You can only enjoy life while you are fit and healthy; do not compromise on these things; otherwise, you might face the consequences in a manner you haven’t imagined.  

Hope this article has given you a proper insight into the pros and cons of vaping versus smoking. If you want to quit smoking gradually, vaping is the best option available right now. And it is also easy to quit vaping when you are done with your smoking habit. 

Happy Reading!

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