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Why Daily Stretching is Good for your Body

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Stretching is important, no matter what sport you are doing, since it will help with your flexibility. You might think flexibility is only for dancers and gymnasts, but in reality, everyone needs to improve their flexibility! Stretching will help your muscles and joints remain strong, healthy, and flexible. This will help you avoid injuries and pain! (Remember to also use protective gear to avoid injuries during your workouts!)

If you’ve ever heard your coach say, “remember to stretch!” after a workout, this is why! Without stretching, your muscles will become stiff and weak. Not only will it hurt you in the long term, but it will also make the day after the workout a lot more painful. 

Even if you didn’t workout today, remember to take a moment to stretch. Especially now, in the new normal, where most people that work from home spend their days sitting in front of a computer taking meetings. If you stretch for 30 minutes every day, suddenly your back won’t hurt as much from sitting all day, and your legs won’t hurt every time you stand up after a long day of meetings. 

However, remember to stretch properly; stretching for 3 seconds and then going back to work may feel slightly satisfactory at the moment but will have no effect in the long run. And even though it seems counterproductive, stretching hurts, and it’s meant to! That means that your muscles are releasing all the tension and becoming stronger and more flexible. Be constant and stretch for 30 minutes every day, and you will see an improvement in your daily life!

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Kunal Jhaveri
Kunal Jhaveri, a strength & conditioning coach and trainer for 9 years, with a Degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. CEO and owner of Bear Grips.

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