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5 Reasons Why Product Quality Matters and Why You Should Never Compromise on Quality

Do you know the difference between a good product and a bad one? Quality. A quality product has been made using high-quality materials, with an eye to durability and longevity, so that it will last for years while still being of use. The quality of the product is what sets it apart from its competitors.  […]

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Expanding Your Small Business: Ten Things to Know

So, your business has become a success; what do you do now? You expand! If you offer a service or product that has given you success in one area, then think of the success it could have further afield.  But expanding a small business isn’t an easy task. There are various aspects you need to […]

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Samantha Goldberg

How This Wedding Planner Made Her Way through the Business World and Emerged As A Successful Woman Entrepreneur – An Inspiring Story for the Women

Samantha Goldberg lived in Chicago for most of her life. She used to be a lead singer for a band known as Quinxiotica during her early 20’s and carried out singing for 12 years in total. Her independence started at a very young age.  Her mother was very talented and had her own marketing advertising […]

Tatiana Dumitru

How This Accountant-Turned-Entrepreneur is Inspiring Others – Marriage & Partnership Can Help Fulfill Your Dreams

You *Can* Have It All – This Accountant-Turned-Entrepreneur Is Proof Tatiana Dumitru is an accountant-turned-brand builder. She is the founder of PreTee Creative and Name Poise, respectively. Along with that, she has a lot of experience and has worked with 100+ companies. She knows the right tactics and has the significant characteristics of a woman […]

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It’s not the Breakup that Hurts, But the Flashbacks That Follow!

Like those flowers in the garden I am trying to bloom Amidst the beetles and thorns Knowing that the past is gone. Like those wounds on my body I am trying to heal Amidst the dark nights and pain With all my might and main. Like those seeds in the garden I am trying to […]

Which is the best relationship in the world?

Marriage or Friendship- Which is the best relationship in the world?

Marriage and friendship are two different relationships that we enjoy in our lives. If one is sugar, the other one is salt, that is to say, both of the ingredients are essential for the recipe of existence. These are two such relationships that cannot be compared and are beautiful in their own way.  Marriage and […]

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8 Signs That You are Ready to Start a New Relationship

Breakups are never easy, but unfortunately, they happen to everyone. It may take time to feel yourself again and even harder, wanting to date someone new. There is no magic time of how long it will take to be over a breakup, though some have estimated that a month for every year you were together […]

Dating a Muslim

3 Tips When Dating a Muslim (if You Aren’t Muslim Yourself)

Many individuals date to get to know each other. It is often a vital step in choosing their life partners. Through dating, they get a glimpse of the person’s personality and beliefs. While every dating experience is unique, some people follow certain practices according to their culture and religion.  Many Muslims prefer to date other […]

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Figure It Out What's Missing In Your Life

How to Figure It Out What’s Missing In Your Life

You probably have everything you could have yet still can’t figure out what’s missing in your life? You feel empty out of the blue despite your accomplishments and success. Everything is meaningless until you give it meaning. So, you just have to look back and search for what is lacking. Here’s how; Look where you […]


7 Ways To Overcome Your Insecurities

In our lives, at some point or the other, we all experience insecurity. Even the most confident person in the room is no exception. Insecurities come from personal, professional, and relationships, but the common root for all types is lack of self-esteem. To better understand your insecurity, first, you need to know what is causing […]

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Why Do Women Get Stretch Marks? Treatment + Home Remedies

Stretch marks are dark strokes that usually appear on the lower abdomen, hips, breasts, or on other places of the body where slight sagging is left behind each stroke. Stretch marks aren’t painful, but they can alter the skins’ looks which could become bothersome.  Our body is our key responsibility to take good care of; […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace the Glorious Mess You Are

When the world turns against you And you feel really blue Make yourself feel special Like the gentle drops of dew. This isn’t something new The way people make you feel ashamed Don’t be sad; just stand strong For the time is now to be bold and untamed. It’s fine to be of any size […]

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Broken Bones and Even Worse: 13 Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents cause damage. The most visible damage is the destruction your vehicle sustained during the collision. But, whether you’re involved in a tiny fender bender or a severe T-bone at an intersection, your body, just like your car, is likely in need of repair.  4.4 million people in the U.S. are injured seriously enough […]

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Can Online Therapy Really Help With Anxiety and Depression?

As technology continues to advance, so too do the options for people interested in seeking professional help of all types, including mental health. Online therapy isn’t really anything new, but its popularity has only begun to surge recently. Variations of online therapy have been available in some form for as long as the internet has […]

Yoga & Meditation

couple yoga

Yoga for a Better Relationship – Benefits, Why and How

Did you know that ‘Yoga’ is a Sanskrit word that means union? This union could mean the union of the soul and the body or even the union of two people practicing yoga together on a more spiritual level. Yoga is a practice of mixed disciplines that are known to transform not only your mind […]

How Yoga Helps Me Fight Depression

How Yoga Helps Me Fight Depression- Elodie Gythiel

I’ve always suffered quietly from depression since childhood. I was a silent teenager and a depressed adult. The summer before I started university, I remember spending three weeks in bed, not wanting to do anything. I was never clinically diagnosed. In my family, we don’t get mental health help, much less discuss it. I struggled […]


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Living With a Lodger: How to Co-Habit Effectively

It is no secret that owning a home is a huge financial commitment. Sometimes, the monthly bills and cost of upkeep can really start to add up, and it can put a lot of strain on you. In these instances, it can be a good idea to have a lodger to help split the costs.  […]

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The 6 Things To Do To Get Your House Ready For Open House Viewing

Getting a house ready to sell is a very stressful and anxiety-ridden time. You want to make sure that your house sells quickly and for the price, you are asking for. There are a lot of moving parts that make it difficult to know if you are doing the right thing. There are a lot of things […]



These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Sworn Enemies

Human beings are spectacular creatures who can perceive so many emotions at the same time. The different kinds of feelings that we discern are primarily due to how we think, but there is always a significant contribution of the stars or zodiac signs.  Yes, zodiac signs ponder our personalities and make us who we are.  […]

zodiac sign

What Hobbies Interests You According to Zodiac Sign

Everyone has a hobby. And those hobbies vary from person to person. Do you know your zodiac sign can also say a lot about your hobbies? In this article, we will look at the hobbies one should have based on their zodiac sign.  Hobbies by Zodiac Signs Your sun signs can say a lot about […]

Wedding Favors

Understanding the History and Nuances of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an integral part of every wedding ceremony. It is an age-old tradition that signifies the thankfulness of the bride and the bridegroom towards the guests. These tokens of love remind me of all the fun and frolics that one had enjoyed at a wedding function. So, how did the tradition actually start? […]

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How to Move on After Divorce? (Complete Guide)

Letting go of your marriage that once used to be an important part of your life can be a daunting process. After all those years of investing yourself completely, mentally, physically, and emotionally to keep the relationship alive, just the thought of breaking all your ties with your spouse can shake you to the core […]


best toys for two year kid

Top 5 Best Toys Every Two-Year-Old Needs

The year from two to three is a crucial time in your child’s development. They’re becoming their own person and developing new skills at a rate of knots. With that in mind, what are the best toys to support their development at this age? Play is how young children learn, so you want something stimulating but fun […]

How to prepare for baby

How to Prepare for Baby: 4 Tips To Get Yourself Ready

Getting ready for the arrival of your newborn is hard work. With so much ground to cover and so little time, it’s no wonder you’re scrambling to find the best tips for the big day.  If you’re debating whether to go with cloth or disposable diapers, and organic or pre-packaged baby food, take a moment […]