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How to Find the Right Career by Jessica Williams JMW Career Consulting

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Finding the right career does NOT have to be a complex journey. It’s more about trusting your gut and recognizing who you are as a professional. A majority of the time, your right career is one click away, hidden right by your fears and doubts. Stuck behind those infamous what-if’s, “What if my qualifications aren’t good enough?” and the dreaded “What if I’m not educated enough?” Let’s be real; the only obstacle in your way is you. You hold the key to your own greatness! You have what it takes to get in your right lane and find the career that suits you. Get out of your own way!

People often ask what is the right career, and how will I know when I’ve found it? It’s simple. You will know it’s right when you make an authentic connection with a company, and your employment expectations align with your individual professional goals. It’s going to change as you develop further, but it will always resonate with your mind, body, and soul. 

You deserve to wake up in the morning and be excited for a new day. This may sound cliché, but no need to call bulls***! The right career allows you to be you. It won’t require you to work countless hours to find value in your role. Your success shouldn’t be measured by the figures in your salary. The best way to measure your success is through the impact you establish with a company, the quality of service, stress level, and HELL do you want to go to work the next morning. 

The action steps below are designed to give you a strategy to get traction toward the right career. Allow the plan to make your career search easier, without added stress or hesitation. 

Below is the C.L.U.T.C.H. method. Once you complete these steps, companies will see you as a clutch candidate! 

Grab a notebook or your phone, and get ready for change. 

  • Create a targeted chart of your Top 5 companies you want to work with
  • Link in with the companies above on LinkedIn and search their open positions
  • Utilize your connection power and reach out to people working in your ideal roles
  • Take 20 minutes a day to research platforms with employee reviews for position context.
  • Coffee chats with professionals who have the career background you are working toward
  • Have confidence that you have every right to either build or apply to your right career

The right career will meet with your ideal company culture, colleague expectations, and the ladder of accomplishments you want to attain. The ultimate goal is to stay genuine to your professional integrity and be comfortable showing up as you. A role should make you feel a natural high. Sounds crazy, right? It’s the truth, everything from the type of coffee they serve you to the welcome committee should feel good to you. 

There are 3 key points to pay attention to when searching for your right career.

  • Google the company and find out what their mission is. Does it align with your goals? Would you recommend this company to a friend?
  • Reach out to hiring managers/recruiters/employees who are familiar with the company’s onboarding, leadership, and cultural awareness.
  • Employee reviews take them with a grain of salt unless you see a consistent pattern of challenge. Perspective is helpful when identifying the right company for you. Remember, this is where you will continue to build your professional reputation.

Exploration is going to be key in this process. Don’t be afraid to take a position solely to get the experience, exposure, and then exit. That is the best way to pinpoint your favored industry, company, and co-working space you’ll thrive in. Finding the right career is a part of the beautiful struggle; without jumping right in and learning, you are limiting yourself. Make it a point to explore a few jobs in order to attain the right endeavor. It’s okay to be unconventional in your approach, it isn’t going to be perfect, but you will find your right fit. 

Remember, this process is all about you and only you. Stop letting mom, dad, and significant others influence your professional moves. They can’t go to work with you every day to create your best career. Set your boundaries now, and open your expectations. Make an effort to write them on a sticky note and slap it on your computer, bedroom door, or car mirror-anywhere you will see it each and every day. This is going to be your reminder that you deserve the right career, and with the right strategy/exposure, it isn’t out of your reach.  

The moment you don’t slap the snooze button in the morning, you’ll know you are in the right career-it just feels RIGHT! 

Be Diligent Stay Resilient Keep Applying..

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